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No Owls tonight?

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    No Owls tonight?

    I hope all the Owls had a good day today.My DH still has no tv,my DS tried to talk him into going out to buy another but he is still waiting to hear from the warranty company about the one we have.He doesn't talk any more with or without the tv,I can't wait until we get another one.I need to get out tomorrow and buy a Father's Day gift for my Dad.Cathy I hope your company came over and all went well.I wish you lived closer I could really use some of your drive to get my house in order.I'm going to rest in my nest.

    Re: No Owls tonight?

    Hoot buddy has a leak in his coolant system somewhere....we put in antifreeze and he said it was leaking out by the time he drove to get gas. It didn't leak into my driveway, so I hope it is not a big leak and an expensive repair. We should have taken that car to a mechanic before we bought it but he wanted it so dang bad. He's got the mind of a 4th grade kid and I shouldn't have let him buy it but it solved so many problems by just getting it. Sigh. Hopefully it's just a crack in the hose or tank and not the radiator itself.

    I was short on sleep anyway so went to bed early.

    I think we have a wren in the back yard. One was sure singing from our deck railing yesterday, anyway. It flew back and forth from our deck to our neighbor's.

    Good luck without a tv over the weekend, Joan. Maybe a neighbor can loan you one not being used? There are a lot of old tvs around, the kind with the big tubes...not flatscreen.


      Re: No Owls tonight?

      Thanks Joan!
      Our neighbors and friends did make it over. Much food was eaten, kids had fun playing, good conversation was had. It was good.

      I still have some sorting out to do in my clothes. (Where did I get all of those t-shirts?) I think I will take a break for a few days and get a tote bag sewn up. One of the specialists at school is getting married and moving to Wisconsin. She has been a lot of help to Em over the years, so she deserves something special.
      Sis is coming over at 11ish, if she feels up to it. She did a 5K walk yesterday and as of her last post it was 4:30 and she was still awake. We may not see her after all.
      Off to go see what I can get into today!
      Hugs, Cathy
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      because those who mind don't matter,
      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss