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    Hello Folksies!

    Another Friday is here, it is continuing to rain - much better than the flakes and sleet we had yesterday. I came home from work and had to get the woodstove going again. Oh my aching back. Sheesh. But guess who didn't cook last night? ME! Yay. I mean, how hard is it to make hotdogs? Luscious can handle that jes' fine. So he did. I was too busy trying to get a project worked on a bit more.

    You know how I said way back at the end of the last year, the first part of this year that I don't make resolutions but instead reflect on what I've learned. Well, I'm still learning. And trying to keep a mental list of projects I've started and completed this year so far. Hmmm, I've finished 8 COC's and have 4 more almost ready to go. I've finished 3 quilts completely and have 5 more in the works. I've also completed countless mug rugs, coasters, totes and handbags. I don't just sit still; I sit and stitch. Perhaps I should not have complained so much about how cold it was this winter. I can say that because once Spring is really in full force, of course, I will stitch but I will be outside playing in the mud and red clay. There are so many things I would like to make. I can barely pick up that bucket list!

    See y'all back here on Monday. Prayers, hugs, blessings and loads of smiles to all of my dear ones right here at the MSQC.

    PS - Wendy, didn't mean to make you sad yesterday about the poochies. I said it would do no good because the animal control peeps never come out until I've called about 2 weeks worth. By then, dogs are gone to other yards to deficate in. And, our county has a no kill shelter. That wouldn't matter anyway, since all dogs and cats think that our property is a shelter. lol. Now smile, sweetie.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Friday!

    Tag you're it this morning. Good morning. It is still dark here at this hour.

    I did not get much accomplished yesterday. I did more quilting on the Frozen quilt and I will probably finish it today. You see, I have to work today.

    For tomorrow, plans are to go to an Antique Show and Sale in Ottawa and then perhaps go car shopping.

    Hubby works for his brother, who owns a bar, a couple of days a week. Well, his brother sold the bar and is retiring May 1st. Hubby really does not want to work for the new owner. Last week he got a call about another job, so yesterday he met with the owners. Now this is a small county so everyone knows everyone. Anywho, he starts there at the end of April. It is just a couple days a week, serving drinks and looking after the golfers. Right up his alley. He gets out (of my hair) and makes a few bucks to boot. I am very happy about this. It is a win win situation.

    Have a great day and a great weekend everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Friday!

      Good morning boys and girls! Blondie, love the cartoon this morning! I think I've done that too!

      I'm up early this morning......ours woke me up & then I couldn't go back to sleep. The book sale group has been very busy the last 2 set up mode. The sale starts this morning at 8am.......and there will be a line outside the door. At final count, they are estimating that we have about 20,000 books this year. I'm hoping the 80 % chance of rain tomorrow won't hurt us too bad.

      Well, I need to go stretch my stiff muscles and get ready to go.

      Hope everyone enjoys their day!
      "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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        Re: Friday!

        Morning everyone
        No excitement yesterday (that's a good thing...). I had a great visit with a longtime friend - we had lunch and fruit salad - yumm. Haven't done a whole bunch of sewing this week, hoping to get some in today with the quilt top that I'm working on!
        Blondie, the cartoon at the top of your post - that was me yesterday!! I was doing something in my kitchen, literally took TWO STEPS to my right to open a cabinet door, and 'poof'... what was I doing??? oh boy.
        Hope everyone has a nice weekend


          Re: Friday!

          I have just been all about the grandbaby this week. I loaded a backing onto the frame (two days ago) heard her happy squeals and turned off machine and head down to play. Been playing everyday. My son was home today so thought I'd get some sewing done but she has started grabbing hands and pulling you to where she wants you. My place was down on the quilt (LOL), so she could bring me books. Need to get some projects done but they will have to wait. Just over three months until granddaughter number two arrives my poor machines will feel neglected.
          sigpicAnita G.


            Re: Friday!

            Happy Friday and WELCOME SPRING!!!! I did see some little green shoots popping up through the ground yesterday so I'm ready. So far we have a 2 hour delay cause Old Man Winter has to get another jab in before it's over for the year. I am counting on a closing with 2-6" expected. We'll probably get the higher amount and I'd rather stay home than walk down the hill for my ride and get there only to turn around to come back once they realize they should close. If we do close, hubby said he will help me with the cloth leaders on the frame today. I think I need to watch the video 20 more times though, just can't remember a dang thing these days.
            Being up at 5:30 did give me the chance to get the April calendar, rough drafts of all the bulletins for April, and the Prayer List done for church. I like to be ahead.
            Well - suppose I will keep hoping we will close - I've got quilting to do!
            Make it a great day today and be safe out there if any are in the way of the weather.

            What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


              Re: Friday!

              Good morning, yay Friday, lol as if that means something to me...Saturday is my Friday. I got hom from work yesterday day around 1 pm, I cleaned a bit, worked on my Downton abby quilt a bit then took a nap , then I watched hockey and finished the Downton top with the exception of the applique'. I posted a pic in show n tell. Stayed up to late and up to early! It's violets quilt and it's from the andover website.

              My LQS is having their twice yearly blowout sale today...hoping I can get off to go by there. Other than that...just trying to get along!
              Everyone have a great day! Prayers for those in need!
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              SW Missouri

              Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                Re: Friday!

                Morning Everyone,

                I'm back after another week of work in Cuba. Steve is done with his work and now I'm waiting for the carpet to be put in #6. Then it will be finishing touches. We worked 11 hours yesterday and then had a long drive home. When I got home I fed the Girls, showered and went straight to bed. We have a plumbing issue, so our plumber will be there again today.

                I love Jenny's new tutorial. I may try a smaller version as a baby quilt, I seem to have baby quilts on the brain lately.

                Jeff has physical therapy today. I can't wait to sleep in a little tomorrow morning. We will have our St Pat's corned beef dinner today. I cooked the meat Wednesday, so there won't be much work to finish things up. Leftovers make awesome corned beef hash or sandwiches.

                Have a great Friday everyone!

                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Re: Friday!

                  Today is rainy and dark.
                  I made play doh for Soph yesterday and she actually played with it. I think I'll go and get some real play doh though it's so cheap now and doesn't leave a yucky residue on the hands.
                  Today my sis is calling us via google hangout so that her kindergarten class and her can finish a project.... teaching someone how to do something. All week they've been writing up how to brush your teeth. So they're going to read step by step to Sophie. They are beyond excited, and ask my sis a few times a day if we'll do it and when! So cute.
                  The big girls are coming for the weekend so that'll give some good distraction. I need to get some serious sewing done. Most of it is hand work so I can sit on the couch while they all play video games with dh.
                  Hope everyone can have a restful enjoyable weekend.
                  Prayers and happy thoughts continue.
                  sigpicQuilter since 2013.


                    Re: Friday!

                    Good Morning!

                    Blondie - loved the cartoon. I am notorious for "looking" for my cell phone while I am talking on it. Yes, really. I can't even believe how often I do that.

                    I am off today, but probably no sewing. Have to do a little housework and start the laundry and then have a friend coming over later this afternoon for some girl time and she is wanting to take on some of my scrapbooking and card making supplies that I never use anymore.

                    It's starting to warm up again here - 67 today and no wind so I'm going to enjoy it. Tomorrow is my girly day. I'm going to get my hair done, some errands, see my Dad and step mom and a little me shopping.

                    Both Kansas University and Wichita State play today and possibly play each other later this weekend. Lots of coverage here about the basketball tournament. I'm not much of a basketball fan but I do hope one of them come out winners.

                    Off to walk the fur kids and get my day started. Hugs, prayers and smiles for all. Have a great Friday and weekend!



                      Re: Friday!

                      Morning all....Thanks Blondie for the morning smile as usual! Glad the wee doggies will be well taken care of at some point and that they don't exclusively use your yard for their toilet!
                      Monique - can't wait to see pics of the Frozen quilt
                      Pam - good luck with the book sale
                      Anita - I don't blame you one bit...I'd be spending ALL my time with that adorable wee babe too!
                      Quilting Trish - I'm so sorry about the snow! Hope it melts quick!
                      May - good luck getting deals today!
                      Barb - Cuba sure sounds like a lot of work! Hope things settle down for you soon and you don't have to work there so much. Hope Jeff's PT goes well today.
                      Amy - what vid. games do you play? When I move I'm going to be starting to get into XBox one games with my boy.

                      Everyone else...hope you have a fantastic weekend.

                      I'm exhausted today. I have been up past midnight every night this week and out every night this week except Monday! Busy Busy! And I'M SO RELIEVED!! It's SO NICE to be getting out of the house! I am meeting a LOT of new people. Granted most of them are broken like me but I'm a "fixer" so it's really good for me and takes my mind off my own it's very good. I've been procrastinating on work all week (because it's boring as sh*t and I don't want to do it) so have to get that done today. Wish me luck!



                        Re: Friday!

                        Another week over and much accomplished but lots more to do, does the laundry and house upkeep ever end?

                        Yesterday morning I received an email from local quilt shop to come in and pick up the pillowcases her customers had dropped off as she was closing the store. Store opened almost years ago and she feels the members of my guild didn't support her shop. She had moved to our area from out of state to be near her married DD and family. I guess having a guild near by was the main reason to open her shop in the next town even though she didn't know anyone in the guild. She never joined the guild, was invited to our meetings to talk about her shop and she sent a sales gal, another time she declined invitation to our Harvest Supper. Sent her a copy of the article I wrote for guild's newsletter giving kudos to her and her customers for making pillowcases for guild's Pillowcase Project for kids in hospitals and also mentioned briefly another quilt shop quite a distance away that also participated. Other quilt shop owner emailed Thanks for the mention but nothing from LQS, even after I posted the article on her shop's Facebook page. She just seemed to drop the ball.

                        Not too pleasant at times either. Last year I had asked for a copy of her Row by Row challenge block for a friend and she replied she designed her row challenge and looked over at her row by row strip on the wall with the price for a kit and walked away. From what I understand the patterns are free and you buy the kit if you want. Her pattern was a twister one so I guess you also needed to by the ruler. Anyway, DH was headed that way in the afternoon so he picked up the pillowcases, she told him to take the basket they were in. I've been cleaning out stuff and now I have this big basket to find a place from. It's going right to the guild's storage for quilt show items as I know someone will find a use for it at next year's show.


                          Re: Friday!

                          Originally posted by MomGram View Post
                          I have just been all about the grandbaby this week. I loaded a backing onto the frame (two days ago) heard her happy squeals and turned off machine and head down to play. Been playing everyday. My son was home today so thought I'd get some sewing done but she has started grabbing hands and pulling you to where she wants you. My place was down on the quilt (LOL), so she could bring me books. Need to get some projects done but they will have to wait. Just over three months until granddaughter number two arrives my poor machines will feel neglected.
                          Being a grandparents and watching those babies is the best feeling in the world.
                          Mary :icon_popcorn:


                            Re: Friday!

                            Good morning! It's another rainy day here, but I'm not complaining as it sure beats snow! I'm going to work on taxes today for sure!

                            I hope everyone has a great day. Spring arrives this evening!
                            *~* Myrna *~*
                            *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                              Re: Friday!

                              May, some people you can't please no matter what you do. Sorry it was with a LQS that was so close.

                              We're still dog sitting. Love this dog. I swear, DH thinks she's a grandchild! I laughed at her last night. She kissed and kissed me then laid down in my arms and sighed. How cute. She's a medium size dog. Of course I can't remember her "brand". I know she loves biting buttons off shirts. And loves to stretch out on DGD bed after scooping off all the bedding.

                              Continuing on my Hunter Star quilt today. It's a lot of fun to stitch. I just have trouble sitting long enough to quilt much at a time. Oh
                              Btw got a letter saying I was to serve on federal jury duty if I answered the questionnaire right. My Dr. Sent a note and said I would not be physically strong enough to serve. Whew I'm on oxygen 24hrs a day. And my rheumatoid arthritis is in a flare mode right now. I'm fine as long as I stay home and quiet. (No more wild parties for me. Lol). Better get started my coffee is waiting. Love to all.
                              Mary :icon_popcorn: