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Independence Day Night Owl

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    Independence Day Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! Happy 4th of July to all...whether you celebrate it or's my wedding we always get fireworks and a national holiday for our anniversary! And I think it is year 22...yikes!

    Any sewing going on? I just did a bit more counted cross stitch, but mostly I was organizing my embroidery floss on cardboard spools...I'm not having any trouble using up the first 100 spools so I guess I'll need to buy another box...

    We'll be making lobster for our fancy dinner here today...I finally got the wedding cake I baked frosted after it is more than half was so good plain we didn't miss the are things in your tree? Hoot your latest!

    Re: Independence Day Night Owl

    Finally made it to Chicago. Spent several days on the road - got comp rooms at the casinos so we used every one we had! Fireworks were going off after the afternoon parties in the neighborhood. Guess the big Monday celebrations shifted a bit since people have to go to work on Tuesday.

    No sewing ... in fact the machine is still in the van. Will be starting to plan out the Row by Row trips in this area. Only hit 3 shops on the way up ... most of the travel was done on Sunday when they were closed.

    Happy Anniversary Kim ... and Happy 4th to all ! ! ! !


      Re: Independence Day Night Owl

      Happy Anniversary - you guys had a nice celebration dinner and dessert.

      No lobster dinner or wedding cake for us tonight but I did have a nice salmon dinner at Friday's and tea and pound cake at home afterwards. DS#1, DS#2 and his DW joined my DH and I for a 4th of July dinner. DH got our BBQ all set up and tomorrow he'll make a few hamburgers for our mini 4th celebration. It's surprising that DH did that because he doesn't enjoy cooking on it, he can quickly burn a hot dog or two and even some burgers but that's the extent of his BBQing .

      Eyes are getting tired so it's time for me to hit the hay and hopefully get a good night's sleep.
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        Re: Independence Day Night Owl

        They are bombing the neighborhood and the livestock guard dog is not dealing with the M80s going off. I spent part of the evening sitting in the barn grooming her, hoping that would calm her down. Tomorrow is going to be fun. If I had known, I would have contacted the vet for some tranquilizers for her.

        We had better get to bed. Em and I have stuff to do tomorrow and we may camp out in the barn during the fireworks.
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          Re: Independence Day Night Owl

          Good morning and happy 4th of July to all of you!

          Happy Anniversary, Kim! Your dinner plans sound delicious.
          Judy, safe travels.
          Cathy, I hope you can calm the poor doggy down.
          May, we had a barbecue in the rain yesterday. We were supposed to get a sunny day but it was raining on and off as it did for months now. No summer in sight here. As soon as we started the grill, it started to rain again. Thomas put the sun umbrella over it and we were able to enjoy our meal inside. The sun came out again right after we finished...

          I'm working every day of the week this month. DS#1 has an internship in the school next to mine and I'm taking him there and back every day and go to the office meanwhile. Way quicker to drive him there than taking bus and train and I have very much to do at work right now anyway. I finished a bag last week and am planning to sew small things this week for quick positive reinforcement. I get frustrated when making a bag takes me a week or more to finish.

          Have a wonderful day!