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Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

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    Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

    I realized yesterday afternoon that I had no grandkid commitments for today and I was relishing the thought when the phone rang. Seems my special order at the Husqvarna shop is in so I need to make a trip to Kansas City and pick up the frame for my quilter, my new ruffling foot, and the Fast Turn contraption. Anyone used one of those?

    So, since I'm going to be close by, I need to call my BFF and see if she's available for lunch. Isn't that what is called 'killing two birds with one stone'?

    I'm still not doing my best after my bout with the summer cold but I'm hanging in there, up and at'em, enjoying life anyway. Anyone else suffered with this thing? All the cold symptoms are gone, but I have this residual nausea . . . daily, too. Good thing I'm past child-bearing age . . .

    We were entertained last night by our 2YO granddaughter who, following her 4YO sister, learned to dive from the diving board into the pool. She's been taking lessons at the public pool and surfaces, rolls to her back, and swims unassisted to the pool ladder. We had long discussions about not diving unless an adult is present and she knows who the adults are. I am NOT a swimmer, so I'm probably more apprehensive than most . . .

    I haven't been able to sew all week and I'm beginning to have some withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully I'll be able to spend the weekend there. Crossed fingers for me, anyone?
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    Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

    Originally posted by Sandy Navas View Post
    Anyone else suffered with this thing? All the cold symptoms are gone, but I have this residual nausea . . . daily, too. Good thing I'm past child-bearing age . . .
    Sandy, what is more than likely happening is you are having residual sinus drainage at night. Even though you feel like the cold is gone, your sinuses are probably not quite clear and when you lay down they give you some problems. Your stomach is pretty much empty at night and it can cause nausea.
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      Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

      Summer colds are the worst in my opinion.

      I haven't been doing much sewing either this week. It's too darned hot to be in my sewing room. It's a small bedroom upstairs, and of course you need the iron on to sew. So machine work will have to wait until this heat wave passes. Thankfully I have some hand quilting to work on, but today its even too hot to sit near it. Today is the day to get out of the house and find the mall and some AC.

      Stay cool everyone!
      When life throws you scraps, make a quilt! :icon_bigsmile:


        Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

        Sandy i totally understand your apprehension. I can barely swim(even with lessons as an adult) while all my kids swim like fish.

        i have one thing left to finish and hope to get it done over the next two days. I sew in the attic and it is quite toasty up there even with fans.
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          Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

          I'm probably to late this morning to invite myself to lunch with you and your BFF, Next time you come into the city, I'd love to meet you in person!

          We'll be attending a funeral visitation tonight for a 5 year old boy that drowned. He was left unattended and snuck outside to the swimming pool, poor baby never learned to swim.

          I asked MrWindy to take down the swimming pool he had when we got married. My kids didnt know how to swim and I didnt want to take any chances. They all can swim now, but now I have the DGD thats here all the time, and she hasnt learned yet.
          I cant swim, I'm actually terrified of water! I had a near drowning expeerience as a child and since then, I dont like water in my face, at all!

          Everyone stay cool this weekend...and check on your neighbors!!
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            Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

            Yes, Sandy, I have the Fast it. Have used it a lot! Glad to know you are not expecting...but hope you feel 100% soon! Have a great shopping and lunch day with your friend! Crossing fingers and toes that you can sew this weekend. I can' you must! SuzyQue


              Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

              Happy What's left of Friday, Ladies
              I didn't make it in here this morning; been home from work for a wee little while. Came home, peeled the clothes off and took a nap. Have I ever mentioned I don't do heat too well? Truly. One of the many reasons I don't miss living in Florida even after all these years. No rain, our garden is drying up in these 100 degree temps - at least I have had enough tomatoes and more out there to pull. Also thankful that peppers and okra like it HOT.

              Sandy, I am sorry to read you are still not in the pink. And yes, summer colds are the worst. Be careful it doesn't turn into an upper respiratory or sinusitus. I have had both from a summer cold in years past. When folks like you and I who are normally healthy as horses get something minor it can turn into something major. My DD calls it the making it worth your while sickness factor.

              I am NOT cooking tonite. Sent hubs to get some barbeque. One of the few times I am thankful for fast food. We have a great drive in here that is inexpensive and you really get your dollar's worth. Called Cook Out. I think it is a chain but not sure where all they are at. Their barbeque and sweet tea is the bee's knee's. We can get a combo dinner - which includes drink, two sides and the main sandwich for under ten bucks for the both of us. I can't eat it all, but I do manage to eat the barbeque and lick my fingers a few times. Ohhh, I see Luscious driving in.
              Check in later, girlies.
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                Re: Friday - it's supposed to be quiet????????

                Sandy, it sounds like you need to get yourself to summer camp or a program at the Y to learn the basics of swimming. You don't want to disappoint the grands if you are the only home and they want to go in the pool. Actually it is too hot to go in the water right now, the air is SO hot.