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2,465 people online here at MSQC

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    2,465 people online here at MSQC

    Why were there 2,465 people online here on MSQC on May 17, 2014 ?
    According the the info ( underneath the list of names who on on the forum ) this was the highest number of people who were on the forum that day.
    Does anyone know if this was a special day here at MSQC ?

    I am just curious......!!!
    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

    "I miss the me I was when you were here"

    Re: 2,465 people online here at MSQC

    It could be when they had the Mystery quilt start. A lot of people joined all at once.

    How did you find that out?
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    🌺 Lorie


      Re: 2,465 people online here at MSQC

      Wow, Jacqueline...I noticed that yesterday myself. I couldn't track my postings back that far (your personal posting history is only 20 pages). So, I went through my M* friends and found postings that went to May 17, 2014. I believe Lorie is correct...the Mystery Quilt blew up membership that day!

      It's a pretty interesting forum read! It also got me to thinking how much the forum has changed since May 2014. How much things have changed since I attended MSQC first Fall Festival in 2013. Things that happened during the Iron Quilter II contest (yikes).

      What I will close with? I know in my heart....those of us that share our quilting passions are here for a reason.
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        Re: 2,465 people online here at MSQC

        I don't remember what was going on...but I found this, maybe the spammers stay up all night

        users on line.jpg
        Shirley aka buckeyequilter
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