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    Stormy Night Owl

    I hope everyone is safe and sound despite the storms in Illinois and to the east. We got four inches of rain here yesterday.

    Today I did plug away on the cross stitch a bit. Nothing too strenuous. ;-) The designer answers your questions so I got some advice on the sampler.

    One of my monarch caterpillars is really big but the other tiny one died. I can't find any more eggs lately. The storm blew the milkweed over so its easy to scan the bottoms of the leaves.

    How are things in your tree? @,@ Hoot hoot!

    Re: Stormy Night Owl

    Kim I hope you're not in line for any really bad storms.On the news here it said Illinois could see tornado activity.
    There isn't much happening here today,it rained for a while this afternoon and then the sun came out and it warmed back up.I didn't get out today but last night my DH and kids took me out for my Bday.They told me to choose where to go and after we got home my DD told me I was supposed to choose a seafood restaurant.I can't please everyone all the time.


      Re: Stormy Night Owl

      Since my fall, I have been having problems sleeping. I like to sleep on my right side, and sadly that is where I was hurt. I bought myself a new pillow Monday and for the past two nights, I have slept all night and it's been wonderful!

      Just watching the news and it's supposed to start thundering again!!!! Pat does not like thunder AT ALL!!!!

      I put myself on a fabric diet on the first of the month and it's now the 22nd and I have not bought a single scrap! Then I get a message today that the shop going out of business (where I took all my classes, etc.) is not taking part in the shop hop, but they are following the shop hop hours and will be open till 8pm all week, plus everything is now 60-80% off!!! Between that and Hancocks, they are out to get me!

      No rainbows!


      If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


        Re: Stormy Night Owl

        Hi Kim and Everyone....I've been up sewing since 2:30. My eyes are crossing so I decided to stop.

        We're having a heat wave and everything outdoors is burning up except for what we have in pots and just around the house. I take Dottie out every evening so she can play in the water. She loves to go face first into the hose and will play this way for hours. This is the same dog that won't set a foot outside if it's raining....go figure.

        Bubba, glad to hear you are mending after your fall. I took al killer fall two years ago that almost did me in. It took months before I felt like myself. Our one real quilt shop sort of in our area went out of business, too. We have a great little fabric shop here in town that used to sell quilters cotton for $2.99 a yard for years. About 2 years ago they raised their prices to $3.99 and recently to $4.50 but they recently put it on sale for a week for $2.99. Comparatively it is still a good deal. I love the family who owns the store and the convenience of it being 5 minutes from home is great. Actually I live halfway between my quilter Reggie and the fabric shop.

        There is so much going on with the weather everywhere....even with the fires! My family lives in California and they have wildfires every year. They are all very nonchalant about them.

        It's time for me to put on the coffee and wake Jeff up for work. Have a great day everyone!! It's really nice to have this group when you can't sleep...thanks for letting me visit. Hugs...

        Scottie Mom Barb