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Sunny Spring Sunday

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    Sunny Spring Sunday

    Finally feels like Spring! Not too much planned for today, need to cut some 10 1/2" squares for the QOV quilt and make a pillowcase to go with the quilt and this project is done. Then clear up my temporary sewing room, dining room, as DS#3 and family will be stopping by this afternoon on their way home to MA and we all won't fit at the kitchen table.

    Hope everyone gets out today and gets those outdoor chores done while it's nice out. DH will pick up mulch this week and hopefully DS#2 and #1 can put them down soon. They put lots down in the Fall but another thick layer will help keep the weeds at bay. Want to choke those little suckers out before they can get big and a problem.sunshine mini quilt.jpg

    Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

    Good morning May. A beautiful sunny start to the day here. Not too warm at the moment but expecting temperatures to reach somewhere around 60F or better.

    Had a great day yesterday. We had friends stop by and my brother and sister-in-law also stopped by to give me my birthday present. He made me a lovely wooden necklace, his first bowl and a lazy susan he made.

    Today hubby wants to go to an auction sale in Ottawa and maybe dinner later. We shall see.

    I managed to make two more rice bags yesterday. Not to make the covers for them.

    Not much else to report.

    Have a great day everyone.
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      Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

      Good Morning Everyone,

      It was a beautiful day yesterday. I burned some tree tops in the woods and then came in and cleaned house. Also got a few loads of laundry done and cooked a nice meal...busy day. I plan to take it easy today because tomorrow is the beginning of another busy week.

      I've got sewing fever again and will be working on a few UFOs first. Our local shop is already getting in Christmas fabric! I have a commissioned Christmas quilt and shams to make. I will either make a present quit or Log Cabin. The choice is mine. I like commissions like this!

      The Girls are sleeping in this morning...yay! Yesterday I took a tick off Olive, so it's that time of year again. I put Frontline and Heartgard on both girls, so I was surprised to find a tick.

      Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

        Beautiful Morning everyone. I spent yesterday morning making more journal covers and the afternoon making more giant safety pins.
        No sewing for me today. Me and DH are going to take our DD to work and sneak to look at a car for her. She can get her license any time now and has a car we gave her but it is pretty rough around the edges LOL having hit a deer and being side swiped in a hit and run a few years back she needs something a bit nicer looking.LOL Shes a great kid and we are blessed to have raised such a wonderful person. I am so proud of the young woman she has become. Shes a bit like her momma... stubborn and a bit head strong but I wouldn't have her any other way.
        You all have a great morning and enjoy this beautiful weather!
        Hugs from Ky


          Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

          Morning all. It's a beautiful day here. Temps cool but not cold!!!
          Up early to get a jump on painting before DH wakes up. Finished inside of 4 doors last night and the cabinet base up along the right wall of the kitchen. Got first coat to outside doors on at 7 am. Second of three coats due at 9 am. Once they are drying I'll head out to food shop and pick up our meds at Walmart. Last coat on when I return then they can dry the rest of the day.
          Need to remove 6 more doors and get them in line to be finished with the other 3 doors waiting, while I paint the lower cabinets. They 4 drawers and I'm done!!
          Hope all have a good Sunday!
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            Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

            Good morning everyone. Loving the nice bright sunshine this morning. We are going to do some outside work today for sure. It was too breezy yesterday so I did inside work including 6 loads of laundry. I did get into my sewing room for a bit but only to straighten up and put things away and give my Pfaff a good cleaning. I hope to have some actual sewing time in there today.

            Enjoy this beautiful day all
            Ginny B



              Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

              It has been a gorgeous sunny warm weekend here! Lots of outdoor work, planted a baby butterfly bush and enjoying the weekend with the parents!
              Today is the first day of joann's huge sales, and mama's got birthday $$ to spend!!!

              Enjoy the rest of the weekend dear friends.
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                Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                Good morning
                Slept in a little late today. Not sure what is happening to me. I used to be up at the crack of dawn every day even if I stayed up late. Not any more. I go to bed before 11 and it is not unusual for me to sleep til 9 unless I have to get up for something. I love it but not sure why I sleep so long.

                We travelled to DH family on Thursday and DH and his dad (who is 90 and lives on his own) had a nice visit. Dave's sister also lives there and we had a nice visit with them too. We left their house yesterday and drove home which is about 200 miles then kept on going and when we got home on to Watertown New York. I have a Kohl's charge card which I used and I needed to pay the bill which is due on Monday so we went on to do that job. Tried to have dinner at the Olive Garden but ended up at Cracker Barrel cause it was a 40 minute line up at OG.

                All in all it was a great road trip and we had lots of laughs. Maybe that's why I'm tired today. Who knows. All this to say that I have not been in my sewing room since Wednesday so I am going to hit the fabrics today. I am really feeling withdrawal from my sewing.

                Hope everyone has a quiet Sunday and you do what makes you happiest.
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                  Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                  Good Sunday morning. Yesterday was the big day -- the 35 guest baby shower for my dear niece. I don't have a lot of experience with hosting parties (I'm always the helper, not the planner), but it all worked out so beautifully. She loved her quilt and the whole party. She had asked that I not do an open house. She wanted her aunts, cousins, friends to all be there at the same time, playing games and enjoying the day. I gave her what she wanted! My wonderful mother let it happen at her house. She has a large garden room that worked perfectly for all the chairs, food, and games. I'm exhausted!

                  Part of the party was taking chairs and folding tables up to my mom's house. My sewing machine sits on a table that can fold flat, with legs that are adjustable height (when totally collapsed they sit flat in the table top for transport). I have decided to clean and organize the sewing room before I put it back in there. It is a perfect excuse to do the organizing. I don't have a quilt that "needs" to get done. I do have a top ready for sandwiching, but that can wait.

                  I hope everyone enjoys a sunny Sunday. Doesn't spring feel so good?

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                    Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                    Thinking I'll have a relaxing day today - when don't I? I used to think I was a procrastinator but now I'm beginning to realize that sometimes I'm just lazy.

                    I did FINISH my homespun rag quilt yesterday. Thought I'd get some pictures today but the weather is not cooperating. This quilt was a real bear and I learned a whole lot. For instance, I know why cyndiofthevortex said a couple years ago that she hated homespun. You can't cut it straight or sew it straight. It definitely has a mind of it's own. I also learned that no matter how much room I left around the pieces of batting I used, that some of them are going to show in the final ragging seams. I learned that rag quilts leave their little pieces of fuzz in my sewing machine and bobbin case. I've learned that the dryer helps get rid of those bits and pieces before putting the whole thing in the washing machine. I also learned that a rag quilt loses about half its weight during the laundry process. I've learned that flannel backing on a rag quilt makes it a cozy place to hide when sneaking a nap on the couch.

                    So, that leaves me with one project started and I feel like I need to abort and abort soon. I'm doing something with some machine applique and think I need to add an iron-on stabilizer to keep the fabric straight . . . either that or slow down a whole lot. The next quilt project(s): One for a dear friend here who has stood beside me during some trying times. Cheri is/was a fellow woodworker and she totally keeps me focused. It's time to present her with her own quilt. I have a stack of brights and will be doing a D9P and sashing with black (note to self - pick up black honey buns when you are at Missouri Star). After that it will be the red and white quilt I've been planning. I did get all the redwork embroidery pieces finished and Li'l Sis and I looked at them last week and collectively decided they would make wonderful center stones for a log cabin. I'll use my red with white on one side and white with red on the other. I probably have enough red and white fabric I've collected to make three quilts though. I foresee a couple donation quilts in the making.

                    If I sit here and keep thinking on the forum I'll never get anything else accomplished today. So I'll leave you with special thoughts, prayers, encouragement, pats on the back, well wishes, and a cabinet full of clean dishes. Let a smile be your umbrella.

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                    it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                      Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                      Good Morning!

                      Sandy, that's not lazy - you're just working at your own pace! That's my excuse.

                      Been off here all week and trying to catch up on reading and looking at the most beautiful creations posted here! I haven't been in my sewing room since last weekend and won't this weekend. I'm helping train my replacements (yes, two of them) to do my previous job! I worked all day yesterday and will go in later this morning to continue training.

                      We're getting rain today and probably through most of the week but we need it badly around here so I won't complain.

                      Just love reading about all of you and your various activities going on - you inspire me!

                      Have a great day and enjoy!



                        Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                        A stuffy head and sore throat are going to be an issue today.

                        I just wanna crawl back in bed, but I couldn't sleep well either. Maybe a blankie on the couch kinda day, but I have the grandson over and so I don't really see that happening.

                        Hmmm. Maybe I can at least get the last Christmas runner put away. I just noticed that the one on the corner hutch was still there. Nice.

                        Here is to you all having a great day!
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                          Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                          Good day all. I had planned on getting at least half of the pillow cases done yesterday. Didn't happen. Was kind of a lazy day. I HAVE to get 2 sets of taxes finished by tomorrow...but they are easy short forms. I will work on the pillow cases today, and finish up the binding on the last preemie quilt to send off to daisy. I managed to get 5 done in between the daily chaos that is my life. DH is counting down the days til his surgery. Looking forward to it, but scared at the same time. He is beyond ready to get rid of his friend. I will stay with him at the hospital. It is a newer hospital with all private rooms, which is very nice. Off to get busy, or at least pretend I am. Blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.
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                            Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                            Good Morning! Not sure what the plans are for the afternoon are as a nap sounds wonderful right now. I took my main machine in for a good cleaning and a check up. So I'm debating if I even want to get anything out as Monday and Tuesday are booked both during the day and in the evenings with events at my house. (The sewing area is in the living room.)

                            Have a great day everyone


                              Re: Sunny Spring Sunday

                              Hello friends! I have had a fantastic weekend. The weather is beautiful, I spent a lot of time sewing, and a bunch of time playing with my kids too. My little man turns 4 in two months and goodness, he is growing up. I looked at him today and there just isn't a trace of baby left in that face.... Which is easier for me to realize when my daughter is off on an all day play date extravaganza.... I can't believe she's old enough to be picked up at ten and brought home at 6!! But that crazy family wanted her for the day so they got her! LOL! She came home, took her bath, we brushed her doll's hair, they both got into pajamas and she went straight to dreamland.

                              I managed to sew three 12 inch blocks for a BOM sampler I've been working on off and on all year. I Hal's managed to finish up my little wall hanging with 3D flowers that I was making a few weeks ago. It was nice to sew again... I also realized that my Kazakhstan stash now has one small wall hanging and four 12 inch blocks left in it... That's it?!? I might have to get scrappy-creative for teacher gifts this year!!

                              I've been MIA because of some big stressors at work recently, but I have multiple major projects behind me now, and I just have the basics of the teaching and maintaining paperwork still to go... I of course have some paperwork yet to do this week that I could have brought home over the weekend, but that did not happen, and I'm a better mother and happier person for it.

                              Sometimes we aren't being lazy or procrastinating, sometimes it is the active choice to not do what others might think we are 'supposed to do'.

                              I just downloaded Harry Potter and the Sorceres Stone on my Kindle and I am going to keep my promises to myself to get to bed earlier. Goodnight from the Tien Shan mountains of Kazakhstan, where it was 80F today :-)