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Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

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    Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

    Morning everyone....don't you just hate it when you get up at 5 to walk the dog and feed the cats and CAN'T fall back to sleep?! Oh well, just gives me more time to sew!

    We had a wonderful Canada Day yesterday with DD, SIL and GD's. The oldest GD is so interested in getting together with me to sew that I feel so blessed! She wants to make "Buzzy's" cellphone cross body bag, so I will set a day next week for her to come over and 'git 'er done'. It will be fun.

    DH got a work out playing baseball and horseshoes on the lawn with the kids so he IS sleeping in. So, here I sit with the "puter" and the cats trying not to wake him up. Time to make a cup of coffee, unload the dishwasher and start the day. With a little luck, I'll have a nap this afternoon.

    Have a wonderful day everyone...enjoy your 4th of July festivities and any remnants of Canada Day!
    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)

    Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

    Good morning Peggie. I ended up going to the other room last night because of snoring (it was my choice) but then had trouble falling asleep. My brother was by with the 4 rows he got for me. 2 from Pickering, Almonte, Perth and Oshawa. I stopped in to see my traveling mate and she has it all booked for next week. I am so looking forward to this little trip. Going to do a little site seeing on Manitoulin Island on the Sunday. Maybe we can rent a canoe or paddle boat.

    Today we are headed to a community garage sale. Everyone is having a garage sale there.

    Canada Day was very quiet for us here. We did not go to the parade nor did we see the fireworks. Tonight we will attend the parade of lights on the lake and the fireworks there with friends.

    So have a great July 4th weekend and the rest of Canada day like Peggie said.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

      Good Morning,

      We have a huge storm headed our way so we have been moving few things from outdoors into the garage. This sure has been a week for storms, but very little rain out of them.

      I'm hemming the binding on the Plus Sign quilt at last. Once that's done I will start a brand new project or maybe a few Christmas gifties. I'm playing with some bags from a Craftsy class. Joan Hawley makes wonderful zipper bags.

      Peggie, I hear you about not being able to sleep. I did okay last night because I was totally worn out. Jeff is off now for 4 days.

      Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.....hugs all around.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

        Good morning friends! Great to hear of the Canadiens' day and future plans for a road trip! Sounds lovely!

        My sewing annex/aka guest bedroom has been somewhat cleared for a new bed that is being delivered today. It had a lovely daybed in it until last fall when my daughter and kids moved to NY. My granddaughter had been sleeping on a futon that her mother had as a teenager, and it finally broke down beyond repair. So I gave up my best daybed and fluffy mattress so she could have a bed in her new house. Now they all are coming for a visit in 2 weeks, there will be 10 of us in the house at once. I'm trying to figure out where they can all sleep in family units and have nobody in a tent outside! It could be tricky!

        Just want to sew! I started working on my favors for the forum retreat. I made some progress yesterday, need to keep pecking away on the projects as they are a bit tricky. And since I need 40 of them, it will be a long process!

        Have a great holiday weekend!


          Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

          One of the dogs woke me up just before 5 so here I am, catching up on everyone's plans for today. When he gets up, DH is replacing a section of fence that the wind blew down. Then we are driving down (an hour and a half or so) to visit our DD. She is a teacher and just started grad school part time. Her BF is still in law school, so funds for them are tight. We always take them out to dinner when we go down to visit them. She called me last night and asked if we could take them to the Cheesecake Factory, which is unlike her, so I'm wondering if something is up. Probably not, but I wish they would get engaged! They have been together four or five years now. Oh well, I'm sure if it is meant to happen it will.

          I wish all of you a happy weekend with lots of fun, family and fireworks!



            Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

            Super cool sunny morning here so it looks as if anyone with outdoor activities planned will have a great day. We had some heavy rain last evening so town's fireworks were postoned until tonight.

            No plans for today so we're going slow and enjoying our morning coffee. I hope to spend time on the deck with our potted plants that need attention and deheading. Will also shuck the white corn i bought yesterday to keep the mess outside, sure hope the corn is sweet. May also get to a choir I've been putting off, a major fridge and freezer cleaning. i know i need to find and cook the broccoli and kale i bought the other day. Salmon for tonight's dinner is hiding somewhere in the freezer, who knows what else i'll find kurking in there.

            Still finding my way around DH's computer. It's not too friendly to my fave sites, everything is squished together even when i increase the zoom. Shouldn't complain as it does give me a chance to spend time here. Enjoy your day.


              Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

              Another sunny one here. Canada Day was a mix of rain, sun, rain, sun, etc. Did nothing for Canada Day.

              Today I'm off to Toronto. I need new running shoes to carry me through training for and running my half marathon on November 6. New shoe day

              Lately, I have zero motivation to sew. I have many projects, but just no motivation to get them done.

              Hope everyone is having a great long weekend (Canadians and Americans).


                Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

                It's a sunny, cool morning here. Enjoying a cup of coffee while catching up on the "news," then I'm headed to Amish country for a couple of hours. Going to a bulk food store to pick up some things. May stop by a quilt shop or two while I'm down there - I'm playing things by ear today. The quilt shops in town will likely be very crowded since it's a holiday weekend and tourist season. Need to make a run to the grocery store later today too, then I hope to do a little sewing. I want to finish up the tote bags I've been working on and move on to another project. Trying to work on UFOs next. DH is working all weekend so I'll have some time to myself. Have a good Saturday, everyone!


                  Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

                  Good morning all! I have absolutely no plans today! A very rare thing for me. It's supposed to be stormy and rainy all day so I think a good portion of the day will be spent sewing. We'll see how much I accomplish!



                    Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

                    Morning all,
                    Woke up early and sat with a cup of coffee watching the birds at the feeder. Seems I have some new visitors this week some homing pigeons. Someone nearby must have them they fly over every day and stop to eat. They have different colored bands on their legs so far I haven't seen two with the same color bands. Two of the birds that stop are pure white and really pretty birds.
                    The weather is perfect this morning, a nice cool breeze blowing through the house. Love having the windows open!
                    Not much planned for today. Looks to be a quiet weekend don't think my daughter will out for a visit as she's busy getting ready for vacation to Iceland this week.
                    Had heavy rain and storm yesterday so no need to water the gardens today. We really needed a good downpour as it's been very dry here.
                    Making a quick run to the quilt shop today for one more fabric I 'm needing and will see if the supply lists are ready for two embroidery classes I 'm signed up for. Sure I 'll come home with more than what I went in for but that's what makes it fun, the unexpected!.
                    Off for another cup of coffee, wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend!
                    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                      Re: Saturday Morning & Can't Sleep In!

                      Good morning everyone. It was a sleeping in morning for me. It was a very hectic day at work yesterday. I actually ate my lunch standing at my desk between projects. And although we had a 40 close, I was there until 5. Went upstairs to the bedroom at 10:30 with the intention of watching the Yankees (they are in San Diego so it's a late game here). Didn't make it past the 2nd inning. Lol. Slept until 8:30

                      Now we are on vacation and today we will be working in a few areas outside that need our attention and maybe get the grocery shopping done. It's a beautiful cool morning after a night of rain. I love how the garden smells and looks in the morning after a night like that.

                      Enjoy the day everyone.
                      Ginny B
                      Levittown, NY