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    Happy Friday, Folksies!!
    I have to keep checking my appt book to make certain what day of the week it is. I've had to do that all week. Since every day felt like Friday I went to bed thinking well, tomorrow is Saturday, my short day. Then I went to sleep and our very own MARILYN (auntiemern) was in it playing Family Feud. She was doing quite well in it and looked mahvelous darlin, simply mahvelous! As a side note her team was playing against celebrities and she had to go up against Tony Danza. Oh yeah, I can really dream. LOL.

    Happily, after a rainy morning, the sun came out yesterday afternoon, bringing in some chilly air. Everyone here is looking forward to Thanksgiving except middle son Josh who must work (retail). Two years in a row and he is none too happy. He has always been my holiday kid. I could write about about each of my children's neuroses but let's just say, at least they still have holiday spirit.

    Off to get ready for my early Friday morning client, precious dear Harry. He has an appt. each Friday morning. He doesn't need a cut of course, mostly he comes for the shampoo, neck trim and my vivacious company. LOL. Love that guy like a brother - you'll never know the world's problems we have solved during a scalp massage and warm water.

    Enjoy your day, folksies!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Friday?

    Good morning
    Laughing with you at your dream, Blondie!
    I could not fall asleep last night. It was definitely after midnight when I finally did - oh well. My brain was running on overtime and would not shut down I was thinking of all the little details that I need to take care of before the craft fair. Not the sewing stuff, but getting some business cards done, and making some cardstock labels for my items, and changing my etsy name so that I can put that on my cards! So I came up with a few ideas, all of which were taken. (I was attempting to change it.... in bed.... on my phone.... under the covers so as not to wake hubby.... did I mention that I couldn't sleep last night??)
    Anyway - I'll see what I can come up with today.
    I finished some cherry pit heating pads yesterday - heated one of them up... mmmmmm... you can feel the moist heat, it's very nice.
    I'm thinking that I'll be nice and clean the mess up around here, and do just a tiny bit of sewing... HA!!!!!
    No really.
    I might.
    I'm off to watch the tute today - am I the only one that is super excited that Mary Fons is in it WITH Jenny????????????
    Have a great weekend all...


      Re: Friday?

      Morning Everyone,

      We had a great time with our visitors yesterday. The time passed far too quickly and too soon they had to be on their way toward California. We took them for a nice meal in Houston and afterwards pointed them toward California and off they went. This was Jeff's best friend since first grade. I learned a few things about my Hubby from Scott. They were inseparable as kids.

      We have a flat tire on Jeff's truck this morning. He may have to take my car to work.

      I'm not sure what my day will be. I have a lunch date with a friend at the tea room. They will be closing their doors next month and we want to eat there one last time.

      Have a great day everyone!
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      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Friday?

        Ahhhhh... Friday! Dirty I got the pets thing backwards earliest! Too early for my brain to work properly...

        Got an early erend to run... DD will be picking me up at 8:30... Not looking forward to this one, but you gotta fo what you gotta do.

        I'm hoping to get some quilting done today... I'm in the middle of hand stitching the binding down in an I Spy quilt for one if my grand nephews... It's a top, backed with polar batting... I love having it over my lap, because it's so soft, and has a great drape. little white Chihuahua (the black one was my hysband's) immediately hops up, thinking the quilt is his....perfect for snuggling under.

        Went to my quilt club yesterday, and had a wonderful time... We had lunch at a place called The Lucky Dog... Love thst name... These girls are fun.... Lots of laughter... Most of us have been friends for years...

        Have a great weekend everyone!

        Sandy from Cincinnati

        AKA Kermit


          Re: Friday?

          Good Morning and Happy Friday all. Blondie, what a great dream!

          Songbird, I was right there with you last night not being able to sleep. I was so restless. Lots of things running around in my head including the craft fair I've got coming up. But the big thing that was keeping me awake was the situation with my cousin. Yesterday we heard that hospice said they don't think he will last the weekend. My sister wants to go see him along with another cousin of ours. Sis wants me to go too but I am struggling with it. So many things coming into play with this. If he is that close to leaving us, I feel that it should be his closest family that is there -- wife, kids, grandkids, siblings, etc. Plus, for me, I'd rather remember him at the last family party that we were all together at rather than in the hospital. DH says I should do what I feel is right for me not what my sis thinks I should do. Most times sis and I agree on things but I guess this is one of the exceptions.

          Well, tired and stressed or not, it's time to get this day going. We do have a fun thing to do tonight after work. We are celebrating our dear Henry's 2nd birthday. So it will be pizza, cake and fun stuff tonight to bring a smile to my face.

          Have a good day everyone.
          Ginny B


            Re: Friday?

            Good morning friends. Slept in until 7 this morning. I guess I was snoring pretty bad last night, hubby ended up in the spare room.

            I did my duty at the church supper last night. It really is a lot of fun, meeting great people. AND I come away with some leftovers.

            Today hubby is taking his sister to Ottawa for a dr's appt. I think he may be gone all day. That leaves me to my own devices.

            I really like the daily deal today and I may need to add that to my wishlist.

            Have a great weekend friends.

            Ginny, your husband is right, do what your heart tells you.
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            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


              Re: Friday?

              Good morning Blondie and everyone

              Busy day to work at church till noon, the meeting DGD for a light lunch after which we'll do a little shopping. Tonight it's a fancy dinner out in celebration of our 48th wedding anniversary.

              Went to ortho yesterday for pain on the upper left foot. The exrays didn't show anything, but he put me in a surgical boot just the same. Now I gotta tell you this is gonna seriously hinder our dancing... not liking this one little bit,

              Have a great day everyone


                Re: Friday?

                Good morning, Blondie you sure can dream. Ginny so sorry about your cousin, I agree you have to do what's best for you. Carol happy anniversary. Dang boots hinder lots of stuff.
                Need it to warm up a bit then take Petey out for his walk got to get his sniffing done lol.
                Hope to get sewing done today, finally got rid of the migraine , hate those things.
                Wishing all the best for you all friends. Cecelia


                  Re: Friday?

                  Good Morning all!

                  What I really would like is to go back to bed. Even though I didn't stay up too late, I am tired this morning. I guess that's what a road trip to 2 quilt shops will do to you. We found out after we got there that they had opened a smaller "clearance center" a short distance away, so of course we had to check it out! What a fun day! It started raining as soon as we walked in the door of the first one - perfect timing!

                  I understand that we are supposed to have a little cool-down of our own here finally. YAY! I am hoping for dry weather on Thanksgiving so that we can be outside some.

                  Ginny, that is a hard decision, so sorry to hear about your cousin. Happy Anniversary, Carol, boot and all! HOpe everyone else has a Blessed day - prayers for all.....


                    Re: Friday?

                    Haven't signed in for ages. So glad I did this morning! Found posts from some of my favorite folksies! Blondie and Barb....have been missing you something awful.

                    Things here have calmed down quite a bit and hope to be able to come on more regularly. DH is doing so much better on his new medication (fingers crossed). Am on my way to set up for Bake Sale at the local bank. All proceeds go for fabric for the Auxiliary's Pillowcase Project. Thank goodness car is all loaded!

                    Have met up with Bailey 65 (Fannie) recently. So good to see her.

                    How's Sandy doing? Has she sold her house and moved? And May? I know she had been sick.

                    Please take care everyone. Have a beautiful day!


                      Re: Friday?

                      Hi Cynthia - I'm happy to be back posting for the past month or two. Progress is slow but I'm getting stronger every day. Have PT this afternoon. It's hard work but I see the results so that's good. Glad that you had a spare minute to say Hello to everyone and hope your DH's new meds really help.


                        Re: Friday?

                        Blondie, it is soooo great to have you back online! Happy anniversary Carol and boot or no...go ahead and boogey!!! May, so glad to hear that your hard work in PT is bringing you results that encourage you.
                        Just finished watching new tutorial...mind spinning with ideas using fabrics I already my list isn't getting long enough now!!!
                        We've had a little hiccup on my youngest's road to recovery from her PTSD, and that it was caused unnecessarily has raised both my ire and my concern for her. But, we have spoke frankly about it and she is taking it in stride very well for the moment. There is no 'cure' for PTSD, it is simply a life-long exercise of managing the issues and symptoms. Her resilliency is amazing and I cannot express how profound my pride and humility at how caring and compassionate she has remained through all of this.
                        I wish you all the best of this day, and peace to your spirit.
                        Sandy B.
                        "A heart that gives will never be empty."


                          Re: Friday?

                          Another beautiful day in Tennessee. We needed the sun after a week of clouds and rain. Winter is arriving this weekend as temps will be in the 20's and a dusting of snow on my mountains. Time to pack the RV and head south!

                          I need to do some more house cleaning today, but I would rather go shopping or sew. Wonder what will win out?


                            Re: Friday?

                            Do you you know appropriate your coffee saying was this morning???? I woke up and...NO coffee...nadda and I had picked up a meager few things at the grocery store yesterday and forgot the most important thing. This morning...I HAD to have TEA. :-/ Well we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

                            But....good morning, Blondie!
                            Women are Angels.
                            When someone
                            break's our wings
                            we will continue to
                            fly...usually on a
                            We're flexible like that.
                            - embroitique


                              Re: Friday?

                              Good Morning Everyone,

                              Nice day here, the sun is shinning, it's not to cold yet, so I'll probably take the opportunity and get out today, and go get the hair done, before , I scare somebody. It will be better than waiting till next week, trying to get in, with the holliday coming. 🍁🌲🌞.

                              We will have our big dinner at MIL, uor family will learn about our bundle of joy, FGC.
                              DD, told her GM the other night, you should have seen her face, she looked at the ultrasound picture, then up at her DGD, back at pic, then at pic and back at her DGD and was like, really !!!
                              Yes, that means, another Grate Grand Child, this makes three now.
                              We have two adorable nephew's , one s five and baby brother who is a lil over a year old. Two lil cuz one five and one that just turned two, we are blessed with little feet. It had been a while, then look how much can change in a few years.
                              Well ,guss I'll get some more coffee and call to get an opponent, to get pertied up.
                              Have a blessed day......each and everyone

                              keep on singing LOL....

                              The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                              ~~~~Sewn By Bee