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    I was trying to figure out if you got my message I sent on Friday evening. The reason I am asking is because it went to my outbox and is not in my sent box - weird? So, I asked DH if I was doing something wrong and I think we sent it again, but again it went to the outbox which to me means that it's just sitting there waiting to be sent even though it says it was sent but still doesn't show up in my sent box. Make sense? I may be as crazy as you by the time I'm done with this - haha!

    Was just wondering.

    quilting trish

    What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish

    Re: Funkiquilter?

    I doubt you have any hope at being as crazy as me! Which is probably a good thing in your case.

    I did get it. I actually got two of them. I am not complaining though. Hearing back from someone twice is better then not hearing back from someone at all.

    Maybe it was due to the problems the site was having before the new server. I know it was doing all kinds of crazy things. It even had the shop inventories off. I ordered something around the day that I sent you that PM. The site said that it was in stock, but I got a phone call and they told me that it was on back order. I still got the rest of my order so I was happy. Now I will get another happy mail day later too. Whoo hoo, were back up and running now. We will just have to watch and see if it happens again.
    My user name is FunkiQuilter, but you can call me Funki for short. (Pronounced Funky.) I inherited the name from my cousin because of my love for unusual things.