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    Originally posted by SuzyQue View Post
    Praises for old barns! and the treasures they hold. We are installing a new doorway to the new bedroom to the old bathroom, so we can swap the master bedroom and the living room. Our home is almost 100 years old. Couldn't find a door anything like ours. Decisions, decisions. On a hunt through the old barn............wala!!! a door that matches AND is just the right size, too. Yeah! With a refinishing...............and tons more work to all the rooms involved...............we will be on our way to moving our rooms! Now if only I had that Dresden plate quilt/bedspread done for that new bedroom!!!!! Never enough hours in the day!!!
    How lucky to be pointed in the right direction. You know, that's one of the things about older homes - people did some changes but they SAVED instead of loading the landfill down with things that could be recycled - or reused as in your case. Congrats! Now, take a deep breath and you'll find time to finish that quilt!!
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