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Weekend Night Owl

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    Weekend Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! Well the weekend is almost over and I hope you had a pleasant time in your tree! I did a bit of cross stitching on the Strawberry Farm sampler but my allergy meds made me too loopy to do a lot. (Take enough of those pills and the chart gets too complicated to understand...) I put some photos up on my album page of the four additional tree blocks that I had sewed for the Village quilt, not that I've been working on that lately. I hope you were able to get done what you wanted to do, whether work or rest...hoot your news...

    Re: Weekend Night Owl

    Some sewing got done on Saturday. Then went to visit Dad at the hospital.
    They moved him from ICU to another wing. They are looking at moving him to a rehab facility on Tuesday. They have to coordinate his dialysis schedule and transportation.
    Today we decided to have a bit of fun after the last few days of not fun. We busted out the fabric dyes and t-shirts along with multiple other items to be dyed. I now have some un-ugly fabrics to work with. There were some with sun bleaching and others that were just ugly colors. The icky grey is now a pretty dusty plum. We have some snazzy new shirts to reveal tomorrow too.
    I do have two pieces of fabric left to deal with. I haven't decided if I am going to dye them or leave them. They are designed to be table cloths, but could back a quilt. Oh the decisions!
    I think I'll go find some ice cream if the family didn't eat it all. If so, then it's fruit salad for me.
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    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


      Re: Weekend Night Owl

      Hoot hoot Kim we missed you the last couple of nights.I hope your allergies are getting better.Cathy I'm glad to hear that things seem to be improving for your dad.It must have felt good to take some time and do some sewing and making new fabrics.I've judt been getting the house ready for my dad to arrive.Have a good night Owls.


        Re: Weekend Night Owl

        Hello from "Almost Heaven" West Virginia. Heading to Cincinnati, Ohio and Lawrenceburg, Indiana tomorrow. Off to bed ... short drive but a lot of visiting to do tomorrow.

        Cathy - so happy to hear dad is out of ICU! Joan have a great time with your dad. Kim - have to look at your photos tomorrow.


          Re: Weekend Night Owl

          Good morning!

          It's actually almost noon here. I'm at home today, enjoying the silence. DS#2 was home for the weekend. We had a lot of fun this weekend and I was kinda extra sad when he left yesterday to go back to school. We went to our ex-BIL yesterday for a barbecue and just the moment we left the house to go there it started pouring cats and dogs again. We were lucky enough later to have a short time span without rain to get the meat grilled though. I can't stand all the rain any longer, hope it stops soon.

          Cathy, I'm glad to see that your dad is out of the ICU.
          Kim, I hope your allergies get better. I have to go take a look at your album for the tree blocks!
          Joan, have a good time with your dad!
          Judy, safe travels and have lots of fun visiting all those places.