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Happy 4th of July Monday

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    Happy 4th of July Monday

    Good morning friends. I hope my American friends are enjoying their long weekend.

    Ours was fairly quiet. Canada Day just isn't the same without little ones. We did not go to the parade and the fireworks were cancelled due to rain. Saturday night we did watch the Parade of Lights with my nephew and his family. Yesterday we had friends over for dinner.

    Today is work day and will be that way until Thursday. On Friday, Bonnie and I start our Row by Row road trip.

    I have another sore neck again today. I am taking my heat bag with me. I am going to have to change my pillows I guess. AND I got another mouse again this morning. Yesterday was a little one caught by the TAIL!! Today it was caught by the rump. If you don't get them on the way in, you get them on the way out.

    Have a great day friends, no matter what, SMILE!!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

    I hope everyone has a nice 4th of July - no rain on your parade, beach trip or BBQ. Cool and sunny right now and hope it stays that way and everyone can enjoy the extra day off from work. We went out to dinner with family last night and today DH and i will have a little BBQ on our deck, some Italian sausage with peppers and onions and a green salad sounds good. Enjoy your 4th whatever you are doing.


      Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

      Morning Everyone,

      We've had thunderstorms all night with lots of rain. Dottie & Olive got worked up and ended up sleeping part of the night in our room. At least they slept, I left for my sewing room. It's going to start storming again in about half an hour according to a weather app.

      Little by little the little Flutterby quilt is coming together and I got the binding on the Plus Sign quilt hemmed. I will take a picture and post later.

      l won't be online tomorrow but please keep us in prayer. We have a day in court to evict a tenant. From what we've been able to see, every wall is full of holes and the carpet and screens have been destroyed. We won't know the whole scope of the destruction until she is ousted by the Sheriff. It's ridiculous how long evictions take. It's very possible the court will give her 30 days more to get moved. That will be four months without rent plus all the damage. On top of that our attorney says he will be delayed getting there, so our case will go to the bottom of the docket.

      Wishing everyone a wonderful 4th. I hope the sun is shining where you are.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Happy 4th of July Monday


        Be safe and remember why!
        Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
        it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

        "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


          Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

          Happy 4th of July everyone. It's supposed to be raining here most of the day, so I guess a lot of plans will fall through. We're just staying in anyway so it won't really affect us.

          Good luck in court Barb.....sounds like it's gonna be a long tiring day for you tomorrow.

          Monique - I sure hope that neck pain is gone in time for your row by row road trip..that sounds like a lot of fun.

          I thin I'm gonna spend the day in the sewing room. I cut out about 6 or 8 shoe bags and I want to get them put together so I can move on to something else....not sure what - just not shoe bags for a little while.

          Have a great 4th safe in whatever you do!!!


            Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

            Happy 4th of July all. It's been a good weekend so far. Saturday was spent working outside and getting a side yard area trimmed back and weeded and new mulch put down. Yesterday was a beach day. Today we are headed to a nursery to get some plants for the newly cleared out side yard and will stop at a farm on the way back and pick up some fruits and veggies. I think we will go to Lowe's too and get more mulch. Dh is going to BBQ a loin of pork for dinner so we will have a good day today too.

            We are not sure what we will do for the rest of this vacation week. Sort of playing it by ear. One of the things on my list is too go to a couple of lqs and see what embroidery machines they have. I am thinking seriously about getting one and need to check a few out. Anyone have any advice/suggestions? Of course, I may pick up their row x rows while I'm there too..

            Monique, hope your neck feels better. Barb, good luck tomorrow.

            Have a wonderful day everyone.
            Ginny B
            Levittown, NY


              Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

              Happy 4th of July.....

              It been so quite with DH and DD gone since last Thursday, I actually got this pieced Saturday and Sunday!

              Court House steps w.border (800x770).jpg

              Barb, good luck tomorrow, sweetie. I totally understand how long it takes on the evictions. Since I started working at a property management company at the first of this year, it blows my mind how long it takes to get a tenant out. And, you're costs way more money than it should. By all means, take many photos and document every cost down to the last penny!

              Since I spent most of the time in my sewing room while the rest of the family is gone(they're within 6 hours of being home)...I have got to get busy on cleaning this morning! Three days off doesn't seem near enough when I'm so far behind!

              "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


                Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                Happy July 4th to all my US friends! I hope you all enjoy your festivities whatever they might be!

                Bubby - I wish you luck in court. I wil be praying that all goes in your favour. Monique - hope your neck feels better soon. Carol - enjoy making your shoe bags. When you are finished them, something else will pop into your head to make. May - your picnic on the deck sounds like fun.

                We had a great Canada Day with the grandkids running around the yard with sparklers. DD brought some burgers and we did them and chicken on the barbeque. The rain held out for most of the day, but it was quite cool at times. Nevertheless, we had a fun-filled day. Saturday was date night and we went off the see "Central Intelligence" at the theatre near us. It was a good movie, but could have enjoyed it more without the "language".
                Yesterday, I spent the day cutting and my arm and shoulder are both sore today. I really must buy a 5" square die for my AccuGo. Not only would it save a lot of time, but it would stop me from abusing my old body. lol
                Today it is off to buy new cell phones and finish shopping for our trip. Busy day, no sewing on the schedule for me today,

                Hope everyone has a gr-8 day and gets to do something fun!
                "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                  Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                  Good morning, friends. DH bought a new grill yesterday....the old one was wore out. He will have a practice run today for the two of us. Later today I plan to go to Allbrands and hope to find a piece of fabric I need for my current project. I looked through my stash yesterday & nothing seems to fit what I need.

                  Barb.... Will be thinking of you tomorrow. It sounds like it's been a nightmare. Hope it all goes well and in your favor. Prayers being said.
                  "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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                    Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                    Happy 4th to all our American forum friends! I hope it's a day filled with family, friends, good food, spectacular fireworks and a heart filled with pride and gratitude.

                    Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway. ~John Wayne

                    Quilting is my passion . . . chocolate is a close second!


                      Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                      Happy 4th of July! Mostly sunny here. It's supposed to be in the 90's. I'm waiting for my breakfast to settle a bit before I go out to bend over & pull weeds. I'm still searching for gardening help for the flower beds, but so far am batting zero. I have an e-m request into another company. Hopefully after the holiday I'll hear back. Good help is hard to find--at least someone who knows flowers & won't pull them out along with the weeds. Not a job for a teenager, for sure. I discovered last week we have 2 broken sprinkler heads, so I'm waiting for repair on those. No wonder the lawn is brown in that area! I should have checked it out sooner. One head just spits an anemic spray. The other one just bubbles & makes a puddle.

                      Bubby, I hope & pray your court case goes well. Renters can be so destructive. I just don't get it! There just ain't no respect!

                      The only sewing I got accomplished yest. was 1 block assembled. I need to do some serious house cleaning in the next few days; my gr. dau. & GGS are coming for a visit on the 15th. I've just been putting it off, so now the crunch is on.

                      We have no 4th plans, since DH eats the same foods at all meals every day, & is too weak to go anywhere. I'll probably watch "A Capitol Fourth" on PBS this evening. I'm just hoping the next door neighbors, who have been gearing up for a big party, behave themselves & don't set off any of the big boomer fireworks which are illegal around here.

                      Yest. I did attend our church's 4th "picnic" (potluck) at the church. BBQ meat was provided; everyone brought salads & desserts. What a feast! DH felt sort of bad about my going, but I was gone for only 2 hrs. & I needed the break & fellowship. Our church has 3 services (Sat. eve. & 2 on Sun. a.m.), so the only time I get to see some folks is at an all-church event. I was glad I went.

                      Well, it's time to head out to weed in the flower beds. Ugh. About 2 hrs. at a time is all I can manage, then it takes 2-3 days to recuperate. How long does it take to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So here goes today's "bite."


                        Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                        Happy Independence Day!!! It has been raining or misty most of the weekend. We were in need of the rain and it makes it easier to avoid fires with all the fireworks tonight. Although it is illegal within city limits to set them off on any day but July 4th, people have been setting them off all weekend. The dog really doesn't care for them neither does the cat. Tonight we are looking forward to a great time with friends out in the country. They live not too far from where the city fireworks will go off over the lake so we can sit and watch the fireworks from their house without having to deal with all the crowd at the lake.

                        Barb, hope that everything goes smoothly in court tomorrow.

                        Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July everyone


                          Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                          Late getting here today, house cleaning was needed this morning. Then went and gave the sewing room a good vacuum there were colored bits of threads everywhere on the floor by my machine.
                          Last night the neighbors behind us put on their annual fireworks display. It was beautiful and the best part was we sat in the sunroom and watched and didn't have to fight the crowds and traffic when it was over! I can't even imagine what this costs him each year. My husband says he spends thousands for that kind of overhead display with a grand finale.
                          Today is one of those lazy do your own thing kind of days. I worked a bit on my orange peel quilt and happy to say I 've got 125 of those football shapes done, thirty eight more to go and I can start fusing them to the background squares.
                          Sherri- love the look of that courthouse steps!
                          Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th with hugs to those who may be ailing and need a few extra!
                          Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                            Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                            Happy Independence Day to all. We celebrated the holiday at my sisters cabin, rain and all Sat. Good company, good bbq, and a spectacular fireworks display, put on by my nephews.
                            DH and I left yesterday for a few days at the Lake of the Ozarks while DH is still off work from her foot surgery. I started on some scrappy 4 patches last night, and finished them up today. I used a retro 30's CP. Not sure what I am going to do with them, but I am thinking about a falling scrappy four patch...something new and different. Love when 2 tutorials come together to make something else. I am just happy I feel like sewing, and I can stand long enough to cut what I need, and my hands can use the rotary cutter.
                            Back my quilting adventure. I am hoping to get at least 3 tops done while I am here.
                            Hugs and blessings to all, and prayers for those in need.
                            Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                              Re: Happy 4th of July Monday

                              Happy happy 4th of July to all! Hope your day is as wonderful as our Canada Day ( July 1st) was. Perfect weather, lots of fun celebrations, good food and amazing fireworks. Great time with family and friends. Have fun celebrating, we both ( USA and Canada) have so much to be grateful for.