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Thursday with Friday on the way

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    Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

    Originally posted by Bubby View Post
    Hi Everyone....It was such a pretty day here yesterday that I would love a rerun today. I will be running to WalMart early this morning and sew the rest of the day after I get home. It's time to bind the Plus Sign quilt. The binding is ready and waiting for me.

    esterday I got my hair cut in a short bob and it feels so nice not having hair on my neck or having to deal with clips. Jeff likes my hair longer, of course. As fast as my hair grows it will be long again for Christmas.

    The DD today is gorgeous....Hulamoon and pcbatiks, this must be calling your names.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday Eve.....with hugs, of course.
    Barb.......I think you need to get in there and start sewing and quit trying to tempt me into buying the DD. I have to admit....I drooled a little on my keyboard........but I resisted! Maybe I should reward my strong will power by buying some fabric!

    Hot day here with heat advisories this afternoon. Hope to work more on my nieces quilt.
    "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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      Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

      Mostly cloudy here this a.m. I'm debating if I have enough energy left after planting those flowers yest. to spread some fertilizer on the lawn. It's supposed to <80 deg. today & tomorrow, so I'd like to take advantage of the cooler weather to do it. With all the heat this mo., even with extra watering time, the usual problem areas of the lawn are looking a bit brownish. Every day but 3 this mo. it has been 90 or >, with a few 100 deg. or >. It usually doesn't get this hot till July. I do enjoy summer, but not the heat or having to weed flower beds. Spring is hay fever time. I usually have to start taking an antihistamine mid-March & continue till about now. I'm thinking to quitting tomorrow & see how I do. Fall is a pretty time of year. Cool nights for sleeping. DH doesn't like winter with the cold & snow. Fortunately, we have a "snow angel" from our church who shovels our snow for us. Every season has something to enjoy.

      Yest. I finished the binding on panel baby quilt #1. It needs just a label. I have panel quilt #2 not quite half quilted. These need to be done by Aug. 4 for the church baby shower.

      I'm debating what to make with the Kaffe Fassett layer cake I recently purchased when it was the DD. I unrolled it yest. & pressed the 10" squares. They were folded in the middle & the edges were curling up. I also bought 2 yds. of "snow" Bella solids yardage to match the "Forever Love" LC that was the DD a while back. That is Eleanor Burns' new line. The cream color blends in well with the EB fabrics. IMO, sometimes white is too bright for some fabrics. I browse Tamarack Shack's blog from time to time. I wish I could quilt like she does. So beautiful. Of course, she's been doing this for 20 yrs. & has a LA business. I got the idea for a quilt pattern from one of her older posts. It would use charm squares. I might try a sample block to see how I like. It involves snowballing, which is not my favorite.

      Well, time to get on with my day. Looking forward to a new tutorial tomorrow.


        Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

        Hey everyone...I have NO idea how y'all get in here at such brutal hours of the day! I mean 4 a.m. is the middle of the night still!!

        I'm late again to the game. I had an appointment with the diabetes clinic this morning. Boy talk about making you feel awful! When I see what I have done to my body it's embarrassing! So I am on a new journey in my life to eat well and get healthy and see if I can't beat this thing!

        I am considering going on a retreat with some friends to a's a yoga/hiking thing but I won't be doing much of that. I do have to walk at least a half hour a day so might be a nice place to start doing that! Have to see if I can manage it or not.

        Well I should probably try and get some work done. Still not feeling the greatest today but hoping to make it through the entire day. Sending love and hugs to those in need! xox


          Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

          Originally posted by MRoy View Post
          Good morning! I'm just waiting for the dew to dry so I can get my mowing done before it heats up today. I've been quilting a small donation quilt and sewing blocks for another one. I used MSQC's 2009 tutorial for "Stack and Whack Quilt with Turnovers" and adapted it to use charm packs instead of turnovers to use up some Big Lots charm packs I've had on hand for a few years. In the past couple of months, I've completed tops for 6 donation quilts and I've quilted 3 of them.
          I've never used turnovers before and hadn't seen that tutorial before. Another item onto my to-do list!


            Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

            Well, it's now afternoon. A little bit closer to Friday! A very dull day at work. I can't imagine how quiet it will be tomorrow. I am so used to be busy at work, with not enough hours in the day. I've never had it so quiet, especially at quarter end. As a result, I am here chatting with you. Looking forward to the long weekend. Have plans for a movie and lunch with friends on Monday. DD may pop in for a short visit this weekend. She usually shows up while I'm at work, to do her laundry. I told her it would be nice to come over sometime when I'm home. Oh well. Can't wait for the end of workday. I have Mom's quilt loaded on the LA, ready for me to start quilting this evening. Yeah! I've never had a Christmas present purchased, much less created, this early in the year.
            Spring, TX