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Well it's Thursday

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    Well it's Thursday

    It is a bright sunny day this morning. I work all day today but will probably be able to quilt too.

    Yesterday I stuck my hand in my onion bin and somehow got a sliver in the corner of my fingernail. WELL sirrreeee, does that hurt. It throbbed all night, finger is really sore. So this morning I dug away at it until I got out a sliver about 1/4" long. No wonder it hurt so bad. Finger is still sore as I type, but the sliver is GONE!!!

    Strawberry season is upon us and I went and picked 7.8 lbs yesterday. I shared with my sister-in-law and will go again tomorrow and share with the other one and the momma. They are so good.

    Well have an awesome day everyone. SMILE today because you can.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Well it's Thursday

    Good morning. Thursday got here fast! Been a busy week at work. Ouch Monique. I know how that hurts. Did it myself a couple weeks ago and my finger was sore quite a few days after the sliver was out.

    Have a terrific day everyone.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: Well it's Thursday

      Its a beautiful morning here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Unfortunatey, the deer flies and horse flies are buzzing around EVERYWHERE. I was out pulling a few weeds and had to come in because they were circling around my head so badly that I could hear myself think. Kona (the dog) doesn't like them either and she was bitten on the end of her tail. Decided it was time to come in and go to the sewing room, after a quick stop at the forum.

      Just wanted also, to say thanks to everyone for their condolences on the passing of my FIL. You are all so wonderfully compasionate. Thank You. I wish we could all get together to share ideas/patterns/thoughts personnally and spend the day quilting.

      Ouch, Monique. I feel your pain.
      Morning Ginny
      Trish, when you are finished with your linen closet, could you come and do mine? I have too much stuff!

      Have a wonderful day everyone -- and remember to do something that makes you happy!
      "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


        Re: Well it's Thursday

        Yes, it is!

        I'm glad to have morning finally arrive.... We had severe storms during the very early hours.... Tornado warnings, and all... The two little digs and I spent some time huddled in the bathtub....surrounded by pillows, and covered with my husband's comfort quilt... At one point, I lost the Internet, and then had no idea what was happening... Fortunately, my kids texted me with news... I had awakened both of them, and felt so much better, knowing they were all in their basements...

        Believe me... I was holding onto Finny and Spencer for dear life...

        Sandy from Cincinnati

        AKA Kermit


          Re: Well it's Thursday

          I wish we would get some rain, though you can keep the storms! We are very dry here in the mountains. The rain comes west, east, north and south of us! It is just hazy, hot and humid.

          I've been cleaning the bonus room/attic for a week, and not making much progress. I'm really trying to get rid of stuff, so I'm cleaning out and pricing for a garage sale at the same time. I think I must have 1000 yds of fabric that say to me, "What were you thinking?" I'm measuring and marking those. I still have one cabinet to go through downstairs. Also have 30 or 40 framed pictures, and a ton of scrapbooking to go through. I need to finish the scrapbooks, so I might bring that downstairs to work on. How did everything get so piled up? When did I become a hoarder?


            Re: Well it's Thursday

            Sandy, Glad you and your dogs survived the night. We've had bad storm and tornado warnings the past few days but seem to have missed them but maybe not today as it feels and looks like rain wants to come.

            Trish, Clearing out rooms and closets has been on my list too - haven't made too much progress but my sisters will be here on Sunday to give me a hand. Bedrooms and linen closets are easy compared to my quilt room and closet - too many trips to Lancaster where I couldn't pass up the many bargains. There is no way I could use most of my stash unless I lived another 80 years tied to a sewing machine. My sister Carol quilts so I'll have her shop my stash while we make piles for my quilt guild and church thrift shop.

            Got to get moving and finish up a few chores this morning. Meeting the gals for lunch this afternoon, haven't seen them in a month so we have lots to catch up with.
            SMILES EVERYONE.jpg


              Re: Well it's Thursday

              morning all...Sandy you're so cute! I Love, love, LOVE storms!! I would have been outside watching it! LOL! Mind you I don't live where there are tornados and such either so might sing a different tune in that case. Navy wife, I'm also wondering about becoming a hoarder!

              Today is kind of a weird day for me, as it is kind of the first day of the rest of my life...medically speaking. Will post more in a separate thread as I need advice big time.

              Today is Liam's grade 8 graduation so a big day for him. Will be the first time I will be in the same room with his father since December last year so I'm a bit nervous. Along with everything else, gonna be a stressful day.

              Sending love and hugs to those in need! xox


                Re: Well it's Thursday

                Morning All! Times, they are a changing! Sandy, so glad to hear you and Quiltingtrish are both safe and sound. There was a time that tornados ( or is it tornadoes) were unheard or here in Manitoba, but there seems to be more and more watches and warnings for them. One of my friends daughters is a storm chaser, now there is something you want you little girl to grow up to be! Quiltingtrish, I'm with you, things like that are best left to the professionals. The first thing Hubby wants to do all the time is flip switches, I say lets think this through first. If it has something to do with the gas, I know I am not trained in that field.
                Monique, it's the little injuries that can sometimes be the most annoying, we think that it is no big deal, but they like to remind us every so often that yes I am still here and I can still get in your way. Hope it heals fast.
                I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately, kinda melancholy. For 13 years I would have been getting ready this week to go to "Girls Camp" next weekend. The weekend for Youth Camp Leaders training and then the campers would arrive on Mon and we would be there till Fri. I was there with my 2 best friends and because it was for girls 12-18 I had one of my daughters there I think every year, with both of them there one year. Now the girls are all grown up and the friends have both moved away, and someone younger is running camp and I am very lost. It's been a few years but it is still very much missed. Can't seem to get motivated to do anything. My granddaughters will be 1 in Aug and I still haven't finished one of the quilts (Lucy's), the top is done except for the applique and I don't want to do it. I can't believe I have let this win, it's all cut out and just needs to be put together. I think I would rather start a brand new quilt than do this applique except DIL knows that is suppose to be the same as the one Claire ( other granddaughter, different family ) got. Need a good kick in the pants, what are somethings you do to get yourselves moving again, when you have hit that wall, or do any of you hit that wall?
                Well on the bright side, I am on my way to babysit Lovely Lucy right now and will get my baby fix for today, maybe spending time with her will help..... says me every week.
                Sun is shinning here and the day is new, great things to come, (does it sound convincing), have a good one everyone,


                  Re: Well it's Thursday

                  It's another sunny day here. Already got my short run in.

                  The epic third cleaning/organizing of my sewing room ended yesterday. Thank goodness. Looking forward to DH making my cutting table the correct height so I stop killing myself.

                  Attempting to get back at it today. I am doing Leah Day's Block of the Month and I haven't even looked at May or June's patterns yet, never mind completed them.

                  Have a good day folks


                    Re: Well it's Thursday

                    Wendy.... You'll be OK at the graduation.... He's probably nervous, too.., I'll be thinking of you...

                    I actually do enjoy regular thunderstorms... But... Once you have experienced a real tornado...and seen yiur small town looking like a war zone, your outlook dies change... It took me years to not panic at the sight of a nasty looking cloud.., I was a paramedic, and lots of times I felt sicker than my patients, if there was a storm...

                    Things changed again, after I lost my husband if 46 years, and was on my own, in bad weather.. It felt so strange.

                    Now I relax, going into panic mode only if there is an actual Warning... Once I know my kids and grandkids are safe, I'm much better... Of course now I am responsible for my little fur babies....


                    Sandy from Cincinnati

                    AKA Kermit


                      Re: Well it's Thursday

                      Kathy, when I am stumped or at a stand still on a project... I dedicate 30 minutes or less to doing " some" stitching on that item. Even if it is only 10 stitches a day.. it does add up and soon YOU find it is all DONE. Don't think about the finish.. just concentrate on the "10 stitches" for today.

                      I'm using this method on my Ghastlies quilt.. Just hand sew one spider web a day.. I am down to the last row on it. Now I can't wait to get those done so I can do the Sachiko border.. It might get done for the august quilt show.. or not! Doesn't matter now that I've accepted the fact that "Rome wasn't built in a day." There will be Next Year..

                      Hang in there and hugs coming you way.

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                        Re: Well it's Thursday

                        Good morning friends,


               rain here either..... dry as a bone and my sinuses are so messed up.

                        Yesterday, I got a visit from baby Reese, I got my first, real smile, from him.....made my day.Our visit was short, he has a weepy eye, so we called and got in with the Dr. said it was a stopped up tear duct, gave him a ointment, for infection.

                        I tell you what, he's a good baby. Can you believe he is already a month old....where does time go?

                        I'm going through, cleaning out MORE STUFF. I hope it never ever comes back...I don't know how or where, all of it came from. So I look like a horder too. I use to be vigilant at keeping out the clutter.If something came in, something went out. I would clean out the closets before shopping for new cloths. I guess, I've just let it get away from me....ggrrrr.

                        Hope everyone has a fabulous day. ...

                        The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                        ~~~~Sewn By Bee


                          Re: Well it's Thursday

                          Sunny in Orange County, birds are chirping and it will be another hot day. Actually one of the cooler hot days this week - 83. hahaha These are the times when I wish I lived way north of here.

                          Dusting upstairs and the boring task of quilting a wedding quilt are on today's agenda. Thank goodness I can watch Youtube videos while I babysit the machine. It would be so nice to press start and walk away but alas that would be a no-no. Never know what might happen.

                          A close friend is having a double mastectomy today. I pray all goes well and no chemo will be required. Sounds like she has a long recovery ahead of her especially since she plans to have reconstructive surgery as well. Poor gal can't seem to catch a break. She was laid up for quite some time with a very broken foot from a fall. She's just recovered from that incident only to find out about this cancer diagnosis. Once her girls go home I'm going to get even busier. It will mostly fall to me to help her out.

                          Wendy, it's just a shame that divorced folks can't completely avoid seeing each other. It would make life a lot easier. Unfotunately, when there are young ones involved that's just not going to happen. Just know you're not alone. So many people are in the same situation.

                          Girls, make sure you soak those boo boos. Anytime you're jabbed like that you need to be very wary of infection.

                          I think the secret to avoid accumulating a lot of stuff is to move once in a while. hahaha That moving bill is a great motivation for unloading as much as possible. hahaha Joe and I are on that track right now. We have no plans to move yet, but hope to in the not too distant future. No time like the present to start working on lightening the load.
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