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    Whooo's Still Up?

    Hey everybody, or anybody who is still awake!

    Life happened here and 11PM is up LATE these days. I'm becoming an unwilling Early Bird, and it is hard on this card-carrying Night Owl!
    For those who missed the drama - Hubby & I are now fostering the half-brother of our grandson. Our son was awarded dependancy of GS, his son. After a long day in the courthouse, the judge decided that since we were willing and we would be providing daycare for the GS while son was at work, it would be the best solution to keeping the boys together as much as possible, as at the time Mom's housing & responsibility level were questionable.

    Sewing has pretty much come to a screeching halt, along with quite a few other things I normally do. I forgot how much energy little kids require. I am very glad that I didn't get the whole herd of goats bred last fall. I'd be in the loony bin! Our last set of spring kids were born two days ago. They are cute! I haven't had the time to give them as much attention as I like to.

    It sounds like we'll have a small crowd over for ham & smoked turkey this Easter. We are hoping for dry weather long enough to hide eggs outside. If not it's an indoor search with bonus space in the barn if necessary. Easter dresses may be augmented by rain boots this year!

    Is anybody doing anything extra special for Easter?

    If I don't catch up with you all before, have a Happy Easter and enjoy your family & friends!
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    Re: Whooo's Still Up?

    I'm headed to bed... so tired. But, I'll be cleaning and baking tomorrow. On Sunday our kids and grandkids are coming out for an Egg Hunt and dinner. There will be much poking fun at each other and laughing. I'm making Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, Strawberry cake, Ice Tea and Lemonade. My girl is making a Chocolate dessert.

    I have stuffed 4 dozen plastic eggs with candy and money. Plus, a Big Gold Egg and Big Silver Egg with more money in them.


      Re: Whooo's Still Up?

      We wrangled an invite to dinner at the youngest ones house. I have to make/take potato salad. Hope Monkey Man cuts it all up because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to with my gimpy finger!

      So what do you do with all these goats? Are they pets....are they sold off....are they dinner??? I hope they are not dinner! They sound way too cute!

      We had our grandson for several years too. It was a busy time, but so much better for him. Your busy-ness now will be worth it later!

      I am hoping we make it up to see the tulips tomorrow, but the way Mr. Crankypants is behaving tonight, I don't know if I can stand being in the car with him that long and my just go alone!

      I did finish another top tonight. I have to trim it, but am kind of nervous to do so.....I think you all can understand why! Maybe we need a slot on here for photos of battle wounds!!!!

      No rainbows!


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        Re: Whooo's Still Up?

        Just taking a little break to eat my "lunch". Nothing too special planned for Sunday. I took two turkey breasts out of the freezer to defrost. We'll cook them and probably make mashed potatoes and whatever else I can can scrounge up. I am trying to use up what we have on hand so I don't have to move it.

        I saw some baby goats this week and they are just too adorable! Makes me wish I had one, but, no, no more pets for me. Way over quota as it is.

        Have a Happy Easter, everyone.


          Re: Whooo's Still Up?

          I'm still up. Evidently the warning on the allergy meds "may cause drowsiness" does not apply to me! Sad part is it isn't helping with my swollen eyes and runny nose either. Blah

          Sorry so many are facing rain on Saturday ... but I'm thankful that it will wash the pollen out of the air and into the storm drains. No special celebration planned for Sunday except church. Got one smoked ham slice that DH & I will share along with veggies. Hope y'all have fun with your families.


            Re: Whooo's Still Up?

            Still up here, always have trouble going to sleep, my mind is always running even if my body can't anymore. My neighbor has goats, lots of them, I have always been uncomfortable asking what they do with them. A few nights ago we were out watching the Blood Moon and I could hear one of them screaming. I turned to my husband and said I'll bet she is having a baby, its that time of year. I admire those of you who have taken care of grandchildren, I don't think I have the energy any more. As far as Easter, the kids are all busy with the in-laws this year so we are having a quiet dinner alone. You know the old saying if you have daughters you have them for life, when you have sons you have them until they choose a wife. Happy Easter and Gods Blessings to all.


              Re: Whooo's Still Up?


              I'm not up late, I'm up extremely early. Dottie woke me up at 30 to go out.

              This may be the first Easter in several years when the kids won't need to put a winter coat over their Easter outfits. Rain is hovering around our area but I hope it holds off until all the egg hunts and Easter services are done.

              We decided to not make a big fuss over Easter dinner this year. We are both suffering like Big Dogs with our allergies. I will be making a turkey breast, dressing or potatoes, fresh veggies, a fruit salad and rolls.

              Kensington, it sounds like you are going to have a fabulous Easter!!!!

              I wish you all a blessed Easter and a wonderful time with your family. Hugs....

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Whooo's Still Up?

                I'm up early for work...and like so many others with a swollen face and clogged up sinuses. They said it was gonna be one of the worst allergy season ever. I believe them! I can't decide if mine is allergies or a cold...I tend to get sinus infections so I started a antibiotic if it's not better by Monday I will go to the doc. I do believe it's better than yesterday..

                I asked DH the other night when I was all flagged out sitting in the did we ever raise two kids, work, and do all those activities....I admire hands on grandparents! I don't have any grandchildren yet...but hope I have energy when I do!
                SW Missouri

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                  Re: Whooo's Still Up?

                  "You know the old saying if you have daughters you have them for life, when you have sons you have them until they choose a wife. " I hear you as I'm the mother of 3 sons. Wish I had time to elaborate but I have to leave in a few minutes.


                    Re: Whooo's Still Up?

                    I can't be a night owl anymore either. Hubby is now working days instead of nights so we are in bed by 10 every night and up at 6am. I miss the night owl thread and I miss not seeing the DD until morning, but I really like the new schedule we are on.
                    We will have a quiet Easter. I will be making a roast with all the trimmings but we will not eat until dinner time. Jessica, my oldest will be with her MIL for lunchtime and then come to our house after Julia's nap and spend the rest of the day with all of us here. No egg hunt this year since she is only 10 months, but next year we will definitely have on for her.
                    Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!
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