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Tuesday, a sunny day.

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    Tuesday, a sunny day.

    AND a heck of a lot cooler than it was yesterday. We were expecting severe thunderstorms last night which we didn't get thankfully. We did some much needed rain but it didn't rain for long and a lot of wind. Somewhere someone got that severe weather.

    Yesterday was just TOO hot to do much of anything. I did get a little more laundry done but that was about it. Made the hamburger soup for the momma. Not sure what I will make today for them.

    This coming weekend is a long weekend here in Quebec. Les is going away for the weekend and I have turned down an invitation for an evening out Saturday. It is country music which I don't like and it costs $25 so why pay money for something I don't like. I am going to check out and see if there are any auction sales around.

    So that's it for today. I may try and cut the back lot today since it is so much cooler. I have to wait for the sun to dry things up first. Wash the kitchen floor and vacuum is also on the list.

    On that note, have a wonderful day. And remember to smile.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

    Good morning all. We got a bit of rain overnight and it looks like we might have a shower or two more this morning but then it is supposed to be a fairly nice day. I am hoping it is nice enough to sit outside under the trees for lunch. There is a nice, quiet area at the back of the property at work where my friend and I try to relax at lunchtimes over the summer.

    I hope everyone has a good day. For those in the areas dealing with the extreme heat and in the areas of the fires, be safe.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

      Morning Everyone....

      Our A/C stopped working yesterday. After a hot night our A/C guy came at 5:30 this morning and got us up and cool again. He went the extra mile for us and that was such a blessing. I have hopes of starting a new sewing project today.

      I found a cute basket at WalMart for storing and carrying Ruby, the Featherweight I bought last weekend. It's a fabric basket but it has a wire frame and a solid bottom....cute. Plenty of room for the cord and foot control and a few other goodies. ...yay! I think it was intended to be an open picnic basket.

      The Girls are napping after the excitement of having someone come here before daybreak. Dottie does NOT approve of people coming to our door before she's fully awake.

      Monique, I wouldn't pay to hear something I don't enjoy. You will find something more fun to spend your money on.

      Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

        Good morning all

        Monique we got the thunderstorms and heavy rain and wind for a couple of hours last night. Our hydro flickered once but didn't stay off for very long. Just long enough to have to reset all the clocks, etc. It is much less humid here right now but it is going to be a hot day for sure.

        I am working temporarily on the follow up to our national census so I need to go out for a few hours this afternoon and try to get the people who have not completed theirs to fill it in. Before I go out I have all the ingredients to put together the crock pot lasagna to take to our last Guild meeting before the summer tonight. It is such a good recipe.

        We have someone coming to clean our carpets today so I do hope they dry ok as it has been very humid. We only have carpet in our 2 bedrooms and down the stairs to the lower level but I will tell you, putting your house on the market for sale sure is the incentive you need to get a lot of things done that you have been procrastinating about doing (one is getting the carpet cleaned). We are having a second visit on Thursday by a couple who saw our house yesterday so we want to put the best foot forward for this visit and hope to win their hearts. We love our home but really want to do the downsize (again).

        Hope you all have a great day and try to get in a little sewing.
        Grandma Nan



        "Some of the best memories are created in flip flops"


          Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

          Good morning from BC....yes it is me Sally. Been away for a long time and decided to stop in and say hello.
          My sewing room is functional now and I am back quilting...yeah!
          Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

          Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


            Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

            Morning everyone!
            We did get a little bit of rain and lots of strong winds, but there was lots of activity to the south of us...probably along the St. Lawrence River and Northern NY. We need rain, but I am not complaining because the weather this morning is absolutely beautiful... a lovely breeze, lower humidity and sunshine!
            DH went off this morning to our DD and SIL's organic farm to "play in the fields", so I am alone to do whatever I please. That means that after I vaccum the house, I will seek refuge in the sewing room and try to make a mini version of Jenny's latest tutorial - the Starburst. Instead of using a layer cake, I'm going to try it with a charm pack that I have had for a year or so. I think it will make a nice table topper. It looks so easy that I hope to start and finish it today. If I manage to, I will post a pic later on.

            - Nan - I hope the second visit to your home is the charm to the prospective buyers. Good luck.
            - Bubby - glad you had your a/c fixed. It must be unbearable without it!
            - Ginny - enjoy your lunch in the shade of a tree. Sounds like a nice place.
            - Sally - welcome back, glad your room is functional again.

            Have a great day and do something that makes you happy : )
            "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


              Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

              Morning all,
              Another sunny day here, gardens are loving it and putting on a nice show of color.
              Did get up to the sewing room yesterday but got sidetracked from cleaning. I started on making a cute gift for my sister's birthday. Quick and easy but can be dressed up so many ways. The pattern is Bobbin the Robin, I think the official pin cushion from the Row by Row. I'm making hers a garden one with rain boots. Will post a picture when it's done.
              Time for a second cup of coffee to get some pep in my step. Hugs to all who need a few extra.
              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                Monique, forgot about Saint Jean-Baptiste Day for you guys. Guess that means you get 2 long weekends in a row, since next Friday is Canada day?

                I am in the throws of cleaning out my sewing room for the third and last time. Have somehow managed to convince DH to make my current cutting table into the proper height for cutting. Yeah! Can't wait.

                My sewing room is the refuge for all of my crap. DH built shelves in the closet which are packed with boxes containing quilting stuff, cross stitch stuff, memorabilia, etc. Time to clean out some of those boxes so I have room to put away my irons (Oliso and Panasonic Cordless) and other stuff that just sits around all the time.

                On a different note, if anyone is in the HR business that would be willing to take a look at my resume, I would sincerely appreciate it. Sorry for asking here, but I'm getting desperate.

                Have a great day everyone.

                PS: Run done before 90, before it starts heating up.
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                  Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                  ..... FB_IMG_1465262748382.jpg .
                  FB_IMG_1465575358702.jpg ...

                  ...... Saying....... HELLO !!!

                  Monique, I agree with Barb.......there's nothing that get's my goat, like regreting ,waisting my time or money.

                  Barb, so glad he came early, and fixed your a/c. I would love to see a pic of that basket, it sounds adorable.
                  I was ticketed to see Blondie on yesterday. I pray for her DIL and all of this sweet family. So Blessed... each of you are,..... to have each other,...... you really couldn't have ask for a better destraction. Big hugs.
                  I know this story, ( Ms ) I often have these systems, myself. I have all the symptoms, but still, not a confirmation...... grrrrr. Crazy, as it sounds, I hope they hurry up and call it Ms, before more damage is done. Scares me,especially after .....this last year, being so bad.
                  I pray, for my Dr.(neuro ), to find, see, what ever it IS, he nerds to be able to treat, and stop this, from messing me up any further....... Stress makes it worse. I am calling around today to see what classes is might be available.... just to make myself get out and have face time with others. This forum and all of you have been such a blessing, and inspiring, maybe I can find a small group or even...start one right here on this Mt....I have found , some ladies, are quilters and a few that are interested in learning..... I guests we can watch Jenny and Y T, tutorials, and work on learning and quilt project, together.... lol.

                  Have a grate and beautiful day friends......

                  The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                  ~~~~Sewn By Bee


                    Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                    Good Morning! We had a nice big storm at 4:30 this morning. Lots of too close for comfort lightening and we did get some wind and rain from it. The rain was badly needed.

                    Yesterday on our way back from dh's doctor appointment, we stopped at Winterset, Iowa. We had never been there before. We went through the quilt museum, Ben Franklin store, and while he was at the John Wayne Museum, I went to the quilt store. The quilts on display at the museum were red and white themed. If you are interested in seeing them, please do so before October. In October, they are switching out the quilts to the theme of stars. The Ben Franklin store took me back to my childhood of the store that I grew up with. Also the quilt store is doing the row by row, their row is so cute - it has two dogs in the row.

                    Have a great day everyone


                      Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                      Motivation to go out is minimal. The heat index is just too darn high. It should be cooler today. Instead of 111 it's going to be 90 something. hahaha On the way out the back door to pick a ton of cherry tomatoes before it starts heating up. Have a great day.
                      Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


                        Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                        Good Morning..
                        Sunny and warm day here today after some early morning rain. So inside I will stay. I really need to get back into the sewing groove. Have not done any since before the holidays.

                        I have a couple of cards to finish up before weeks end. One for graduation and one for a new apartment. My niece graduates HS on Thursday and I really don't feel like going and sitting there. I adore my Niece and it's nothing against her. I am happy just being home anymore doing what I want to do or not. Though my family nags and nags me and that really puts me in a bad mood. Why can't they just understand when I tell them that I am happy and content being home.

                        Well I best get to working on those cards. Maybe that will put be in the mood to do some sewing. Everyone have a good day.
                        Barbara :icon_bigsmile:


                          Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                          The temp. on the thermometer today is supposed to be around 100 deg. F. here in Colo. I, too, will be staying inside. Yest. was a nice reprieve. It got up to only 90, & that was later in the afternoon. The a.m. was downright pleasant with clouds & 70's. This a.m. we have hazy skies--probably smoke drifting up from the fires in AZ & NM. Our air quality has not been so good the past few days. There was a pinkish glow to the a.m. sky as the sun was coming up. Stay hydrated, folks, & don't spend too much time out in the sun. Heat stroke is dangerous.


                            Re: Tuesday, a sunny day.

                            Afternoon everyone...I'm very late to the game. Had a staff meeting first thing this morning then had to head off to see my doc. I've been feeling quite ill after I eat, am very lethargic and have zero drive to accomplish anything...and a few other unmentionables with my digestive system. So lucky me, I get to have a colonoscopy. uhg. Not sure when yet but sure won't be looking forward to THAT mess. I wonder who actually thought up such a thing! Anyway...I have done not a single thing around my house which also makes me want to crawl into bed on a regular basis and pull the blankets up. It's such an overwhelming mess right now. sigh.

                            Ahh will get done when it gets done I suppose.

                            Sending love and hugs to all in need. xoxoxo