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    Re: Friday?

    Oh my Blondie....that cracked me up. ( I could use the spare change now that the holidays are getting nearer). Still in recovery mode, from the crud that just won't go away....seems like that is the norm for me recently.
    Had to take my Bubby to the hospital yesterday for an eval from urology. He will have to have a very small procedure, that shouldn't be a big deal. Shoulda, woulda taken the quilts and pillowcases with me, but just didn't have the energy to do it. Will certainly get it done by the first of Dec.
    I do have a lg portion of my Christmas shopping being able to do it from the comfort of my house. No crowds, no germs, lol. DH is on his way back from a week of deer hunting. He bagged a nice 10 pointer, and a plenty of venison to share with DD and the kids. (they love it)
    Gonna try to get something done in my sewing room later today. I will have to cut and pack a big order of fabric that I sold last night. But since it is Friday, I will have all weekend. Hugs, and blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.
    Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



      Re: Friday?

      Bondie glad you're back Gal!!! Hugs from Texas, and lol, great dream too!
      What do you mean I'm easily distracted..........HEY LOOK......FABRIC!!!!


        Re: Friday?

        It's been such a busy day. We took mom's sofa to one of DH's aunts today. While we were there, they moved her couch out, put the 'new one' in, put the rug back under her washer and dryer, put the pan under the washer, brought both aunts Christmas trees up from storage buildings. We had a delicious lunch and a great visit. My living room looks bare without the couch, but all the more reason to figure out what kind of paint is going on the walls and ordering a new sofa and chair.

        I saw Cozy Quilt's video on Jacob's Ladder, it's very pretty. Just not enough information to figure it out without the pattern. I think I'll make a wall hanging to go in the living room.

        I hope everyone has a great weekend. We'll head to the farmer's market in the morning. "The sausage/ ham guy" should be there this weekend. I think we'll need to get something a little special for turkey day breakfast. Penzy's spices opened up a store in Charlotte, that's another stop while we're in town!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
        ― Maya Angelou


          Re: Friday?

          It's Saturday now, and I have to convince myself that I do indeed have to go BACK to work again today, even though I went yesterday and the day before.. ...

          (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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