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Thursday Night Owl @,@

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    Thursday Night Owl @,@

    Hootie hoo, how are you? I'm still itchy but less than I was last night. I think one of the welts was a bug bite and not just hives.

    I keep progressing on the Strawberry Fields farm sampler. Only the bottom level is left, but it is pretty big. Here's a Pinterest of the sampler:

    I'm not sure if you can see that if you don't belong to Pinterest, but let me know. I still have the row of strawberries and the gazebo scene.

    Jo-Ann's had a coupon for 4 skeins of DMC floss for 99 cents so I got out two Christmas project charts and bought the floss for those. Man, I should just about have all the colors by now! :P Very pretty, though.

    Well if you are up give us a hoot! @,@

    Re: Thursday Night Owl @,@

    Hoot hoot I'm glad you're not so itchy tonight.It's just terrible to be itchy and not be able to do anything about it.The sampler you're doing is beautiful! I always loved samplers for some reason.You're an early Owl tonight compared to usual.I had company for a while today or I should say Sterling(our dog) had company.There's a lady from down the street that has a chocolate lab and when she walks him Sterling sees him and just goes crazy.They come over and the two dogs run around and play for about 2 hours straight.Today we got them both to go into the pool,it has stairs to go down to get in which confused them both at first.I had two dogs trying to climb up the wall of the pool so now I hope there are no holes from their nails.Not to much else went on today,I hope all the Owls have a good night.


      Re: Thursday Night Owl @,@

      Hoot! Hoot!...I'm having trouble sleeping tonight. Just watched Jenny's new tutorial for the Courthouse Steps. It's a wonderful old design. Not sure if I will make it or not, as my mind is swirling with ideas for small Christmas gifts.

      I have a new quilt that just needs binding. Maybe tomorrow I can get it to the point of hemming it. I love to sit and watch TV and hem binding.

      I used to x-stitch a lot. The last thing I did was a large map of the USA with landmarks all around the states. I need to take it to be framed.

      We have been having some radical weather in our area with storms predicted throughout the long weekend.

      Have a good evening...I'm heading back to bed. Thanks for letting me stop in .....Hootie Hoot!!

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Thursday Night Owl @,@

        Did you know if you get a bug bite (I know it works w/mosquitos), you can heat a spoon under hot water and put it on the bite and it kills the enzymes in what they inject into you. Sometimes it takes two, maybe three times, but it works like a charm!

        No rainbows!


        If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


          Re: Thursday Night Owl @,@

          Went to help a neighbor draw blood on their goats. She was missing the vein and turning the goats into a pin cushion. She only took a few times to show her where and she was able to hit it almost every time.
          When I returned home I watered the neighbors gardens while they are gone and left their dogs out for an extended play time. I can't leave them out unattended, as the coyote was at the back corner of their house the day before they left. The two Yorkies would make a quick snack.
          I came home and worked in our own gardens. The beans and peas are tied up. Most of the weeds have been removed. The raspberries were also put back on the wires.
          After all that fun, Eric and I opted to use a gift card he had been given by a customer who was extremely pleased with a job he did on their boat. Anthony's isn't a place we go very often as it is kind of expensive, and we can make most of what they serve at home for less. They tend to specialize in seafood and we did enjoy ourselves. We stopped on the way home a bought some cheesecake and I cooked down some of our garden berries to go over the top. Yum!
          We will be tucking into the nest shortly. We are off to pick up another load of hay in the morning. We will need our rest for sure!
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