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Mondays should be fun . . .

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    Re: Mondays should be fun . . .

    We have 206 bales in. They stopped cutting & baling for the weather yesterday. I was supposed to get a load Saturday after the show I judged, but something went sideways and she wasn't going to have a full load for us until early evening. It is a two hour drive and about 45 min to an hour to load, and two hours home. We decided to just wait until Sunday AM when we knew they would have enough hay to fill the trailer. Bad idea. We should have gone down Saturday evening and then unloaded it on Sunday. When we arrived at the field on Sunday it was just as the sky opened up for a nice rain shower. The hay lady sent out one of her handy guys to help us load. It took us just about 30 minutes to load the 100 in the trailer! By the time we got home the sun was shining and a we had a nice breeze. We let the bales sit in the sun for a few minutes to help shed the damp, then salted them before loosely stacking them.
    We are one load away from done. I think we are set for Thursday morning for the last one. I'll see if I can find some nice 3rd cutting alfalfa to round out the hay supply for the winter and we should be good! I really don't want to be looking for hay in January again! I am afraid of what the hay prices are going to be come this winter. The lowest I've heard of is about $12 for a 90# bale of alfalfa. I've heard rumors of prices getting near $20 before too long. We'll probably have to sell the goats before I can pay that kind of price!
    Our other problem is that quite a few of the hay farmers have converted their fields to wheat and other grains. The wheat prices have been better than hay. They can still use their baling equipment to make straw bedding of the leftover stalks.
    Yikes! I need to win the lottery and buy up a hay farm in eastern WA just for my own use! Oh yeah, I have to play before I can win huh? Darn! C
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    because those who mind don't matter,
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      Re: Mondays should be fun . . .

      Plix...too funny about 2012. Lucky that i covet old my hand cranked sewing machine and my coal oil lamps. That way when the power goes out I can still see to sew and eat chocolate!
      Sandy...hope the sting clears up soon. Hate those nasty buggers!
      Cathy...haying brings back great memories as well and some sore muscles from stacking the bales.
      Well here in BC it is a stat holiday then my holiday is over... Back to work tomorrow. YUCK! I OWE...I OWE...SO OFF TO WORK I GO!
      I have to tell you about my great find yesterday. I have been looking for a vintage stove for my 1930's kitchen and yesterday I found one for $200.00. To buy retail it would be close to $6000.00. It is an 8 yr old stove that looks like an old wood cookstove but is electric and a perfect cream color. It was a real mess but works great and after some elbow grease it looks awesome. elmira stove.jpg This is sort of what it looks like.
      Well back to my chores...take care everyone!
      Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

      Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


        Re: Mondays should be fun . . .

        Misquito bites - the only thing I've found is a product called After Bite. Sometimes it takes multiple applications to stop the itch for good and if you apply it after you've scratched, it stings. But it works!!!

        I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


          Re: Mondays should be fun . . .

          Ouch - those nasty bugs - hope it feels better by now Blondie.

          Got lots done today. Washed and hung 3 loads of clothes out, machine quilted a small quilt for a gift so now have to tie off the long strings and get it bound. Lost the electric tonight when a bad storm hit right before some church meetings so we had the meetings with kerosene lamps. Was kind of cool. Came home and found the electic just coming back on. WhoHoo- (won't have to worry about using the bathroom all night now).

          Not much else here. Think I'll go tackle those strings and binding. I don't have many days left before school starts so have to make the most of them.


          What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


            Re: Mondays should be fun . . .

            So sorry you got bites, Blondie. My husband got it too. He hasn't driven his pickup in a while and when he went to start it up, Yellow Jackets came from everywhere. He got stung a few times and it was very painful. He never complains so I know it must have hurt bad.
            As for men: All the problems that women have start with men, MENstration, MENopause, and MENtal Illness! They drive us crazy, but we love them anyway! LOL
            I'm praying for all your hurts, injuries, and operations. I'm hoping for quick relief for all of you.
            Love and Hugs, Jan L
            Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>