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where are the night owls?

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    where are the night owls?

    To everyone who has been saying how cold their weather has been, please send it my way. It was 93 f today and now at 12:30 it is 74 which is to hot for me to sleep. My husband doesn't like to run the a/c unless I really gripe.
    We went out to dinner tonight with some new friends and the men didn't give us girls a chance to get a word in edgewise. But we had a good time anyway and agreed to meet again in a couple weeks. We don't very often go out with people so it was a nice change.
    My youngest daughter called yesterday to tell me she has food poisoning and her boyfriend says her eye sockets look like Achmed the dead terrorist's. She is severely dehydrated and can't keep anything on her stomach. So maybe the reason I couldn't get a hold of her today was she went to the ER for some fluids. Hopefully she will call tomorrow.
    My 10 yr old gd's 4H chicken came up missing yesterday. They think a hawk must of got her. That's a hard lesson to learn at any age. The chicken's name was Duck cuz it liked water.
    How's your night going?

    Re: where are the night owls?

    Aw, sad about the chicken. My grandmother tried to raise some special poultry and a weasel cut their throats in the night. She never tried that again!

    Hope you daughter feel better soon.


      Re: where are the night owls?

      Oh my! Hope your daughter gets over this quickly and the trip to the ER helps. And my sympathy to your GD ... that has to be devastating ... especially at her age.

      Glad you got together with friends. I finally got to take a thank-you gift to my neighbors this afternoon. Seems like every time we leave it's garbage day and they kindly move the can from the street back to our side porch. Great neighbors to have - they're our age - so we can spend hours talking about our aches and pains.

      Trying to get all the medical appointments Steve & I need scheduled before we leave to head to Chicago at the end of the month. We always try to be up there for the 4th of July. Going from the south to the north usually means cooler weather ... but looks like it will be hot there too.

      Hope y'all get the type of weather you want ...


        Re: where are the night owls?

        Whew! I have all of the "fund raising" stuff done for the school PTA. I get my dining table back tomorrow when I return all of the supplies.
        We will have close to $800 coming in from the Box Tops and the Food Market receipts programs. I banked about 8000 points in the Labels for Education program too. Even if you don't have school aged (1st -8th) kids, I encourage you to clip those things and turn them in to your local school. It may not seem like a lot, but those Box Tops equal a dime each and that adds up quickly. Just be mindful that the BoxTops expire and the date must be on the emblem for it to be good. The Campbell's soup labels (Pepridge Farms, Goldfish, etc.) have to have the UPC barcode with them or they aren't any good. (Most of the barcode has to be there, they get the glue on the can sometimes eats the ends.)
        In other news, I have things set to be able to move some more furniture around tomorrow! Not as big as the last 4 bookcases, but still progress towards the end goal! The rocking chair will move to my room with and end table. The big purple bean bag will go to Ems room, maybe with another end table. I have to see what's left in the shop. Then the small book case into Em's room to replace a plastic rolling cart and an electronic piano. We'll see how that goes.
        Somewhere in there I have 5 or 6 goat kids to disbud for other people, and I need to clean the barn.
        What in the heck am I still doing up?
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: where are the night owls?

          This " night owl" was up 'till neatly 2am, watching the entire first season of BETWEEN, on my iPad...on Netflix... I'm way behund this morning.... I hate it when I binge on a show... It's just like not being able to stop reading a really good book....

          Sandy from Cincinnati

          AKA Kermit