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Monday Hangover?

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    Monday Hangover?

    Happy Monday Folksies!

    I really don't have a hangover. Remember talking about reality the other day? Reality is like a hangover. Well, not really for me because I was happy to sleep in my own lumpy bed again next to my big fella. Sis and I had a wonderful time together at DD's house. Their dogs were happy to have us and of course, since they are the most spoiled and pampered of pooches, we continued the process. Of course, as promised - Netflix was the only thing on the TV. We watched all 3 seasons of Luther that were available and began on the Sherlock's. We ate, played cards, walked the dogs, stitched (just a little) and also visited with a sweet young thing and her mommy:
    This is my dear friend's daughter Jess and her grand daughter Olivia. Since sweet Linda left us for heaven at Christmas, Jess and Olivia have been frequent visitors. I love my girls. God is good to give me such sweet friends.
    jess loves mac and cheese, so guess who made a huge pot of it for all of us? We ate mac and cheese, hello dollies, drank coffee, ate more, played a few hands of cards and solved all the world's problems. I got to hold and love on Olivia, who is a very very happy baby full of smiles and coos.

    Now that the reality of being home has found me this morning, I believe I will face it head on and do the laundry. Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday!!! Hugs and Smiles

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    Re: Monday Hangover?

    Good Morning Blondie! Sounds like the perfect weekend! I would really enjoy a sister weekend.

    I had my DGD Kaya here and loved every single second! She is my joy and it's always a too short weekend when I get her. We already have plans for her to come back in a couple weeks. She and I could just sit and visit for hours. Now I'm getting ready for my week away with the rest of the Grands! Oh boy. What to pack. Do I take my sewing and set up or do I leave it here, do I take games or crafts or.....? They love to do it all! 5 kiddos and just me. I'll be checking in here over my morning coffee before they all get up. During those rare quiet moments. And I know, when I get back home at the end of the week I will sleep that dear wonderful sleep you only get in YOUR bed after you've been put thru your paces. This is good for me. This is good for me This is.....

    Hugs and Prayers! Have a wonderful Monday, Spring is just around the corner!

    Quilters make great comforters.

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      Re: Monday Hangover?

      Good morning friends. Blondie your weekend sounds heavenly, as does your Libby.

      My weekend? We had dinner with friends on Saturday night. Good food and good friends, who could ask for more.

      My friend Linda stopped in yesterday. Showed her what I was working on and now she is getting quilting fever. LOL!! I should soon be done my current quilt and ready to start quilting another. I need to get another sandwiched and ready for me to take next week to work.

      It is a rainy day today. I can hear creaks and groans as I think the snow and ice is trying to fall off the back roof. I shall continue quilting today. Hubby is staying with the Momma tonight.

      Happy February 1st. I wonder if the groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful day friends.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Monday Hangover?

        Good Morning, Blondie: Sounds like a great weekend you had. You can never get too much lovin' from a young one -- they are the best huggers!!

        I had my BFF and several other friends over this weekend to say goodbye. Gave her the quilt I made her - lots of good food, great friendship - lots of laughs, etc.

        Here's to a fantastic Monday to all!!


          Re: Monday Hangover?

          Morning, I've been up way too long already this morning. I may have to nap this afternoon. Blondie, glad to hear you had such a good weekend with Sarah and the furbabies.

          We had a nice weekend. Jeff worked in our woods clearing another trail for us to walk/ride out to the feeder. It's a huge job but he loves nothing more than working outdoors in the woods.

          I ran out of stabilizer, fabric and thread all at the same time, so my Valentine sewing is done and done! I love it when things like this happen.

          Wishing everyone a blessed day with hugs.....

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Monday Hangover?

            Morning all! Quick hello to everyone this first day of February. I hope it means spring is soon to arrive! We had a warm weekend and have some warm days expected this week to enjoy. I just wish DH would warm up. He is always cold! Makes me nuts when it's 70 degrees outside and he has the gas logs running inside! All I want to do is open windows and get fresh air in here!

            Still no sewing going on here, but I am in the home stretch of completing the sewing room reno. One last coat on the last wall trim and the door and it's time to steam clean the carpets. Then it's time to get the room set up! Treadmill has been moved downstairs so the room is all mine!!
            Guest room is filled with contents of the sewing room. A lot has to be gone thru, but I will finally see just what my fabric looks like!
            As of now, I don't know what I have. Big surprise in store!

            DH doing well on Celexa. Mood is much more even an no outbursts anymore. He starts Namenda tonight with slow dose increases over the next 4 weeks. Then back to Neurologist March 1st. Hopefully this will perk him up a bit!

            So hugs to all! Hope everyone is warm and dry and sunny days ahead. Will be back as soon as I can!! :-)
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              Re: Monday Hangover?

              I can't believe, DH is still in bed sleeping. lol, 'he never sleeps late' according to him. Retirement has been good for him. Now it's time for him to figure out something to do with his time. He gets too stir crazy and it cuts into my sewing time.

              We've got a new grandson on the way, I've got to get some sewing done! There's Esther's quilt to finish, since she'll be moving up to a big girl bed. There's Zeke's cuddle quilt and his Hungry Little Caterpillar to get done. There's poetry to write. DH needs to learn how to entertain himself so I can get to work!

              Of course, the birds aren't helping either, I could spend hours watching them devour food at the feeder. There are tons of excuses, and I can find a lot of them. Best get busy, while someone's still asleep.

              Have a great day everyone. It would have been Mom's 83rd birthday today.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Re: Monday Hangover?

                Blondie, A hangover from having a good time is the best kind of hangover hands down. Nothing a little coffee can't cure. coffee rx.jpg

                As we've been a bit house bound the past month so DH and I had planned to go out for a late lunch on Sunday and it ended with DS#1, DS#2 and wife joining us. We all had a nice meal at Friday's and came back here for tea. DS#2 and DIL had bought the 7 layer cake we all like and it was perfect for dessert. There's a small piece leftover and it took all my will power not to eat it for breakfast. Would have tasted great but really much too rich of my stomach this early in the day.

                Going to do some sewing this morning. well actually not sewing but trimming. I combined some leftover charms and 5 inch squares I cut from fabric and the charms are smaller than 5 inches. There was a recent thread about many charms being less than 5 inches so why didn't I remember that before I began sewing. OK enough yellimg at myself and on to some frogging, then trimming and I'll be ready to sew.

                Tried to get this photo deleted but it won't go away.
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                  Re: Monday Hangover?

                  Morning, All ~ Got another 1" of snow over night. The storm is supposed to crank up mid-day. They're still saying up to 12" between now & Tues. noon. Possible blizzard conditions out on the Plains. The foothills could get up to 18" and the mts. even more. I plan to stay home.

                  I got the quilt labels made yest. (I do a Word doc & print them on fabric sheets) & the one sewn on the baby quilt to be gifted this Sat. It's the 'lil Cowgirl 4-P. Washed the quilt; it's spread out on the floor drying. I pressed & cut fabric strips from FQs to try the Ribbon Star pattern by making a table runner for my coffee table. I hope to make a start on that today. I also need to work on the taxes. Ugh. Our tax accountant, who has been doing our taxes for 38 yrs., has cancer. He's taking only a limited no. of clients this year. This might be the last yr. he can do our taxes. We have 3 friends who have cancer; one is terminal with Hospice.

                  Time to check the laundry & get on with my day.


                    Re: Monday Hangover?

                    Good morning! My Monday started off with DH telling me at 5 am (when I'm barely awake) that he only has 1 pair of clean work socks left. Why this man can't tell me he needs socks washed before he's down to the last pair is beyond me! Laundry is finished and he's stocked up again.

                    Today is quilt guild sit-n-sew. I have 42 blocks ready to arrange in rows for another donation quilt. They are charm squares with jelly roll strips framing them. These were bought on clearance at Walmart and I didn't have enough strips for all the blocks. So I framed half of the charms with off white and I'll alternate the blocks. I don't know yet what I'll use for binding, but there's a lot of peach in the fabrics so I should be able to find something that will coordinate.
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                      Re: Monday Hangover?

                      Hello friends! Today was busy, especially because I made the choice to stay home yesterday and not go to school and get any planning done. So, I'm a bit behind where I like to be, but I also have to take care of me so I don't end up with Pneumonia like I had this time last year. Knock-on-wood, none of us are sick, but it is February and the flu is bad here this year.

                      Today the sun was shining and we warmed up a bit above freezing. We're supposed to get a bunch of snow overnight and into the day tomorrow, but by Sunday it should be warm and Sunny, which I am very excited about!

                      I finished my son's quilt and we are wrapping up the sewing for costumes for the school play in the next week... so... what do I want to do next?? Decisions, decisions... I think I can squeeze a cute table runner in before Easter, don't you?? I will wait to daydream until I have time to play... but I'm looking forward to that!


                        Re: Monday Hangover?

                        A sunny day in Orange County. Joe's off to the office today so it's quiet. Starting to work on a wedding quilt. I need two done by end of this month. Don't know if that's going to happen. No stress. There's always the mail. Met up with my college sweetheart. Haven't seen him in 41 years. Needless to say, we've both changed a lot. hahaha It was fun reminiscing. It's amazing the things we forget from our past.
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                          Re: Monday Hangover?

                          Slow day around here. We worked pretty hard all weekend outside. Most of the fruit bearing plants have been pruned and are set for spring. I still need to do some work on the blueberries. The veggie garden will also need some work, but that will be a bit later.

                          I have a few more loads of household laundry (bed linens and towels) and I should be caught up for the week. I'm getting stuff ready for our week at the beach with the extended family. A trip to the liquor store for the sample sizes is going to be necessary for me I think. I really want to put the all of the kids into the bigger condo unit with the grandparents (my in-laws) and let Hubby and I have the studio unit by ourselves. It is important for the kids to spend time with their grandparents right? Especially when they live in California and only visit about once a year. Do you think that will fly?

                          If I can get all of that done and make plans for whatever is on the dinner menu I may be able to get some time in at more cleaning of the treadle sewing machine. I'd like to get it cleaned up and back to working. We'll see how much time I can squeeze in for that. The weather is beginning to warm up enough that I can work on the wood portion soon. Those chemicals are not condusive for indoor work!

                          Have a good one!
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                            Re: Monday Hangover?

                            Hi all. Late...late...start today.
                            We rode most all day yesterday. ( on motorcycle ). We finally had a nice weekend for a change. It was a bit windy but all in all it was pretty nice. We have only had two weekend's together in like two months. So just getting to be together was nice. I guess this is my recovering day. We both we're wore out when we got in at dark thirty. Today I have been a slug.... not moving much. Oh y'all should have seen the big rock waterfall we came up on. I had no idea it was there. It was incredible. I have a few pics the guys shared of this place. This couple built a house right near it, but didn't mind us stopping and taking a look around.They we're very nice.
                            Have a good day....

                            What a pretty surprise.... we rode up on........I will go back and make some more pictures .... these we're taken by the others. Glad they shared a few.
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