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    Originally posted by Juliet Taylor View Post
    Actually, not to sound too alarming, but a friend of mine who lives in Rome while on public transportation realized afterwards they cut her dress to reach her pocket. OF course it doesn't have to be so alarming everytime!
    The problem is that tourists and old people are the best victims because the tourists usually are lost in admiring the city and the old people are weaker and slower.
    Btw I'm sure everything will be fine using the tips and some cool ideas to keep her safe
    I'll write you down some stuff in the next week for visiting Rome If I would be free from work I would gladly go down to Rome to help her out a bit but usually my vacations don't start until late May!
    Thank you again Juliet - I've begun my 'chats' with Sarah to try in an ongoing, gradual way to make her aware of 'safety concerns'. I've told her I'll be making some 'security pouches' for under her clothes, hopefully this will deter any pickpocket. She assures me that their Italian Language teacher (male) is giving all the girls (12 appx) plenty of safety instructions prior to their trip in March. Their travel will be thru American Council for International Studies (ACIS) Tour Management. In addition to Rome, they will visit Florence, Venice, Pisa and a couple other cities that I forgot already.

    I very much appreciate your kind offer to go to Rome to give her guidance, but she tells me that most of their time will be scheduled with a bit of 'free time' for personal or elective choices. I do look forward to your tips for visiting Rome that I can share with her and if she falls in love with Italy and decides to come back, we'll have to make a plan.
    NC sayin's from my mama n' daddy, a reminder, lest I forget:

    ~I’m gonna tan your hide. (You’re about to get a whoopin’.)
    ~set yourself down a spell ~~every day of the week n' twice on Sundays
    ~knock you clean into next week n' then some ~~deader than a door nail
    ~can't get blood from a turnip ~~your neck o'the woods
    ~You're just playing possum (pretendin' to be asleep when you didn't want to get up n' go to school)