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It's Friday at last

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    It's Friday at last

    No work today for me, bonus. I was so tired I never heard hubby come home last night. Not much happening around here. Today I drive Miss Dougie to get his license. We will go out for breakfast first. Then I need to stop at Walmart for a few things.

    Tomorrow is the Quilt Show in Renfrew. Our own Denis will be there. Can't wait to see what he has. I will meet up with my friend Lynda as well.

    Oh I almost forgot, my neighbour is having her graduation party tonight. She is in her 40's and just got her high school diploma. A great accomplishment for her. I need to make a nacho dip.

    Aside from that not much happening in the sewing room either. Seems like there are numerous ones of us in a sewing slump.

    Have an awesome day friends and a wonderful weekend.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Friday at last

    Morning Monique and Everyone,

    It's Friday again and another new tutorial from our Jenny. I love everything made with tumblers and her choice of fabric is stunning.

    It's going to be hot today but we are supposed to get rain every day next week, which means more millipedes.

    I didn't get any sewing done yesterday because I had so many business matters to deal with. I think those are all resolved for a while and I can get down to the joy of sewing. This week has flown by.

    My DGD Bree is coming along pretty well with her recovery.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday!

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Friday at last

      Good morning
      Monique - congrats to your friend; what a great accomplishment!

      I finished taking the wallpaper border off of the wall, my hubby was patching up some minor dings and holes, and we should be good to go to paint the room this weekend

      I found a little acorn in my raised bed this morning - it seems that the squirrels thought it was a good place for storage. I thought it was just a weed until I pulled it out!! It had started to sprout! I think I'll put it in a pot and see what happens (if I haven't already damaged the roots...) - just for fun. (I was the kid that always had weird concoctions going on 'just to see what happens'...
      Have a great day all.


        Re: It's Friday at last

        Morning everyone!
        I was a little late checking in this morning. I decided that since the sun was shining and the wind was blowing that I would do an early morning laundry load and hang it out on the line. It is still a little cool, but at least the sun is out!

        This seems to be my week for being the social butterfly! Yesterday I met my bowling team for lunch and we had a lovely visit and plan to do it again in August when we are all back from our vacations. Today, I will meet by friend and former workmate for breakfast and a wander through the shops of beautiful Merrickville, then on Sunday, I will meet another friend for breakfast and some shopping for Scotland trip...still need something to wear to the wedding. Hope I get to have some sewing time, but my flower beds need weeding and the house needs a good cleaning, so that will be the "things to do" when I return home around noon.

        Monique - have a good at the quilt show. Still sorry we didn't meet up at the Ottawa show, but there is always next year! Congratulations to your friend on her graduation. That takes a lot of commitment!
        Barb - glad Bree seems to be on the road to recovery. And, I agree that the latest tutorial is great!
        Songbird - that acorn just might grow. Good luck
        Quiltingtrish - have fun with the painting. Sorry to hear about the organist. Your quilts will wait for another day while you go and honour her memory.

        Have a wonderful day and try to do something fun.

        "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


          Re: It's Friday at last

          Good morning everyone, glorious morning here, it is warming up a tat....been quite cold lately....I just ordered the new tutorial fabric and the daily deal is terrific too....I love my new hobby....may you all have a blessed day.
          Sew sew sew.
          So? So? So?


            Re: It's Friday at last

            Morning all. Absolutely gorgeous weather here ...well for me it is...sun is shining and it's cool! Perfect for this chick who is hot all the time. Today, work, then I MUST clean my house. Not my fav. way to spend a friday night but will be nice to wake up on Sat. to it being clean. Fingers crossed I can actually accomplish this! HA! I do have to get my nails done so will likely do that on my way home. Hopefully will still feel like cleaning afterwards!

            Barb, glad to hear your DGD is mending quickly. Sending love and hugs to all in need! xoxo


              Re: It's Friday at last

              Good Morning All,

              I'm back from vacation, done babysitting for 4 and 1 year old nephews, house is clean, office work done, and only one of 4 lawns left to mow. After a month of no sewing I think I will get to turn on my machine this afternoon! I bought a new sewing machine in April and have yet to use it. Still trying to figure out which kit it my arsenal I should start with. I see lots of sewing in my weekend plans!

              I sure was glad to wake up this morning. I was dreaming I was pregnant and in labor!

              It sure feels good to get back on the forum to see how my friends are doing.

              Barb, your granddaughter's accident gives me chills. We did so much hiking in Yellowstone and the Utah National Parks on our trip, I'm so thankful we weren't injured. Glad to hear she is doing better.


                Re: It's Friday at last

                Friday Snoopy.jpg
                We are enjoying the lovely weather also. It's so refreshing to have the windows open all day and most times overnight. Have to remind DH to open the upstairs windows while he's up there as the spare bedrooms could use a blast of fresh air.

                Nothing big planned for the weekend, maybe we'll get back yard deck set up for summer. End of last summer a bad storm came along and damaged the frame work of the deck canopy. A few weeks ago DH contacted the manufacturer and they replaced the broken poles for free. Now we just need our sons help to get the poles and canopy up and we'll be set. It's a nice shady place to sit and we like to have our dinner out there during the nice summer evenings, we also get a show from the birds at the feeders and a rabbit or squirrel that passes by.


                  Re: It's Friday at last

                  The house is mostly back together from my cleaning/decluttering rant.
                  There is still more to go, but since we've got people coming over tomorrow afternoon, I should probably stop for a bit. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off in there, but I made a small dent last night before I was too tired to decide what to do with stuff in my hand.
                  I'll put Em's room back together this morning once she heads out to school. We put in a new bookshelf and just tossed stuff in it last night so she could find her bed. Time for a bit of tidying in there too.
                  I'm working in the school library for the librarian today. She has some mandatory training to go to, and this is the last day of the book fair. She was not happy, but she likes her job, so what are you going to do? I will be selling books for the last few hours of the school day. Thankfully someone else has the morning shift!
                  Let's get out there and make it a great day!
                  Hugs, Cathy
                  Be who you are and say what you feel
                  because those who mind don't matter,
                  and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss