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Friday - Let the weekend begin

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    Friday - Let the weekend begin

    Hello Folksies and Happy Friday to each one,

    Not much to yak about from me today; but I do expect a decent day from the weather and bright skies to go along with the lovely folks I will be seeing today.

    After reading this morning, I have to agree with you. I make quilts and give them away. In all my years of quilting I have not made one just for me. The kids all have a few, hubs has one he won't share (yes, he will), etc. The biggest problem will be to pick one out for me. I think I hear Pinterest calling my name - any excuse to drool, right?

    So, any big plans for the weekend? I am sure that at some point I will be seeing my DD and her hubs. He arrived home last night for a few weeks. Tyler will be besides himself to have his Poppa home again. Poor little fella. He doesn't know where he went to and when they skyped I thought he (Tyler) was gonna eat the phone. I have never ever seen such a look of adoration as on that child's face. So, I can only imagine last night when he got to see and actually touch him. I think we all feel that way about my SIL. I think everyone knows someone that they can just feel good around. Stevie doesn't have to say or do anything, he just makes all of us feel good.

    Enjoy the weekend, keep your fingers busy, think good thoughts and smile!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
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    Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

    Morning Blondie,

    Just a quick pop-in on my way to the kitchen to make coffee for Jeff.

    The new tutorial is really nice and so is the Daily Deal. I couldn't resist the DD for the Stacks quilt I want to make. I think it will be my Summer quilt. I make something bright and cheerful every year for Summer and then usually gift it to someone special. Ive been giving in to more DD's than I should lately.

    It's going to be a NASCAR weekend for us. I want to make some queso dip and shredded beef tacos for snacking. I see a trip to the grocery store in my schedule today.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday!

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

      Good morning all.

      A VERY quiet day yesterday. I spent the whole morning trying to draw a hexagon template to use on my next quilt. YUP took me all morning.

      Last day of work and I could not be any more pleased. I may have a friend come today with her quilt that she is having trouble with. We will try and figure what to do about it.

      We are expecting more snow today and then possibly rain. Enough with the snow already, PLEASE!!

      Have a great weekend friends.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

        Good Friday Morning! Why is it most of us quilters feel like this? We do for everyone but us? Isn't that also what a mother does?

        Will be packing to go to son's house all next week while his wife is away on a business trip. A whole week with my grandson also. PLUS: I can finally BRAG - I am going to be a grandma again! This one will be a girl. Am I excited? What do you think. Yes, my son, who just had his back fused. DIL about 12 weeks. Docs say he is doing good, healing great. They said he is doing better than some people who only have a single fusion. Praise GOD!!

        Here's to a great Friday.


          Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

          Good morning all.

          Blondie - how refreshing to hear such glowing remarks about your SIL - he's a lucky guy to have you for a MIL.

          Barb - your NASCAR menu has my mouth watering.....enjoy the race.

          Monique - how lucky you are to have a friend to sew with......I have lots of friends - but none that I can sew with. Mine seem to be all dance buddies...and that aint bad either.

          Gonna be a busy social weekend for us. Our condo is having a get together on Saturday, drinks, games and great fellowship. On Sunday afternoon we are off to a 40th Anniversary Party for a couple of our dear dance buddies. So it looks like the WW plan is gonna be difficult to navigate this weekend......oh my.

          Visiting my dear niece sometime this weekend also. She is doing well since her breast cancer surgery last Friday, but she is still in quite a bit of pain. We won't get the pathology report for another week, so still don't know about chemo. We're all trying our best to keep positive thoughts though and of course we're praying like there's no tomorrow!!!

          Have a great day everyone


            Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

            Good morning! I will be off, in about an hour, to visit my daughter and family for the weekend. The trip was originally scheduled to start yesterday, but had to be delayed. I talked to Izzy last night, and she is so EXCITED about my coming up because we are going to make a pillow to match her WIP cat and snails quilt. I also hope we will chose the fabrics for the snails part of the quilt. I have some WIP placemats that I want DD to choose from, and we should select the pictures she wants printed for her wedding guest quilt. She has a sewing machine - which she doesn't use (!), so I don't have to worry about taking one up there. I don't think anything beats visiting loved family members and quilting at the same time!
            If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar


              Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

              Good morning all and Happy Friday. The sun is out here this morning but it's still a bit on the cold side. I just ran out to put some more food in the bird feeder and felt quite the chill. Of course, it probably didn't help that I am still in my pj's and just popped a sweatshirt on and not a proper coat. I am still in my pj's because I am staying home today. I was absolutely done in after the event at work on Tuesday and I don't seem to bounce back like I used to, so I'm going to stay home and rest (which will involve some sewing I am sure) and get some energy back. I have a wake and funeral to attend this weekend and I need to be there to support my cousin. His partner died suddenly earlier this week. I say he died suddenly but he had been sick for a few years and had a stem cell transplant about a year ago. He seemed to be doing well when he suddenly became ill last weekend and by Monday night he was gone.

              Other than that, no definite plans for the weekend. Although I would like to start researching embroidery/sewing machines. (like I really need another machine!). My bff is encouraging me to consider getting one. She feels that I would love it. We'll see.

              Time for another cup of tea and maybe watch a couple of tutorials. I really like Jenny's tutorial today and last weeks' too. I have been thinking about making myself a lap quilt. Just haven't decided what pattern I would like. There are so many I really like.

              Sounds like everyone has some fun plans for the weekend so enjoy.
              Ginny B



                Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

                Blondie, Guess what I was doing a few minutes ago? Surfing Pinterest for ideas for a quilt for our bed! Been quilting nay onto 16 years, made family and friends at least one quilt each, couches and other bedrooms have quilts but not ours so now is the time to remedy that problem. Quilt will be scrappy in blues, browns and creams, maybe cranberry accents, so while I'm de-stashing I have been setting those colors aside. No pattern yet, Log cabin, Irish Chain, Carpenter's Wheel? I'll know the right one when i see it. One thing I did find while surfing were patterns for shark and mermaid fleece blankets for kids and adults - never saw them before. It's so easy to get distracted on Pinterest.

                No plans for the weekend except going out for dinner before we get hit with more bad weather next week and get snow/ice bound again. Had planned to invite BFF and her DH to join us but forgot that they would be visiting their DD in PA for the weekend, we'll get together next week.

                Back to surfing as I finish my 2nd cup of coffee..good morning.jpg
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                  Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

                  Good morning! I've been straightening the sewing room and putting scraps and left over fabric away. The floor is still covered with thread, but that's okay for now. DH and I will be meeting DS and his girlfriend for lunch Sunday to have an early celebration of DS's Feb 27th birthday. I figure he'll want to spend his birthday with his girlfriend and buddies, so we'll have him all to ourselves on Sunday.

                  I've got to go to the bank and grocery today. I think I'll go to the fabric shop too! Happy Friday!
                  *~* Myrna *~*
                  *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                    Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

                    The house smells like baking bread this a.m. Yum! I make 2 loaves of spelt bread for DH as needed. I'm not getting much sewing done lately--too much else going on. As in 2 memorial services for friends who died, also dental work. I have the Ribbon Starr table runner binding sewn on one side & still need to turn it over & sew the back. I'll have to do this one by hand. Had problems with the batting & fabric thickness with my DSM--got the exclamation mark msg. 2 or 3 times which indicated the motor was overloaded. I will NEVER, ever use cheap batting again! I threw out the rest of it. I thought I could by with it for just a table runner, but...I've learned my lesson. Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding reception--a more happy occasion. If all goes well, I'm also going to be a great grandma again in Oct.

                    I hope everyone has a good week end.


                      Re: Friday - Let the weekend begin

                      Up to my ears in binding. Quite a few inches required for a queen quilt. Nothing much going on this weekend except sewing and painting. I need to paint my pegboard so that means a trip to Home Depot for spray paint. Have a happy weekend one and all.
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