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It's Finally Friday!

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    It's Finally Friday!

    Happy Friday all. I haven't had much time to pop in here this week. I hope everyone had a good week. Mine has been very busy at work. Working on spreadsheets all week so when I got home, I didn't really want to be in front of a computer screen much. I did work on some things in the sewing room and that made me happy. I finished up the last of the spreadsheets yesterday afternoon and then we will just be tweeking them to exactly how we want them.

    There have been a number of people coming down with bad colds at work including two of my bosses. I've had a clogged ear and feeling stuffy the last few days and I hope I am not going to get what they have. Lots of hand washing going on.

    Have a fabulous Friday everyone.
    Ginny B

    Re: It's Finally Friday!

    Morning Everyone,

    Ginny I hope you don't catch the cold going around. Office germs are the pits.

    I've had a very busy week. Twice I had to appear in court for landlord issues and the trip to the courthouse in the county were are apartments is a 5 hour round trip. I've been on I-44 all week. Also had to make 3 trips to Cuba and we will be working there all day tomorrow.

    I love the new tutorial for the Ohio Star. As much as I love star quilt I think I should have made this pattern before, but I haven't. Jenny makes it look so easy. Lots of squaring up but I don't mind.

    We are going to the fish fry at the Catholic church for dinner today. They really have a good meal but only twice a year.

    I have my MILs quilt ready to go to Reggie for quilting. I may scallop the border...maybe not. I will be very happy to get this into her hands.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday and weekend. Hugs all around.....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Finally Friday!

      I love Fridays, too...

      My week went by so fast.... Where did the time go?

      My DD's oldest wil be seventeen on the 11ty... He's having done friends for an overnight Saturday night... So... Today I'll be baking his fav chocolate chip cookies, and a big pan of Kridpy Treats... There will be a family party next weekend...

      I've challenged myself to make at least one Project Linus quilt a month this year... Three are done, and I will be working in another today.,.. I'll post pics later.... The patterns are simple, but I love seeing them come together... Lots of brights,,,,

      A friend lost her 42 yo son last week... Unexpectedly.... His funeral is tomorrow.... ISteven was the youngest if their six children... It's so sad....

      Wishing everyone a great weekend....

      Sandy from Cincinnati

      AKA Kermit


        Re: It's Finally Friday!

        At daylight a light snow was coming down but it has been getting much heavier. Streets and pavements are getting covered. If it gets much heavier I may cancel my noon time PT session.

        Plenty to keep me busy if I do cancel. Calls to my brother (having back surgery next week), to a niece (had a gastric bypass last week) and to a restaurant for a gift certificate for my sister Patti's Bday. Nest week my baby sister is turning 65! I was a junior in high school when she was born and had to take the week off take care of the family while mother was in the hospital. She was the 6th born in our family so parents were running out of names, Patrick or Patricia were chosen as her due date was the 17th, St. Patrick's Day.

        Looks pretty outside with everything covered with snow but we're all pretty tired of Winter. Keep well Ginny and Bubby a fish fry for tonight's dinner sounds really nice especially when someone else fries it.
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          Re: It's Finally Friday!


          Good morning. TGIF.....I am working on the wake up and move part this morning... lol.....After the cold wet mess that moved in and put a real damper on the spring like weather we accessionally get a taste of. It is supposed to start warming up by the afternoon and for the whole weekend I think. 😉That will be so nice. I'm tired of the cold. IT seems to hurt worse every year.

          I can get out and about better too, when it's nice out. That always makes me feel better. Got to get my hair done, I can't believe how fast it grows now that I wear it short. If I wanted it to grow, it would stop...I haven't figured out how many weeks I need to trim it into shape before it gets funky looking. I'll get it one day I guess.

          We had bad colds going here too. I hope it's bout ran it's course, I sure don't want it again. I wash, wipe and spray, trying to defend myself from them germ critters......

          Hope you all have a grate weekend. I hope to see my girl some this weekend, gosh this is hard....I miss her so much.😓.... can't get use to all the changes, We are just a close family, Michael and I have always made the kids the center of our world. So this empty nest thing is for the birds..... 😩😢😔 We are on a emotional roller coaster. I know it will be fine and all it's just adjusting to all the sudden changes. Seeing her and spending a little girl time together will be grate. ☺😊☺


          The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

          ~~~~Sewn By Bee


            Re: It's Finally Friday!

            A cloudy Friday morning here. Laundry is going. No appts. today. Need to do some housework. Tomorrow I take the taxes to our accountant. He & his wife have been doing our taxes for 38 yrs. Now he has cancer & took only limited clients this year. I suppose this will be his last year to do them.

            This week I've been working on one of my UFOs -- a baby quilt made with the woven block pattern, which I made 3 yrs. ago. I have it 2/3 FMQ'd. I'm using a loose, echoed leaf pattern, so it's going fairly quickly. Another of Angela Walters' quilting patterns.

            Also tomorrow is the annual quilt show/sale by Interfaith Quilters. They donate proceeds to the OUR Center & the women's safe shelter. I don't buy, but I love to look & take pics of others' beautiful work. I get ideas for quilts or FMQ patterns.

            I hope everyone has a good week end.

            Yest. I took DH went to the dentist for a broken tooth. He was dreading it & imagining worst case scenarios (crown or extraction). The dentist was able to repair it with a composite filling. He's a happy camper.


              Re: It's Finally Friday!

              Morning all,
              Not too much new going on in my world. Woke up to a dusting of snow this morning which looks like it's mixed with rain now. Don't have any errands to run today so I can admire the white stuff from inside!

              Will work on my Prarie Flower quilt later it's coming along nicely. I have 12 of the 20 blocks done. It will feel good to get the tops completed then I'll send them out to be quilted. They are for 2 of the grandkids for Christmas. I plan on not being a last minute person this coming holiday season. That's my story and I hope I stick with it!

              Ginny, hope you can steer clear of the work illness's going round.
              Barb, fish fry yum! Eat some for me!
              Sandy, great project for a great cause!

              Have a great day everyone!
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                Re: It's Finally Friday!

                Friday night here, the kids are in bed, hubby conked out sometime after he tucked the 4 year old in and before he came downstairs to usher up the 7 year old! So, here I sit in an entirely quiet house, about to turn on some Gilmore Girls and cut some fabric for a table runner... I even ate some chips and sprite while I surfed the forum. What an exciting life I lead!

                Well, tomorrow is Saturday but we have a full day of school, because the work day was shifted from Monday to Saturday, so that Sun-Mon-Tues- can be a 3 day weekend. Tuesday is the 8th of March, which is celebrated here for Women's Day, and its a BIG deal. I'm taking my Zyrtec before I go to work tomorrow, the flowers will knock me out if I don't. I'm not excited about school tomorrow, but I AM excited for the 3 day weekend ahead ;-)


                  Re: It's Finally Friday!

                  Ginny, take care of yourself and try to stop that cold before it starts. I got one and figured it would go away, but it didn't, and then spent 5 weeks with bronchitis and a sinus infection. The colds are really hitting bad this year. Hugs