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Monday and the start of a brand new week

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    Monday and the start of a brand new week

    Monday and it is going to be a scorcher. But I am not complaining. This weekend was also a scorcher. We don't have air conditioner, as both of us don't like it. It is cool right now, so the curtains will be closed to keep the cool in. Les has to take his sister to the dr this morning and then stay with the momma tonight. Bet you can guess what I am making for supper? Hamburger soup. She really seems to like this and easy for her to eat.

    Well, what a fabulous little vacation I had. A wonderful time was spent with Nancy. The quilt show was fabulous. We had just the right about of time to look at everything. We met Laura Ann from Sew Very Easy and Tracy from Maple Leaf Quilting which was a big treat for me. We met LyndaJ from the forum here and one of our newest member buzzy. I bought a lot of fabric license plates from vendors that had them, although one vendor was selling theirs for $10, so we didn't buy theirs. The going price was between $5.99-6.99. All in all it was a great show.

    Then I was off to Phil's. Maizyn was so excited when she got off the bus and I was waiting there for her. On Saturday, she played in her pool ALL afternoon. I don't think she spends that much time outside in one week. She had a blast, and said to me "It's fun when you come over E". That's the highest compliment I could get. We attended a family fun day fundraiser for a kindergarten school. A silent auction took place and I bid on quite a few things. It was for a good cause. Most of the stuff Phil and the girls got. Yesterday I also did 5 loads of laundry for Jodi before I left. I was going to do one here as well when I got home and found that there was water in the washing machine without ever it having been on. STRANGE!! I am keeping an eye on it.

    So today I will put away all my goodies that I came home with.

    Have an awesome day friends. And smile today!!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

    Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Monique, sounds like you had a fabulous few days. The quilt show sounded like it was great fun and then the family time afterwards sounded wonderful. Very weird about your washing machine with the water.

    I spent Saturday with my sister and sons in Brooklyn going through the next to last area of the house that needed to be gone through. Next weekend we will tackle the cellar -- and I do mean a cellar not a basement-- which will be the last part that needs going through. I made a quick trip down there a few weeks ago and looked in one corner and we found the car seat that I used for my kids (my youngest is now 34) and a crib and believe it or not, the potty chair that pre-dates my kids! There is no other area that has large things like that though. The rest has stuff like leftover wood, some old tools etc. This is an area of the house that was actually dug out after the house had been built so that a furnace and water heater could be put down there. After that area is tackled, the organization of what is going where will be finished. We have been trying to mark things as we pack them so that when it's time to move out, things will go smoothly.

    Yesterday dh and I spent a good portion of the day at the beach, came home and showered and then headed out to dinner. I was so beat after we got home from all that and had a headache so I lay down "for a bit". It was about 6:45. Next thing I knew, hubby was asking if I wanted to move from the couch to bed and it was 9:45! I guess I was really tired because I slept all the way to the 50 alarm. I feel rested and ready to tackle the week ahead.

    I love being able to spend time outdoors after work at this time of year so welcome summer. I hope everyone has a great Monday.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

      Morning, quilty friends....

      The weekend was busy, yet relaxing.....

      I took my first home machine quilting class at Mama's Log House Academy on Saturday. What a wonderful decision; after hand quilting since 1992 and researching many tutorials, I decided it was time. It was scheduled through my the quilting guild I belong to since the first of this year.

      You know, for the first time since I moved to the River Valley (Fort Smith area), I felt like I was a part of something. Class started at 9:30 AM, we stopped for a pot luck lunch (21 of us). It reminded me of Sunday dinners at my Grandma Gladys' home when I was young! Class resumed until 30 PM.

      I finished the machine quilting yesterday and I prepped the self binding this morning. I'll post a pic when it's completed; I pieced the quilt top at the end of September 2015. Once it is completed and shown at the guild meeting on the 27th, it will then be enrouted to New York Sue for the Stillborn Bereavement Group. I had not planned on this quilt taking so long to complete...but, as most quilters will agree. It is best to have a finished quilt than a quilt that is not!

      "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


        Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

        Happy Summer everyone!
        It is a beautiful day here today, with high temperatures (and humidity) but there is a nice breeze blowing so my 4 loads of laundry will dry quite nicely (and quickly) on the line this morning.
        Monique, I am happy that you enjoyed your time at Quilt Canada and managed to meet up with some of the Forum members. It sounds like you had a blast! Enjoy your hamburger sounds really good, and I hope your washer isn't sick. They are not easy to relace.
        Ginny B - you were certainly busy over the weekend. No wonder you slept for so long.
        Shermur - glad you had a good time at your quilt class. Its so nice to feel like you belong somewhere.

        Today will be a little crazy around here. I have already done the laundry and hung it to dry, washed the dishes and walked the dog twice (once was just a short one around the yard, the second down the road about 1/4 mile and back). Next I must go and buy some food. We are out of all the basics! Then it is off to the travel agent to pick up all our documents for our trip to Scotland/Ireland next month. Maybe, if I am lucky, there will even be some time to finish another project in the sewing room.

        Hope everyone has a wonderful day doing something fun!
        "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


          Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

          Busy weekend for most but you all seemed to get a lot done.

          Yesterday afternoon DS#1 and #2 treated DH and I for Father's Day dinner at a local restaurant we all like. DIL MJ, DGD Catherine and her DH, DGD Laura, her DH and their 3 little boys were also there to enjoy the meal and honor DH. The 2 older great grand, 5 and 3 yrs, old, enjoyed the salad bar and some pizza while their 1 year old brother had some home made baby food. Adults all enjoyed their dinners also, the portions were so large that most of us took half of our dinners home. I'm going to enjoy my grilled salmon with spinach and black beans for tonight's dinner while DH finishes off his eggplant rollatine and spaghetti - all we need is a fresh green salad.

          DS#3 and kids in MA couldn't make it as DGS Ben has finals this week so they will be here next weekend when school is over.

          Time to get going, need to finish the little quilt for new great grandson #6 who was born last week, going with the brightly colored unisex one as once again the pink quilt wasn't needed.


            Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

            Good morning forum friends,started week and I have to prepare my holiday trip because Saturday will a week in Barcelona to teach my granddaughters that beautiful city and all the wonderful buildings that compose it, although we will also be on the beach because the Mediterranean is very nice to bathe. I see that some of you have been very busy but they have a little fun, this time of year with shunshine and long days is so fun so we must seize and walk and learn new things. I hope all are well and send you greetings


              Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

              Morning all, been not feeling well for a while, figured out its the meds they gave me for issue have with swallowing, finally feeling better. Guess just had to get used to the stupid thing.
              Started on my niece's wedding quilt, as she sprung on us getting married on 10th Aug. Guess it's been known to them they were getting married, have dress where they are getting married cake and invitations ordered, and still haven't announced it as she does not have a ring. Kids!!!!!! Hope everyone can come lol. Good thing her sister and mom and dad told us the first of the month or would have not made a quilt. Then in Sept her brother is getting married. I have an easy quilt for them to make. Oct brings the birth of a great nephew, first my niece has had major hard time getting pregnant. So doing hazel hedgehog for her or since it's a boy and her dad's name is Harry I'm calling it Harry the hedge hog. So need to get moving as I also need to do laundry and clean my sister's house. Hope all have a marvelous day. Cecelia


                Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

                Morning all,
                Had my coffee out on the deck this morning just enjoying the beauty of the day.
                Yesterday was a nice Father's day kids and grandkids were all here. Grilled a late lunch, had a fresh fruit tart for dessert and enjoyed each other's company.
                Looking to get up in the sewing room today it needs a good clean up after so many projects. All colors of scraps and threads on the floor. How come it's so easy to pull fabrics out of our stash and so difficult to put them away!? Seems I have little piles all lined up on the counter and they never get put back as soon as they should.
                Off to get productive, wishing everyone a good day and hugs to those who may be ailing.
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                  Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

                  Good Monday Morning to All ~ I have the laundry going. I think I'll have 4 loads by the time I finish. I'm changing the bed, so will hang the pillows out in the sun to air. Yest. was our hottest day yet: 105 deg.! We've had several 95-100 deg. already in June--temps. that normally don't get so hot till July. Thanks goodness for the evaporative cooler. I talked to a friend last eve. who lives in the Phoenix area. It was 117 there yest.! They had been to church. She said the car was so hot, one almost burned their hands trying to buckle the seat belt. That's too hot!

                  The only sewing I accomplished over the week end was to make some quilt labels on the computer & sew on 3 labels. The latest baby quilt is ready to wash. Baby is due in Aug.

                  I stayed home from church yest. to be with DH. I had been gone much of Sat. to the quilt show. He really minds being left alone. He worries about something happening to me, since I'm his caregiver. He's always more anxious when I go out of town.

                  I'm mostly rested up from 2 days of flower bed weeding last week, so I hope to get more of that done this week. Two-three hrs. at a time is about all I'm good for, esp. on a hot day. Years ago I used to work in the yard 2-3 hrs. in the a.m. & go to work at the hosp. for 8 hrs. on swing shift. Wish I had the energy now that I had then.

                  I just got confirmation that DS#1 is coming for a wk.-end visit in Sept. Something to look forward to. It will give me the motivation to get some much needed housework done.

                  Well, time to check on the laundry & get some breakfast. Hope everyone has a good day.


                    Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

                    All I have to say is, "Who turned on the heat?" Phew! I sure hated to turn on the air conditioning but temps reaching 113 degrees sent me running to the thermostat. More of the same today and it looks like it will be hot for the next couple of weeks. I sure do believe global warming is in play.

                    I need to get upstairs and start quilting a wedding quilt. I'm really not looking forward to it. It's a huge quilt and it was poorly constructed by the maker. I'm hoping I can quilt out some of the wonkiness. The things we do for friends, right? I need to learn to say the words, "Sorry but I'm afraid the answer is no." I'm doing this for free so motivation is even lower. hahaha
                    Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


                      Re: Monday and the start of a brand new week

                      Good luck Rebecca and repeat after me NO NO NO, sorry but NO NO NO!!
                      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!