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    Ah, Saturday. I have been up since 5 this morning. Just could not fall back asleep. I think we might be going to an auction sale today and I saw they had a featherweight. I guess I was dreaming about this so I would like to bid on it if possible and get if for a good price. Wish me luck ladies.

    I was going to attempt to finish my baby quilt yesterday but decided instead that my back room needed desparately to be cleaned. It is basically used for a junk room and that all it is good for. Did not find any real treasures but organized it again. Don't know how long it will last.

    My oldest son, Greg is going to join up with the American Navy for a 4 month tour in the middle east. I am a little concerned about the pirates but I think overall he will be safe. He volunteered for this and was the only one who qualified. I am so proud of him.

    Have a great day quilting friends,
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


    Monique - prayers for your son. Congratulations that he qualified - I bet you are so proud! Our Odie is in the Marines and is gearing up for a 2 week trip to Mongolia in July. That will be a long 2 weeks for us! We hear there is fighting in the mountains. Why can't these people get along?
    I might be going to an auction today too if my sisters stops by. A lady in her 90's passed away and has lots to sell. So, we'll see.
    Good luck on the featherweight!

    Sewing on a binding today. I didn't stop in at a Joanns but did hit a discount fabric store. I picked up the cutest orange/yellow/green stripe that ties all the baby colors together and will put it on at a diagonal - will add that extra touch to it I think.

    Spent 4 hours in Dad's garden yesterday and got half his plants in. So, of 121 plants, we have only 51 to go which will be planted on Sunday. Tending to his garden will keep him busy this summer.

    Well, all - have a great Saturday and give someone a HUG today!


    What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


      Re: SATURDAY!

      Hope you two find some good stuff at the auction....including the Featherweight! Congrats on you son's achievements and please thank them for us for their service......


        Re: SATURDAY!

        Monique tell your son thank you so very much. I know you are proud.

        Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


          Re: SATURDAY!

          Monique----thank your son for his service and try not to worry. (I know I would be!) Good luck at the auction.
          QuiltingTrish---good luck at your auction and what a great deal you found on fabric that will make that little quilt sing! Sometimes we run low or out for a reason! Wow! on the garden plants! That sounds like a huge garden and will keep someone very busy!!!
          I think I will come out of the sewing nook today and deep clean. The temps and humidity are much more pleasant. Windows are open and the breeze is even cool. I had a great week sewing curtains, pj's, nightgowns, and a quilted purse (not quite finished yet)....but the dirty rooms are screaming for their attention today. Off to scrub. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!