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Friday Night Owlin'

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    Friday Night Owlin'

    It has been a very busy week of cleaning, tossing, and even more cleaning. Some of it was clandestine purging, but I seriously doubt that either one of them will miss what is gone. I have a whole sack of CD jewel cases to trash, and even more to empty into the binder pages. I think I'll find a different kind though, these open from the side and the CDs want to slide out of the edge spots. Not a good design there folks.
    We have about 20 folks coming over for supper tomorrow afternoon. Pretty much just neighbors, but with the whacky weather they could all end up in the house!
    Still no sewing, but some tidying of the sewing room was done last night. I'll take another swipe in there in a few minutes. After all of the work in the rest of the house I have to at least make some attempt in there! I really need people to quit giving me fabric. Not that I am not greatful, but I have run out of room to store it. Apparently I don't have the time to get it all done up into fabulous quilts or other equally glorious projects.
    Tomorrow morning I'll pitch out the barn, as I'm sure there will be guests in there sometime tomorrow. If I start at about 6 in the AM I'll have the best shot to avoid the rain until after 4 PM tomorrow. So not too much more time in the sewing room tonight!

    I hope you all had a great day and you will get to do some fun stuff this weekend.
    Hugs, Cathy
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    Re: Friday Night Owlin'

    There is a big band of thunderstorms heading in. I ran outside to secure my succulents and found that some critter has been digging in one pot and knocked out a lot of dirt and some cuttings. I got them all repotted and they'll get rained on soon.

    Woo! Warriors won tonight! They lost badly last time. Next game is Monday night.

    My buddy got his used car all registered. I took him out for breakfast to celebrate (he drove us with his new wheels). I went home, but he was out on errands all day. Welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood! lol I'm so relieved to not have to drive him's been three years! I don't know how you moms do it! It's a drag...

    No sewing yet today. I may get to it now.

    Happy weekend hooting to all! @,@


      Re: Friday Night Owlin'

      I got to have lunch with my best friend!! She is the one who lives in Majuro, Marshall Islands. We met in first grade, many many moons ago, and have been the best of friends since! They were supposed to move home this summer (have been gone five years and that was their agreement with each other). Well, her husband got offered a year long contract to be the police chief and trainer of officers over there, so she told him she would stay if she could come home to visit this summer. He thought that meant two weeks, maybe!!!! She is here for two months! Apparently he was not very happy. They both will be here at Christmas time.

      I know she is real homesick and her kids started having grandchildren since the moved over there. The oldest is three and the youngest is three months, four kids total (two families) and she is missing too much. I think if he tries to convince her to stay after this year, there may be a mutiny!

      Our oldest grandgirl, Ryan, drove here with her stepmother tonight. When I say drove, that is exactly what she did!!! And on the interstate to boot! She is just 15 years old, but about to start drivers ed....can't believe it!

      Poor MM. When we redid the half bath a couple months ago, something was not done right, and the toilet has been leaking. He has it all torn up now and will finish tomorrow. Let us hope that neither of us get up in the middle of the night and head to the wrong potty room!

      I have to say, all morning there was some kind of bird in our cedar tree. WhoWho....Whoot! WhoWho....Whoot! I mentioned it on facebook because I thought it might be an owl, but most of the people there thought it was probably a mourning dove. The hummingbirds are showing up more frequently that thrills me to death....we have a pair, so hopefully I'll be seeing babies before too long.

      There is heavy duty snoring going on that's making me tired so off I go!

      No rainbows!


      If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


        Re: Friday Night Owlin'

        As always - I read what you ladies are doing and feel disappointed; I definitely am not as productive as you are. I spent most of the day deciding on a hotel room. This is the same project I started a couple of days ago. Well, I finally found the deal I was looking for and booked it. Beside that I only got my laundry sorted and ready for washing.

        One more room to book - hope that won't take up as much time. Y'all have a fun weekend!


          Re: Friday Night Owlin'

          Today I leave for Tahoe to visit my BFF. Can't wait to see her. Hoping everyone has a great weekend!
          Spring, TX


            Re: Friday Night Owlin'

            Today hubby and I are going to a nursery to get shade loving plants for my backyard. After visiting friends who have a gorgeous backyard I've gotten inspired to do something with mine. Anything will be an improvement!

            I'll be working on my Jack and Jill quilt today. The fabric is Extravaganza and it sure is cute. I'm already looking for backing fabric for it. I love 108" fabric but there just isn't enough variety in my opinion.

            We're going to be hot, mid 90's, today. It'll be a good day to stay inside and sew!
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