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Good Night, Owl @,@

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    Good Night, Owl @,@

    Hoo's still awake? I won't be for long...I did a lot on my floating hexagons quilt. You can see some more photos on my album if you are wishes to all @,@ Hoot your news!

    Re: Good Night, Owl @,@

    Your floating hexagon quilt is looking great kimsophia!

    I'm ready for bed too, just watching one last episode of Game of Thrones. I didn't have the best day, looking forward to a new day tomorrow.

    Rest well Night Owls!


      Re: Good Night, Owl @,@

      Hoot Kim you made it to the wee hours tonight.Your quilt is coming along great.Terri I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day I hope tomorrow is better.We finally found out what is wrong with the puppy today .His vet called and said he picked up a parasite most likely when he was boarded for a weekend.He is on med now and should be cleared up soon.We took my DH out to dinner tonight for his BDay I froze the whole time we were out.Tomorrow it's supposed to be below zero with the wind chill here.


        Re: Good Night, Owl @,@

        We had a good trip to the beach with the ladies again this year.

        Thankfully I did most of the house work before I left, so things were fairly decent when I returned home. I ran my load of laundry, put away the kitchen bag, and then had to run the vacuum through the house, as the fir needles were about to overtake the carpet.

        I didn't bring my sewing machine this time. I didn't have a project at the right stage to wag down to the beach with me. I dug out the cross-stitch and took that instead. I made some progress, but it will probably hang out in the bag until our next trip to the beach.
        I'm going to need better glasses. If I do close work and then look up at something across the room, it is pretty blurry. I put on my prescription glasses, but they are about 15 years old, so they probably aren't very accurate anymore.

        I'm about to pack it in for the night. Time to go snuggle into my own nest.
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: Good Night, Owl @,@

          Watched the first episode of War & Peace tonight. I'm sure I was born too soon ... back in my day (1965) I had to read that heavy book and spend 5 hours a week dissecting and discussing it in class ... for 4 MONTHS!

          Now a student will only have to sit still for 2 hrs a day for 4 DAYS. So I'll be going to bed with echo's of cannon fire running through my brain.

          Stay snuggly warm wherever you are.


            Re: Good Night, Owl @,@

            Good morning!

            Kim, your quilt is coming along great, can't wait to see it finished. I love your fabrics. Thinking about all the cutting makes me nauseous though.
            Cathy, a trip to the beach sounds like heaven to me. Winter finally hit Germany and we got some snow. It's not bad in my area, most of it is gone already, but it got pretty chilly here.
            I spent most of my weekend test sewing bags for a pattern that comes out on Thursday. It's a great pattern for grocery bags to take with you for shopping instead of using the plastic bags.
            I couldn't sleep last night. Last time I checked the clock was at 4:30 am and I had to get up at 7:30. I will be a tired owl today and the day is going to be a long one. I'm going to work now. Stay safe and warm in your trees and have a good night!


              Re: Good Night, Owl @,@

              Glad to hear Kim is making good progress with her hexagons, Joan's dog is on the mend and Cathy had a good ladies weekend. Judy, what channel is War & Peace on? Terri hope you have a better day.

              It's a little after 4am and I've been hooting out loud but no one is answering so I guess all the night owls have gone to bed. Really cold tonight and thought a big mug of hot chocolate would warm me up but, alas, we're out of it. I think I'll head back to bed and if I don't fall asleep at least I won't be freezing my tail feathers off.

              Andrea, Just missed you as we must have been posting at the same time. Hope you make through your work day OK.

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