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Tuesdays are my kinda day

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    Tuesdays are my kinda day

    Hello Folksies!

    It's Tuesday and you know what that means! Ricky will be coming over and we will watch the season finale of The Walking Dead. We have both been avoiding any and all communications with those around us who could be spoilers. I am expecting him early. After that, I will be down at Mom's pulling weeds. The ground is still quite wet and should make those rascals come right up. Spring so far as been on the cool side but as long as the sun is shining, I will be happy. Mom has a large and glorious Japanese Cherry tree in her back. I am hoping that it is getting ready to share it's splendor with us. Daddy had to have one after a visit to DC years and years ago. It's a bit early yet, so, I will be patient.

    Last night was meatloaf and parsley potatoes with coin carrots for the veg on the dinner table last night. I just love leftover meatloaf for sammies. Everyone in the family knows that next to PBJ, I can put a hurting on the loaf. Unfortunately for me, Josh took home all the leftovers for his lunch break today. Sigh. My mouth waters at how delish it was. The recipe I use is one of my Mom's and I only do a small variation. Instead of ketchup I use chili sauce - just a bit - and it brings out all the taste buds.

    I never did make it to the basement studio yesterday. Y'all know that I can't resist being outside. After a gloomy and kinda damp start, the sun came out. Gracie and I certainly enjoyed it. Even my allergies haven't been full force - yet. I will continue my zytec and netti pot regime and keep my fingers crossed.

    Have a delightful day, everyone. Smile with me as I anticipate the arrival of Ricky and welcome The Walkers.
    I think I will make a pan of frosted brownies and a fresh pot just for us.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
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    Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

    Good morning Blondie, sounds like you have a full day planned. Enjoy!!!

    Not too much on my agenda today.....still trying to keep everything in tip top shape in case anyone wants to come and see and hopefully buy the house. I'm in withdraw from sewing.....since my sewing salon was actually the breakfast room, everything had to be put away. I have so many ideas running around in my head and am itching to fire up ole Lulu and crank out some bags and pouches. Maybe it's time to bury the St Joseph statue out in the front yard - LOL.

    Gonna head out to the mall for a little walk later, and tonight my little Patrick Swayze, aka Nelson, is taking me dancing.....such a lucky girl I am.

    Have a great day everyone


      Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

      Morning all. Up extra early today as Hubby had to get to work an hour early. Yesterday was an ok day. Today will hopefully be the same. Got some time so guess I'll get some sewing in before work. Snow is almost all gone except a few piles. Can't see any flowers popping up yet I am sure a few sunny days will draw them up.
      Hugs to all that need them.
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        Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

        OK, I'm up, hot tea in hand and waiting for the sleepiness to wear off! Today is another day of painting! Finished 4 doors, 1 drawer and one full cabinet above and one next to the fridge yesterday! Today is one cabinet next to dishwasher and the whole section above the sink! Another 4 doors and a drawer! Leaving 13 doors and 4 drawers to go!!! Oh my!!! I'll be so glad when this is done!!!
        Today is my last day before Medicare kicks in and my prescription drops from 235.00 to 35.00 per month! There's fabric in that remaining 200.00!!! I officially become a senior! I will take the perks with gratitude!
        So I hope everyone has a great day! Sunny skies and may your problems all be little ones!

        Oh and DH's DGGD passed the NYPD physical yesterday so she moves to step 2 in her application for the police dept!! Keeping fingers crossed!
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          Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

          Good Morning. Sounds like you've got a fun day ahead of you Blondie. I've got some crocus blooming and my daffodils, tulips and hyacinths as well as my tiger lilies are making their appearance too. So spring is really here. Haven't been outside working in the gardens yet though. I am looking forward to that. I am planning in my head though.

          The sun is shining here this morning but rain is headed our way (some places may see some snow). So, the question for me this morning is what do I wear to work? Guess I better go decide and get a few other things done before leaving for work. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone.
          Ginny B


            Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

            Good Morning Blondie and all!

            Blondie, you have a wonderful day planned - enjoy it!

            Yesterday went fairly well and today should be a good day. We're having some really nice Spring weather and I'm just loving it. We're in for some much needed rain later this week so hopefully it fills up the large cracks in the ground that have widened all winter with not much precipitation. Hubs got the mower out last evening and mowed around the house - yes, the grass is already greening up and growing so alas, mowing season has begun. That's my job all summer and I love it most of the time. Sitting on the mower and buzzing around for a few hours is some really good pondering and thinking time, not to mention getting a few sun rays too.

            Off to get ready for work and check on what the fur kids are raising a ruckus about outside. Cody is howling at the coyotes and hitting the high notes too. I should record that.

            Hugs, smiles and prayers for all today!



              Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

              Good morning
              I had a great sleep last night, hardly any coughing since I got this flu. Still have a sore throat that just won't seem to go away but finally its starting to look like there may be hope of recovery. It has been a wicked bug and I have been sick since March 2.

              Had a fun day with my sis yesterday- she is taking her first quilting class and so I joined too to be a supporter. I really think she is going to be hooked very soon. Today I meet with my old dolls to sew heart pillows. Such a wonderful example of growing older gracefully. These ladies are so active, it is just wonderful.

              One of the heart pillow ladies gave me her mother's old treadle sewing machine. The cabinet is in pretty good shape but could use a spruce up. I called one place called "dip and strip" and they wanted $500 to do just the wood portion. Yikes!! So my dad "who has turned into the energizer bunny since mom passed" started looking around for me and found out that our local Community Living take on projects like this. CL is an organization who, for one thing, find meaningful work for people with disabilities or developmental disabilities. They will strip down the wood and fix the iron legs (which are a bit rusty) and refinish both the wood and iron for about $100. It may be gone for 3 months but that is ok with me. I'm in no hurry and I really like the idea of helping Community Living.

              Well I need to finish off this coffee and get my day going. Hoping to do most of my Easter grocery shopping today so I can avoid the stores on the weekend. Also hope to get some sewing done. Hubs has almost finished painting my sewing room and I am loving it, I will post pictures once I get moved in.

              Have a great Tuesday and always SMILE when you can.
              Grandma Nan



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                Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                Morning Everyone,

                It's going to be a lovely day until the rain rolls in for the next couple days. I have to drive a water heater to Cuba today and also do a plumbing repair while I'm there. The earlier I get there the sooner I can get back home. We have two vacancies and we need them to fill up. Please help me pray that we get some good responses to our ad.

                I did a little sewing yesterday and it felt so nice to be able to concentrate on something creative. I'm working on a Chopped quilt. There's quite a bit of sewing to make the blocks but it's all very simple sewing, just what I need right now. It's amazing how a little sewing can lift my spirits.

                Hugs All Around...have a good Tuesday everyone!

                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                  Good morning! Sounds like everyone is busy busy busy! Me too...with work...sigh! The Lebanon location got put pack on my list of duties, so I am currently split between 3 locations..makes it challenging. It also weakened my home location as I pulled a manager out of there to put up in Lebanon temporarily. The good news is...I am suppose to be on vacation next week...let's hope nothing blows up between now an then. Next week I am going to go over to my mil home and pick up the things DH wanted. DS is going to be the heavyweight and help get everything in the uhaul. I have no idea where I am going to put most of it...besides the bedroom suite that my dd had asked for. Have given the current suite to my xsil. Hopefully she can come and get the rest of it this weekend. Will make it easier when we get home. Not looking forward to going. Haven't been there since she passed away. Feeling so bad for dh.

                  Well I better get a move on...lots to do! Have a great day!!
                  SW Missouri

                  Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                    Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                    Good morning friends. Up late this morning. I don't know why I have been so tired of late. I slept all afternoon yesterday.

                    What a weekend. Fairies all over the place. Maizyn was so excited about her party. Today is her actual birthday and this morning they gave her a new bike. Phil says she was very excited about that.

                    She was over the moon with the new quilt as well.

                    I did not do much of anything yesterday. I did go out last night, delivered one quilt to a cancer patient and then it was craft night to get flowers and stuff made for our Lionette Rally coming up.

                    Today I may sew up a new tote, pattern tester for the second time. I am glad I did not start as the pattern has changed a little bit.

                    Have a great day everyone.

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                    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                      Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                      Monique that looks like one very excited and happy girl!

                      Had a rough start to the day today. Liam does NOT like to brush his teeth...and we can't figure out why other than he's just being lazy. So his dad got really upset about it, banned him from electronics tonight and is making him write an essay tonight on why he doesn't brush his teeth. Well this really upset Liam and he was crying most of the morning. I wish his dad wouldn't discuss stuff like this with him BEFORE he has to go to school for the day! I was very annoyed by this. It could have waited until tonight but no he had to ruin the kids entire day! I know it has to be addressed but do you have to ruin his entire day? And of course, I'm the one who has to deal with the fall out of Liam being so upset and it breaks my heart to send him to school when he's that upset. All I had time for was one quick cuddle. So now my day is also starting out sad. sigh.

                      Barb good luck with your plumbing! I sure do envy your abilities and stamina! Hope your places get rented soon!

                      Have a great day everyone. Sending love and hugs to all! xoxox


                        Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                        By the time I finish reading what everyone has been doing I'm totally worn out.

                        Spent part of yesterday visiting with a dear friend. Came home and helped Al finish mowing (yes, mowing) the front yard. Now the back needs attention. The grass in the lower part of the front was about 8-9 inches tall. How did that happen?

                        Today will be spent with Li'l Sis and Big Bro and their spouses. We always look forward to these times. Now if I could just come up with a great April Fools Joke for them . . . mind doesn't work that way, I guess, but maybe something will spark some creativity.

                        Looking forward to April - not sure about a Shop Hop in Kansas, but if Sis will go . . . then there's the Kona Days at Missouri Star. And we leave on the 21st to head to PADUCAH!! I think I'd better go shoe shopping!
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                        it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                          Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                          Up early for me. I have to take DD and Gabe to his pre op consult. My poor little man. I am dreading the next few weeks. DD had her cast changed yesterday to a walking cast...but still is not going to be mobile for a while. Gabe has his surgery Fri.,and I will be at the hospital with them until he is released. 3-5 days. Gary has his on the 15th. That will be 2-3 days in the hospital for us. Yes I will be staying around the clock with him too. I am just trying to heal up, before Friday. My hands are a mess, and I have a huge tear on my inner thigh, from a piece of tape. I want new skin. I have been putting together things to take with me, so I have hand sewing to do. At least that is the plan. I also worked on laundry yesterday...all those trips up and down the stairs kicked my butt, and I had to take a nap yesterday afternoon. Well off to get ready. Hugs and blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.
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                            Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                            Good Morning! Everyone sounds so busy. Mom's still asleep, which is a blessing after yesterday's night with her. CNA and RN come today to check up on her. Hopefully sleeping all night will adjust her attitude about everything.

                            I'm going to Back Side Fabric's today to get batting and backing for two quilts. My pocket book will be lighter, but it will be nice to see all the pretty fabric Christine has.

                            I got the Veggie Tale left over material box out yesterday. I was thrilled I have plenty to do Esther's Veggie Tale quilt, without having to search for more. I'll have to find my graph paper picture that I worked from. I'm tempted to make this one QAYG, We'll see, I'm sure I'll need a little something to do between these two queen sized quilts.

                            Have a great day everyone.


                            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
                            ― Maya Angelou


                              Re: Tuesdays are my kinda day

                              Good morning! It's spring break time for my local grandkids, so we took a road trip to one of Missouri's more interesting geological sites, Elephant Rocks State Park. We spent hours climbing, exploring and having fun. It was a fabulous day weatherwise! Still very little signs of spring in the Missouri woods, but that will come soon enough!


                              I stopped at Tandy Leather on my way home and got some leather and accessories for purse making and costumes. I got a piece of leather that is supposed to be from a half a cow, wow, that is one huge cow, because it is over 10 feet long! I'm going to make some belts and sword scabbards for MacBeth from this piece. Got a pretty piece of black for purses. I'm looking forward to trying to work with it.

                              Hope you all have a good day.