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Welcome and An Invitation to New Members

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    Welcome and An Invitation to New Members

    Welcome to all New Members
    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this forum...You couldn't have chosen a better group to help you to learn, to perfect what you already have learned, and get and give helpful hints and support...
    I also invite and encourage you to participate in any of the groups that may interest you...they are so rewarding and a lot of fun...
    One of the groups that is dear to my heart is the PICU Quilts in Honor of Gabe...our auntiemern (Marilyn) started this group in honor of her grandson Gabe...she collects quilts from preemie size to teen size for Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis, MO....also, pillowcases, too...she has delivered hundreds the past few years...the last delivery was the lowest amount, 36 quilts and 100 pillowcases...
    Any contributions are appreciated...for myself, I am honored to be able to help...
    I, for one, know it is sometimes not possible to help for many reasons...Marilyn's health is not always the best, but she is the first to offer to help when someone posts they need help...
    Please do not feel obligated and enjoy this is a great bunch of gals and guys...thanks for taking the time to read the post...Carol

    Sewing Mends The Soul ~ Author Unknown

    Re: Welcome and An Invitation to New Members

    I just want to thank Carol for putting this out there. It is a project that is very near and dear to my heart. Many of you know the reason behind this project...but many new members do not. Without going in to graphic detail, my grandson Gabe was brutally beaten by his 'sperm donor' when he was 6 wks old. He suffered extensive head trauma and many other injuries. He has had to endure 4 major head surgeries as a result of the injuries, and has had a VP shunt system since he was 8 mo old. By the grace of God and the amazing staff in the PICU at CGCH, I still have my grandson. He is almost 7 yrs old now..he has some minor residual learning issues as a result of the traumatic brain injury..but he is so smart and the most loving, caring little guy I have ever known. It would be my honor to have you join my group and take your quilt(s) to give to other small children that are going through their won life battles. Thanks for listening. Hugs and blessings to all.
    The one pic is of me and my 3 grands at our recent trip to Disney World, then one of Gabe when he got his first 2 teeth, and finally at his very first T-Ball practice.
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    Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



      Re: Welcome and An Invitation to New Members

      Why I ♡ M*....Thank you both, Carol and Marilyn.

      Through my tears, I have to let you know, this is why I love this forum, for the privilege of being welcomed into this community with compassion and encouragment, that helped me, through the past couple of years.
      Thank you for sharing, your picture's, Marilyn, The gran's are precious, and Gabe is very handsome, and what a trooper.

      Thank you for sharing, the gifts of love, that touches, those in need.
      Please, hear me when I tell you, the feeling a person receives, from these gifts, is truly comforting, in ways,impossible to put in know, some, was thinking, of you and cared about you , is enguraging, in any difficult situation. My mom,was given a quilt, during her adorable , so special, for her... then, and
      The gifts that keep on giving....By...♡... BEAUTIFUL HEARTS.

      Thank you for helping me ,to learn, and for helping me, filling a whole,in my broken heart, after the loss of my Mom and her companion in less than one year. My life was turned inside out. The loss of the people whom I was closes to.
      The gift, touched me and inspired me to pay it forward.
      I begin making bear to comfort and show concern for families, going through what I had seen first hand. Seeing the Nursing home / Rehab residents, light up, from a simple gift,or visit..... made me realize the impact and joy it brought to these sweet people, and family members, like me, feeling thought about by someone....Touching me to the core.

      Thanks ladies, for stoking my fire.I needed that.
      I haven't felt so well, a rough year, for me.I know how much better I felt while I was doing for others, and I love knowing, it will put a smile on someone's face and warm someone's heart.
      I hope this will encourage, inspire, or comfort anyone to know.... you make a difference.
      Thanks for reading this.

      The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

      ~~~~Sewn By Bee