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Okay, so it's Wednesday

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    Okay, so it's Wednesday

    Hello Folksies!

    Yesterday was productive and pleasant and I am planning on a repeat today. Of course, there are always little snags in each day but the hook that reels me back on course is a good sit down with a cuppa and to let the phone just ring away.

    So yesterday we were expecting to meet with the man who wants to lease pasture. That was put off until this morning because Mom had forgotten she had friends coming over. I may just give her a new calendar. One for dr appts and one for fun things. My goal is to have her fill her fun one up more than her dr one.
    Middle Son Josh and BFF Ricky gave me their entire day off. I gave them grape kool aid, peanut butter sammies and the most delish brownies ever made. Really. The brownie recipe is as old as I am and never gets old. Ever.
    I put on my Mommy hat, my supervisor hat and then pitched in with the leaf removal, hollar retrieval and tire wall making. I have had more than one occasion in my life to be thankful for crock pots. Yesterday was one of those. I love being able to offer my man a nice dinner without really having to cook. Big yays for me.

    No sewing was done yesterday. Not one stitch. But I did sleep good last night, sore muscles and all. Perhaps before and after the pasture peeps I can put my sewing hat on.

    Prayers for those affected by that tragic plane crash yesterday. And of course, my best prayers, hugs and smiles for everyone here. Y'all really do make me smile.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

    Morning Blondie & Everyone To Come,

    I'm up early today. Jeff has PT this morning and I have to go to the cell phone store. I guess we are going to update our cell phones to something more sophisticated than flip phones....yes, we really do still use flip phones. I have one of the most ancient cell phone programs dating back to before Verizon bought out Alltel. I will miss the old girl, but I'm looking forward to a few of the newer features.

    Its hard to believe but they are saying we will get more snow Saturday. It's going to be 70 today. We may as well enjoy it while we have it.

    We had a bad storm after dinner last night with tornados in the area. We must have caught the edge of it because we got very little rain and no hail. The wind was really strong and the thunder rolled. Thunder really makes Dottie nervous. She thinks it's something she needs to protect us from and it's hard on her nerves. Blondie, enjoy your Spring days...I know how much you love to frolic outdoors.

    Wishing everyone a stellar Wednesday!

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

      Yes, I am up this early. Getting ready to take DD for her 2nd foot surgery. This is going to be a fun filled day. Not. Still working on DH getting fixed up. The doc they wanted him to see, was scheduled for April 15. That man cannot have his little friend with him for that long. To much chance for infection. Not as easy as going to doc and have them put in another one. He had to have that one done in OR after 5 painful attempts without sedation. So while DD is in surgery I will be making phone calls. Just another day in the life of me. For everyone else...hang in there, someone else always has it worse. Gonna try to smile, per Blondies instructions, but it is getting difficult. To much going on right now. Hugs and blessings. Prayers for all. Extra special ones for some of you.
      Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



        Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

        Good Morning, Blondie. I'm sitting here feeling very lazy. We arrived back in Baarn late last night after spending almost five full days in a town called Hitchin in our beloved England. It was so nice to be back in the UK. Our reason for being there was to attend a funeral for someone Joe worked closely with for a number of years. He had ill health for quite a while. He was supposed to have lunch at his favorite pub and had reservations to do so. When he didn't turn up friends went to check on him and found him sitting in his chair looking as though he was just sleeping. This gives us hope that he went quickly and painlessly. I have never been to a funeral at a crematorium. I was expecting to walk into the chapel to find his urn waiting there for the service. Not so. Instead there was a bit of a procession with casket arriving in a hearse. They do not cremate until after the funeral. My friends said this is the common practice.

        It was lovely being out in the countryside. Visiting the pubs again; spending time with our friends in their home and doing a bit of sightseeing all making for a very enjoyable reunion. We visited Duxford airfield with it's Imperial War Museum. I can't even begin to describe how enormous this place is. With a number of gigantic hangars, each houses a huge number of airplanes, artillery, etc. from WWII. It was absolutely fascinating and an experience I will never forget. It was an exhausting day since this Imperial War Museum covers many acres. Unfortunately, the American hangar wasn't open but I don't know if I could've handled going through it. I was exhausted after all that we did manage to see.

        I also visited a fascinating series of buildings in Hitchin called the British Schools Museum. It has been there since the early 1800's and is the only Monitorial Schoolroom of its kind left in the world. It's beginnings came about because of Joseph Lancaster who developed a unique way of teaching about 300 students at a time based on a monitorial system of educating the children of the working poor. My friend and I were very impressed with the museum. It was far more than we expected. I wish I could've taken pictures of the two quilts in the headmaster's house. They were hexagon quilts that date to that period in time (1800's). On the parents' bed was a gorgeous "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt. At first I thought I was looking at Civil War reproduction fabrics. I was tickled pink to realize that I was actually looking at authentic fabrics of the time. The quilt had been in a drawer never seeing the light of day. It was in perfect condition. It looked brand new since the colors were so vibrant. You can imagine how thrilled I was.
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          Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

          Morning all , Marilyn. I hope things get better soon. Blondie you are such a breath of fresh air. Rebecca, am sorry for your reason to go to England, but sounds fascinating. I am up early here, cant. Sleep, have worked on my illusion. Quilt, i find it interesting. That something so easy gives such a look. Got hearing for disability. Done, can take up to 90 for them to make a decision. Think it went well. The doctor they had there did state i couldn't. Work full we will see. Thanks to all the prayers. Hugs and prayers to all that need them. Hope all have wonderful day. Cecelia


            Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

            Must be cold out this morning as my hands and knees aren't working too good, maybe another cup of coffee will prime my pump.
            Blondie, I'm exhausted reading all that you've been doing, thanks to your DS and friend for their labor but I suspect they're helping mostly for the great lunch and brownies. Do you rent the boys out?

            Nice vacation Rebecca but sad that you lost someone close. Sending prayers to Barb and Marilyn with the heavy load they both are carrying at this time.

            Oh, what to do today? List is long and never ending. Did kitchen floor while coffee was brewing, bunch of towels and linens still sitting drier, soup to get going, paper work and bills to go through but they have to wait until I finish my morning stop at the forum.


              Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

              Good Morning and Happy Wednesday. Blondie, your glow worm poem today definitely brought a big smile to my face this morning.

              Sun is up here and hopefully it will make the frost on my car go away before I need to leave for work. I could skip the scraping today. We'll see. I hear there may be some snow flurries in the forecast for Saturday but I will focus on the fun part of that day-- DH and I will be going to see the Moody Blues that night. Just love their music and there are a couple of their songs that are very special to us. Looking forward to a nice evening. Still have three days before that happens so I will do my best to enjoy each of those days too. They will be special in their own way, even if it's just a great cup of tea.

              Marilyn, I hope you dd's surgery goes well and also that you can get dh's issues addressed sooner rather than later. Hang in there. You've got a lot on your plate right now. Barb, good luck picking out new phones. Rebecca, those museums sound absolutely awesome! Sounds like you had a great time in England.

              This girl's gotta get off the couch and get herself moving along. Have the best day possible everyone. Think of Blondie's glowworm and smile.
              Ginny B



                Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                Good morning.....

                Got some rain going on here.....much rather see rain than snow. It was snowing Monday when I got off work and was gone by noon yesterday.

                I have a lot to get done at work today so maybe my day will go quickly so I can go home and work on some of my quilts.

                I'm waiting for a nice day, when I can open the windows and then I'm going to do some spring cleaning. Temps in the 40's and 50's seem nice but not nice enough to have the windows open.

                Prayers and hugs to those that want/need them. Have a wonderful day!
                Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                  Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                  Good Morning Everyone!

                  Blondie - you're a busy girl! Marilyn and Barb, my thoughts and prayers just for you and hoping things start looking up.

                  I'm off work today for a doctor appt. I have a little "spot" on my back that is suspect (probably too much time in the sun) that I'm having checked out so hoping that it is "nothing". Then off to pick up mulch and and a few other things. Hopefully I get back before the storms they are predicting show up. We really need some rain.

                  I may get in some sewing later this afternoon but we'll see. Hugs, smiles and prayers for all of you. Have a great day!



                    Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                    Morning everyone!
                    I've got some sore muscles also. Been raking in the yard and placing bricks down around some flower beds. But DGD has been helping DH and I. Love being able to be outside after this long winter.
                    Prayers for all of those needing them. I have been thinking of Ozziepuppy and I pray she is feeling stronger and healthier.
                    Have a happy day everyone!!
                    Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


                      Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                      Morning all...just about to head into a staff meeting. We have them once a month now which is nice.

                      Rebecca, sorry about your reason for visiting the UK but I'm so very jealous! Some day I WILL make it there! Marilyn...thinking of you today and hoping you get some much needed respite...even if it's just a half hour to yourself sitting at the hospital. Take care of you too.

                      Everyone else...sending lots of ((((HUGS))) your way.

                      Heard from my priest friend this morning. She has offered to help me move and might be able to even gather up a few people from her church to help out. I'm so happy I met her! It's a lot off my shoulders as I have really been stressing about it lately. Have to email my landlord today to see if I can get in a few days early. Fingers crossed for me that he says yes please!!

                      Have a great day everyone! xoxo


                        Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                        Happy thoughts coming to ya Wendy! Hopefully she lets you in early (they usually do if it's ready).

                        Marilyn, my heart goes out to you. Prayers continue for you and your family.

                        Hoping the spring brings in good thoughts, quick recoveries and some comfort and relief. This was a rough winter for sure.

                        yesterday I woke up to a rash all over my neck... lovely. Must be an allergic reaction to something... my skin is angry. I'm thinking maybe all the ointments and lotions I've used on the tattoo that rubbed off while sleeping...
                        But as Marilyn says there's always someone worse off so I'm not complaining too much. Just wishing crap would stop!
                        Trying to stay busy and find new things to interest and play with soph. I made bubbles and play doh and we color as long as she shares her crayons and the drawing nicely.
                        Working on my quilting projects. The donation quilts are on hold for a little, I just have to get done with the back log a little, most of them have a due date on them. It's always on my mind though.
                        My cousin and his wife are thinking about having me make up some tshirt quilts for them, they'd rather pay me than a stranger. Sweet! We'll see if it pans out.

                        Looking forward to Soph's birthday end of next month. Just not sure what to get her... I want to do her room up... we waited for paint and deco til she was old enough to have an opinion... well she sure does have some now LOL. We'll see what hubby says. His second job should be enough to pay for a zoo trip for all the kids this year. Last year was fun, but we just took Soph.
                        My big day is coming up in a couple of weeks, but I'm feeling pretty homesick from the family. Kinda bummed out being so far away from people I want to see!

                        Anyway prayers and hugs to all.
                        sigpicQuilter since 2013.


                          Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                          Starting to feel so much better. Not crying as much and my flu is slowly going away. Feel like I am a glow worm with the sun shining out of my bum!!

                          Finally picked up my featherweight from having it serviced. I love it. I learned how to wind the bobbin and thread it and I was just like a kid in a candy shop. So now my plan is, given I kinda figured the featherweight out, is this. My sister wants to learn to quilt so I said I'd take a beginner class with her. I am sure I'll learn something but really don't need the beginner basics so my plan is to sew my sampler quilt top with my featherweight. Not an earth shattering idea but I think it will be fun to do this and gives me a bit more incentive toward the class.

                          I was getting pretty down in the dumps between family deaths and having the flu but as many here have said "Quilting is my therapy". As soon as I started sewing I felt a peace come over me and a lot of stress just disappearing. I never had any doubts that I would come out the other side of February/March but it sure is nice when it starts to happen. I miss my mom but it is OK I just now dwell on my happy memories and family times together.

                          Hoping for good results for your DD and DH, Marilyn. You deserve a medal for all your caregiving. Thoughts and prayers for many of you going through hard times. Hope you are doing ok Ozziepuppy.

                          Blondie you always have the cutest stories to start out our days. This is a fun one to go with your glow worm. Give it a whirl. And don't forget to SMILE.

                          Grandma Nan



                          "Some of the best memories are created in flip flops"


                            Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                            Good afternoon everyone. I was in the middle of writing this morning when I got called away.

                            The frozen quilt is done, washed and dried. I also made her a pillowcase to match.

                            I also made a floating 4 patch from The Quilting Gourmet, check it out. I really like this block. Someone had posted the link a few days ago.

                            I recently bought some fabric from our very own Denis. It is just beautiful. It is called Silvia's Sonnet. Silvia's Sonnet ? P&B The fabric is so beautiful and so new that no one has it in Charm packs or Layer Cakes YET!! So I asked Denis to make me up a layer cake. It is now ready to be picked up. YA!!!

                            Hubby has his appointment this morning. Doc believes he has Neuroplaxia. He now has pills, Lyrica, to take and he will see him again in about 1 month. Hopefully this medication will also let him sleep at night.

                            I am off again in a little bit. My Jeep is having an oil change.

                            Yesterday I made spaghetti sauce and pickled eggs. Today is baked beans. I am taking all this with me on the weekend.

                            Have a great everyone.
                            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                              Re: Okay, so it's Wednesday

                              Prayers for all who need them, the struggles are there, but we are here to support you!

                              Amy, how old will Soph be? Is she turning 2? A fun age, but short attention spans!! My DS turns 4 in June and I'm stressed about what to do for him.... I want to make him an 'Alphabet soup' bucket of fabric letters to play with, but I'm not sure I'll have the time or materials... Though I do have scraps...

                              I've been a busy bee this week, we have spring break. My sewing time has been clothing focused, I made an adorable outfit for DD, and turned some shirts of mine and DHs into nightgowns for her. She loves them, I think they are just okay... But she's the one wearing them!!
                              Tonight I cut fabric for some more blocks for my 1930s sampler BOM that I'm working my way through. After this I have two small wall hanging kits then I'll be out of quilting supplies until I get home. That's okay though, because next week is April, and I go home in June, which is really soon!! :-)