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It's Saturday! Oh Yeah!

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    It's Saturday! Oh Yeah!

    Good Saturday Morning, Ladies!

    Hope everyone is ready to have a wonderful weekend doing whatever flips your switch. I have work of course but then I am free for several days. I do have to carry my Mom to the eye specialist again this week. She has responded so well to the treatments, it is amazing. That said, anyone caring for seniors or if you yourself start seeing different colors ringing around what you are looking at or if you see lightning flashes or bolts in your eyes, it is NOT cataracts, macular degeneration, you need to get to the eye surgeon immediately. It is most likely what it has been for my mom - her blood pressure rose so much after Daddy died that she had clots forming behind her eyes. It is possible that she even had a slight stroke. Regardless, it is serious stuff and take no chances. Had I known this, I would have listened to my Mom's comments more closely last winter.

    Finally got the two tires I have been needing. Yay! I told my hubs the ride was so rough before I got the tires, I felt as if I was driving a buckboard! So now, 4 new tires all around. What a sigh of relief. I do feel much safer, especially after seeing how bald they all were in spots!

    Have a great day, everyone!!
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    Re: It's Saturday! Oh Yeah!

    Morning All!
    Blondie, take it easy at work today! Congrats on the new sneakers for your ride!
    I still can't seem to upload photos here. I'll keep tweaking stuff to see if I can. I'll post photos of the new babies on my blog once I take some. I still haven't gotten any of the baby that was born three weeks ago! I went down to do night chores and we had a new one on the ground and her brother was hung up backwards with mom. He came breach and I'm not sure if he is right in the head. With a little extra help he is eating, but he forgets what to do with his tongue and it sticks out the side of his mouth, thus loosing suction.
    I think I have decided on what to do for the back of Em's zebra quilt. It needs an extra few inches, and I have been debating several solutions. I think I'm going to make simple churn dash blocks (monkey wrench) and run them the length of the back to give it the extra width necessary. Next time, I'll rethink the idea to use zebra print for a backing. That is not an easy print to match!
    Well, I'm off to feed the babies and milk the girls. Then perhaps I can get in some time with the sewing machine!

    You all have a great day! Cathy
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      Re: It's Saturday! Oh Yeah!

      What a difference tires can make! enjoy your new ride. Trying to get some chores done so i can disappear upstairs later and check out my unhappy machine. It is cool and overcast here again today. Glad I have no outdoor work staring at me.
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        Re: It's Saturday! Oh Yeah!

        Hey, Blondie!
        Happy to hear you can safely drive your mom to her eye appointments with no fear of a blowout. Wonderful news that her treatments are doing so well. What a relief for all of you. Enjoy your well deserved time off . Remember to relax a bit. C.A.


          Re: It's Saturday! Oh Yeah!

          My goodness Blondie - they were that bald? My oldest son's were so bad that the mechanic wouldn't talk to me, but sure did give him a tongue lashing when he came to pick up the vehicle. When they tires get bald, there is a major chance of a blow-out and a major wreck especially when going on a highway. So, please keep an eye on them. We want to keep you safe as long as with everyone else.
          So -people - go check your tires! Take a penny and put it in the groove so Lincolns head is down. If you can see the above his head, you need a new tire. Check in different grooves around each tire since they wear differently. If the tread gets below 1/16" of an inch, it can cause you to hydroplane easier and also they won't work as well on snow. There isn't enough tread to help you out there.

          Made more black raspberry jam and quick, microwave pickles today. Also am playing with the free motion again.

          Didn't make dinner yet - am planning on some quick small steaks but won't cook them until DH gets home. Good thing I'm not hungry yet. It is a beautiful day out there - wish it could be like this everyday.

          I'll check back in later tonight everyone.

          What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish