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    Used Car Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! My buddy bought a used car today so as soon as we get it registered on his day off, Friday, I will not have to drive him around myself! Whew!

    No sewing at all today. I did get that zipper placed right so I will need to machine top stitch that. It's just hand basted in at the moment.

    What's news with you?

    Re: Used Car Night Owl

    Looks like we have 2 night owl threads tonight!

    Nothing much with me. Just a chat with the neighbors and scheduling medical appointments for myself & DH. Other than that a pretty non-productive day ....


      Re: Used Car Night Owl

      We went to MMs cousins funeral today. The service was very nice. When MMs mom died, his one sister spread several rumors and lies about him to other cousins and we have basically been disowned. One of his other cousins who we had always been close to never spoke to us again and died last year and we did not know anything about it and were unable to attend the get together. Her husband was there today and we were able to talk to him, and that was real nice.

      Both of MMs sisters were there (he is the oldest, the liar is the middle, and does not speak to MM or the youngest sister). Anyway, the liar sat with an elderly aunt, who probably did not even know her because she has Alzheimer's. That sister did not talk to either MM or his sister or me!!! All the other relatives there were thrilled to see us and spoke to us and basically ignored her. As we were getting ready to leave, we went to speak to his youngest sister and the elderly aunt was standing there with her son. This aunt knows exactly who I am and that I sew and asked me all about that. She recently moved in with her daughters family and they bought her a longarm and I've been invited to come over and use it anytime I want!!! Anyway, all of a sudden the aunt turns to MMs sister and then to me and back again and asks the sister if she knows who I am, I think she was going to introduce us. Funny thing was the aunt had no idea who the youngest sister was until we told her she was my sister in law, then she remembered. I was just tickled she knew who I was!

      The excitement of being out and about did my shoulder in and I've been a bum the rest of the day. Hopefully I will be able to see my best friend before too long as she is here from the Marshall Islands for the summer. Her kids live too far away from me to allow me to drive to see her right now, but I think we will be having lunch on Friday!

      Oh, my youngest grandgirl hurt herself at school yesterday and I had to go get her and take her to the ER....they thought she had broken her ankle, but it was only badly sprained. Well, I told them yesterday that I could not get her to my car and either one of the staff would have to carry her out or call an ambulance. Turns out they have an elevator and wheelchair, so she got to ride in both! Somehow, I got the short straw and had to set an alarm to get up to take her to school this morning, as her mom was already at work. This was not thought thru very well because when we got out to my car (she is on crutches) it took some finagling for her to lift herself up into my SUV....aye yi yi!!! MM will be driving her tomorrow, then her mom is off Friday to do it. They both have two good arms so will be able to lift her up.

      So I mentioned the alarm. They need to be outlawed. I was worrying I would not hear it and took forever to fall asleep and I think I woke up every hour and stayed awake for good at 0600, so once I picked her up and came back home, I took a 0900!!! Set another alarm (!!!) so I could get up and dye my hair so the silver didn't blind people at the service. Went back to my violet and all is well with my world again....well, from the neck up!

      No rainbows!


      If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


        Re: Used Car Night Owl

        Oh yeah, while I was at the sewing group on Monday I brought home some fabric.

        One of the gals passed away last winter and they are clearing out her stash. I tried to control myself. I picked up some squares that can be slightly unsewn and will create the proper size for the Circle of Comfort quilts. Then I splurged and took some pink star flannel and some dark olive/forest green Fairy Frosts.
        Of all of the fabric that was there I think I did well, and hopefully what I did grab will be back out before too long!
        Now I really must get to bed. The next few days will be busy ones!
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: Used Car Night Owl

          Good morning!

          Nothing exciting happening here, just work and falling asleep early. Today is hopefully the last work day for the week. I have 4 bags to do and it would be best if I managed to get them all sewn until Monday. One is cut out, another one almost, for the last two I have at least picked the fabrics.
          Hubby came home with an awful flu from his work trip to Shanghai last Monday. The doctor told him to stay home the whole week. He's feeling really bad. I hope it gets better soon! And that he keeps it to himself!


            Re: Used Car Night Owl

            Just a quick Hoot to the other Night Owls, need to get back to bed as we're expecting a plumbing inspector between 8am & noon, He was scheduled to come 2 weeks ago but went to the wrong house. I'm thinking he may try to make up for his error by coming first thing in the morning and I don't function so well at 8am.

            Pat, Glad to hear you've reconnected with some of your extended family.