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Thursday with Friday on the way

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    Thursday with Friday on the way

    Hello Folksies!
    Summertime is in full swing about now in all areas of the Northern Hemisphere. While I enjoy the lovely foliage I work so hard to maintain, I really dislike summer. It is my least favorite season. Did I just say that? Why yes. Yes, I did. I enjoy everything that leads up to summer. I can enjoy the beauty of winter, not real crazy about the cold temps any longer but hey! I can warm up easier than cool down. And BTW, not for nothing, in winter we don't have mosquitoes, ticks, snakes. Spring? I adore it! Who doesn't? My allergies take big time hits which I consider worth the early bloomers and fresh air. I enjoy cool mornings and evenings. It is so very pleasant to sit on my deck, sip coffee and look over my garden. My favorite season? It has to be Fall. I love Autumn. I love the look, smell, feel of it. I love the smell of wood stoves burning, the little curl of smoke coming from some of the older homes in the early mornings. The colors of the leaves make me think of quilts, kids, and upcoming holiday season. And once again, the lovely refreshing cool mornings and evenings. Fall is my special Nirvanna. Summer just leaves me hot, sweaty and wondering how in the world I grew up in a world without a/c!

    Work for me in just a bit - glad to be able to pop in this morning. Big hugs, blessings and smiles to all!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

    Glad you were able to pop in this morning, Blondie.

    Well this is the last work day of the week. Tomorrow is Canada Day. Lots of activities around. BIG flea market and parades and fireworks. I won't think about the impending postal strike, which is Saturday, July 2nd. I won't be on strike, but it will VERY quiet at the post office. Oh well, I have lots of quilting to take with me. I am waiting on a parcel that I am hoping to get TODAY!! It is in Canada and that is about as far as I can track it. If there is a strike, well, there isn't much I can do about it but wait.

    It is a beautiful sunny start to the day here this morning. Cool but warming up no doubt. Have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

      Hi Everyone....It was such a pretty day here yesterday that I would love a rerun today. I will be running to WalMart early this morning and sew the rest of the day after I get home. It's time to bind the Plus Sign quilt. The binding is ready and waiting for me.

      esterday I got my hair cut in a short bob and it feels so nice not having hair on my neck or having to deal with clips. Jeff likes my hair longer, of course. As fast as my hair grows it will be long again for Christmas.

      The DD today is gorgeous....Hulamoon and pcbatiks, this must be calling your names.

      Wishing everyone a great Friday Eve.....with hugs, of course.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

        Good morning and Happy Thursday. It is going to be a nice day here today. I am looking forward to the 4th of July weekend. I really don't like the neighborhood fireworks though. The big fireworks shows are beautiful but the noisy booms are just very annoying. Yes, they are illegal here but somehow there are still a whole lot of them being set off. And, of course, I don't like the way they scare the animals either.

        I think I will go take a walk around my yard and see how my plants are doing this morning. I didn't get a chance to because I went out to dinner last night with some people from work. I love my gardens in the morning.

        Have a terrific Thursday everyone.
        Ginny B
        Levittown, NY


          Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

          Good Morning, all: what a beautiful morning - sunrise was absolutely gorgeous. Starting to slowly get back to sewing -- this move has really put a damper on things. On the last room (which is more than 1/2 the house) for the painting, etc. Can't wait to get it done, then I can think more on the sewing and actually do it. Moving is no fun - but once done and work with it - fantastic! Have a great day all.


            Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

            Lovely summer day beginning, just the kind I like - cool morning with no humidity.

            Still half awake and need more coffee before I can figure out what I planned to do so I'll have another cup of coffee while I listen to the birds chattering.

            Have a good day everyone and smile reason.jpg
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              Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

              Good Morning.. Glad to see everyone's smiling face. It's been cooler here so I've shut off the a/c and opened the doors & windows, letting all that fresh "Canada" air in. Thanks for sharing with us. It is so refreshing to breath clean air.

              My journey into raised garden beds is really paying off now. I've had fresh lettuce, garden onions and baby carrots so far. The peppers and tomatoes are coming on fast. Of course I always plant some herbs and they have really helped flavor up some meaty dishes. Got me trying "new" and "different" dishes---I almost qualify as a Chef instead of "the cook".

              I've been sewing about everyday, but not getting much completed. Leaders and enders = a 4 patch quilt in the making. I got my 60 degree ruler and made one table runner from One yard of fabric....a lot left over (waste) unless I figure out something to make with the scraps.

              Just gearing up for the 4th fireworks... we can sit on our back patio and see a lot of goodies in the sky.. Don't have to fight the traffic to get to the river front for a closer view; I get a stiff neck looking up from getting that close.. So the best of both worlds for me..

              Hope everyone has a great day and pass around that smile... It looks so good on you.

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                Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                Good Morning all
                Well, DD #1 is all moved back in - DD#2 is very happy to have her around for the summer!
                In the process we have switched a bunch of furniture around and listed some on craigslist. DD#1 brought a full size bed back to the house, so we had an extra twin. DD#2 is soooo ready for a change with her bed, and we found a great deal on a twin with storage drawers (remember, she is in my old TINY sewing room). So, we also listed the bunk bed that was in her room. Did I confuse everyone yet?? We have had the bunk beds since the girls were small, and it was just time for a change.
                Soooo, we'll pick up the storage bed tonight ($25 on craigslist... wow!), and tomorrow............ We are going to pick up some spray paint that looks like concrete or marble (they have such cool paint now) and we'll spray the bed to look modern, as well as change the hardware on the drawers. We'll eventually paint the walls in there white, maybe with one blackboard wall. Hoping to tackle that by the end of the summer.
                I have some more sorting to do in my sewing room - I'm itching to get back sewing!!
                I hope everyone has a great day


                  Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                  Judy, all those fresh veggies sound so good, especially with the addition of fresh herbs - good eating for sure.

                  We can watch town's fireworks by sitting on playing field of our area's middle school - as you said a good view without the hassle of the crowds.


                    Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                    Morning Everyone
                    Blondie it was nice to see you pop in and Monique your email will be on the way after I stop reading all the Forum posts.
                    Glad everyone is looking forward to the weekend celebrations for either Canada or Independence Days! It is going to
                    be lovely weather.
                    Today I am taking my oldest GD (age 11) to have her very first professional pedicure. She is so excited. This is her birthday present that she requested back in May but until school was over it was next to impossible to schedule with her busy weekends of soccer and baseball. So she and Nana will go off to Brockville today for her pedi and then lunch. She is growing up so fast! Just downloaded some patterns from Craftsy so I will teach her how to make a wallet when we get back.
                    Have a great day everyone...enjoy the sunshine and try to do something to make you smile.
                    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                      Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                      Good morning! I'm just waiting for the dew to dry so I can get my mowing done before it heats up today. I've been quilting a small donation quilt and sewing blocks for another one. I used MSQC's 2009 tutorial for "Stack and Whack Quilt with Turnovers" and adapted it to use charm packs instead of turnovers to use up some Big Lots charm packs I've had on hand for a few years. In the past couple of months, I've completed tops for 6 donation quilts and I've quilted 3 of them.
                      *~* Myrna *~*
                      *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                        Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                        My day and my workweek start today but today is the start of only a three day work because I am closing the restaurant on Sunday. I am thinking most people will have family in on sunday and won't be coming out to eat. DH argued a bit about it saying he thought there would be tourists. I told him he was welcome to open and be there , but I was going to take the day off to be with MY family for a change. SO, I invited the children to come on Sunday and spend the night and go home afternoon of the 4th so they can go back to work. THey all have to travel 2-3 hundred miles and I thought it would work better for them. I'm thinking lots of people will be in the same boat.
                        Anyway, its cooled off here in the mountains a little. Still not much rain and the flowers are thinking something is up. The tomatoes though, seem to be thriving. I planted them next to the pool this year so I wouldn't have to walk a 1/4 mile to the garden space. I am really happy about that.
                        Got to get to work. Lots of prep to do and then HOPE. Hope there are people out and about that want to eat.
                        success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiam
                        Terry of NC


                          Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                          Morning everyone.... We are having a beautiful day here, in Cincinnati... Low humidity, too...

                          While Fall is my very fav season, I do love summer.... As long as I have access to AC, of course.... I love bring able to sit on my back porch/patio....enjoying the soft breezes, and watching Finny and Spencer wander around.... I love bring able to open my windows, and gill the house with fresh air.

                          I love the sound of lawn mowers, and, as a native of the Greater Cincinnati area, baseball on the radio is definitely the Sound pf Summer to me... It's something I grew up eith...

                          I don't like snaked, yard work, bugs, weeds, etc...but somehow, I still love summer... Maybe it's because winters have become do hard on me...

                          Wishing everyone a wonderful day.....
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                          Sandy from Cincinnati

                          AKA Kermit


                            Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                            Morning everyone, I'm having a bit of a late start over here. I stayed in the kitchen until almost midnight and I'm happy to say, the first round of canning is done. We have sauce and pickles, pies and syrup to last almost all winter. I love doing it, but by the 3-4th day, I'm shot. I think I might find some time in my sewing room today - any room but the kitchen! Have a great day, everyone!


                              Re: Thursday with Friday on the way

                              So good to see you pop in,Blonde.
                              Barb, I've gotta get a hair appointment too. I keep mine short but only because, it is better on my shoulder's and hands. It has made a big difference in them,the twisting and gripping, to fix my hair, was causing a lot of, I'll just go with

                              Enjoy all your garden and dirt time.....I miss it, maybe next year will be better. That is one of my favorite thing's to do.Love watching the flowers grow and bloom......pretty colors.
                              Fresh veggies are the best part of summer....yum.
                              We usually grow bell peppers and tomatoes, to put on our grill making kabobs.... adding fresh pineapple and mushrooms....... we'll just buy them this time.They'll still taste good.

                              Financial beginning to have some much needed relief from the inflammation, a very slow process, but blessed to be in less pain.Sure am looking forward to catching up on my to do list....
                              Gratefully in progress.....SMILES.

                              Time for a little more inspiration....... COFFEE.

                              Have a wonderful day,
                              Grate seeing you everyone.
                              Blessings all..........

                              The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                              ~~~~Sewn By Bee