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Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

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    Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

    It's Friday! Not only is it a weekend, it is a Holiday weekend for Canadians AND the U.S.
    Have a great time celebrating everyone.
    Sewing mends the soul.

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    Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

    Hey Blondie and Every One Else,
    Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July Weekend! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    My (DH's) grandkids have been visiting and with all the extra cleaning, cooking and entertaining I haven't had the time for my first love - sewing! Wed. afternoon I made my favorite cookies with Stella (7) - Oatmeal, Date, Pecan and white chocolate chip. I just use the recipe off the box of chopped dates and add a little salt and the chips and nuts.


      Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

      Thank you for noticing the Canadaian holiday as well......

      Have a great weekend everyone

      My husband lets me buy all the fabric I can hide :icon_wave:


        Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

        Goodmorning all...Happy Independence Day and Happy CAnada Day...have a safe and fun weekend all! We are taking our boat to the lake after DH gets off work and plan to spend the night on the lake-provided the weather cooperates! Got a not so good phone call from my son yesterday...his National Guard unit from Jacksonville Florida is being deployed...will be in Texas at Ft Hood for 2 months and then 10 months heart dropped to my stomach when he told me, but on the other hand I am so very proud of him. He has been in the guard since he was 19 and is now 31 and this is his first (and hopefully last) deployment out of the U.S. He will definitely miss his 2 girls...his wife and daughter. So now I have the push to get the Patriotic Star quilt done that I am going to make from the Patriotic Star Block Swap. I plan to give it to him before he actually deploys from Texas. Just waiting on everyone to get their blocks done-which should be mid-July.
        Have to go get a hair cut this morning and make a run to Joann's to take advantage of the holiday sale...
        With that said, I need to get off of here and get moving...have a wonderful weekend all!
        LIVE well, LAUGH often, LOVE much

        Hugs, Pat


          Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

          Good morning everyone! Happy Canada Day!

          Mimi Pat, please tell your son thank you for his service.

          Hope everyone was a great day!

          God Bless and take care.


            Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

            Mimi Pat, my son has been deployed twice - the first time to Egypt when he was 19, the second time to Iraq. Your son's service is appreciated, and your worry and your pride are understandable. You didn't mention where he is going overseas?

            Bumming today, pretending the house looks fine and just sewing. Got the top finished for first QFK quilt, now working on the next top. The fabric is kind of quirky - pink and purple four patches alternating with focus fabric of colorful snakes in all kinds of hot pink, hot purple, lime green type colors. Going to piece all 4 tops, then sandwich them all and quilt them.

            Happy Canada day to our northern sisters, and wishing everyone in the US a safe and happy holiday weekend as well. Our 4th of July celebration will be small, we'll grill and the kids will make their appearances, not necessarily at the same time. That's nice, I like having one on one time with all three.
            There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


              Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

              Happy Canada Day and an almost Happy Birthday America!
              Didn't get out for my morning walk yet, better do it soon cause I think the heat and humidity is coming. Think I pulled a muscle around my collarbone moving 40 pounds bags of mulch for my Dad. Didn't even get it all laid down in the flower beds yet. I was hoping he would want to just have me lay it down, but he wants the dirt dug up - work in some potting soil mix - split some hostas and put them in and THEN lay the mulch. I told him I didn't see it happening with the humidity wave coming on Sunday. But, I did take down curtains in his LR and DR to wash up here at home and then bring back on Sunday which means I'll be washing windows. Hope they shine when I'm done.
              So today will be a wash day and probably bill writing day since it's the 1st. Sunday is my oldest son's 23 birthday. We are giving him money for a new karate outfit and will pay for him to get it professionally hemmed and patches sewn on for his competitions. The fabric is so thick I can hardly get a needle through it. Monday is picnic day at DH's brothers home. Don't expect alot of people but it will be nice to get together.
              MimiPat - yes, please do thank him for his service. I bet if you post his address here, there will those of us that will send him a card when he gets where he is heading.
              Odie is gearing up to go to Mongolia at the end of July for 2 weeks. It's only for 2 weeks, but I'm nervous for him as well.
              Well, guess I better get moving and get my walk in. If I wait too long, the heat will set in and I will talk myself out of it. So far I am walking m,t.w and fridays and saturdays. Thursdays and Sundays I am working at my Dads and figure I get enough exercise in at his house on those days.
              Enjoy your weekend everyone - I wish everyone has an extra few days off to enjoy it.

              What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

                Morning & Happy Canada Day!

                It sounds like everybody has some fun planned for the weekend, even if it is low key!
                My cousin bought a new house this winter, so we are going to his place for the 4th. It's not quite as big of a shin-dig as our family 4th used to be, as Mom's dad had 9 brothers & sisters and the extended family would get together with a big pot-luck. As a kid, I remember they had a keg in the horse trough with ice, and by the end of the night the thing would be floating. We haven't had everybody together in about 9 or 10 years. There are only two sisters left and most everybody has their own thing going now. Our smaller version will suit me just fine. We can't stay late to watch the fireworks in any case. I have farm chores and we like to be home when things start exploding around here.

                On the sewing front, I got a few 6" blocks cut for a flannel D9P for the grandson who is arriving in Sept. The baby shower is set for the 16th. I should be able to get it done by then. Nothing fancy, as I am saving my favorite one to give to my son for use here. I am gifting her/them a lot of Emily's things from babyhood, so I'm not feeling too guilty about not springing for a bunch of new stuff.
                I hope to work on it some more today. Em & I are making a trip to the library and going to check out a new cutting mat for the table. I have used this one for so long I have cut the marks off of it and it is bowing up at the edges. It will make a fine craft mat for Em though! If I were a really good Mom I'd take her the 45 minutes into town so she could go swimming with Nana today. If that is to happen though I gotta get a move on so I can get the morning chores done. Hey! Perfect timing! The microwave dinged! The milk is warmed for the new baby goat! I am sure that one day here soon I'll have time to update the blog with the new kid pics.
                Take care & be safe over the weekend!
                Hugs, Cathy

                We had another new
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                  Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

                  Mimi Pat, many many thanks to your son for his service. We will keep him in our prayers for a safe return.

                  Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to all. Have fun celebrating but stay safe!

                  We are leaving right after work for our camp at the lake for a week....and boy do I ever need a vacation! Camp is only about 3 miles from Quebec so we see allot of Canadians. One day I was out for a bike ride....going right along (I thought)...when I was passed by a large group of bikers, like I was tied to a post. In passing one biker called out "Bonjour Madame". So obviously that was a Canadian group.

                  Have fun, stay safe!

                  Hugs to all,

                  I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


                    Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

                    Ahhh, I really am glad to drop by today and see how everyone is passing their day. It just amazes me that I can actually touch the lives of so many people in such far a way places.. far from me, that is. As for me, I am doing very well after the surgery june 19th. I have graduated to walking daily, with 2 large dogs. The sewing machine finally got my attention and I'm back to making the borders for that pinwheel quilt I started before surgery.. (I could say BS, but then It may confuse some one.) So I may just get another quilt done in July. I am so slow, but do enjoy my time of creating.

                    Not doin much over the holidays since the kids went off for a vacation and I'm in charge of the 5 animals. 3 cats & 2 dogs. Gotta keep the tummmy's full and the messes outside. Even in the 90 F. degree weather, we have to have a daily walk..granny's rule. The Cats only want fresh water and their feeding stations filled. The rest of the day is MINE. I have a supper/dinner date tonight with a life long friend, so This day will roll by faster than I expect... And since I live near the Illinois River, there is the sight-seeing 2 hour steamboat/paddle wheel tour happening on Wednes, the 6th..

                    That's about all the excitment this ol Granny can handle right now.. that keeps me busy enough to enjoy life and not worn out with commitments. Hugs to all and enjoy your holiday!!

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                      Re: Happy Friday & Happy Canada Day!

                      Wow you all have such plans for the weekend! Mine should be a quiet one. will probably grill something over the 4th,just for DH and me.everyone else will be out of town. Might make a small batch of ice cream, just for us though.
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