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A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

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    Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

    Sounds like Daisy world needs a vacation! Hoping Mr. Daisy's blood levels settle down so that he can get his operation soon. Glad you are out of the hospital. So sorry about your poor kitty, but I think he picked a good family and had a good life with lots of love. Losing one of your fur babies is stressful on top of everything else. Hugs, Lisa

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      Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

      Daisy.... I am so sorry you have had such a rough time of it... I'm really glad to hear that you are feeling better.

      It's so hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet.... I'm so sorry about your Boris... I know it was a hard decision to make.

      I hope you continue to feel better, and that your husband is able to have his surgery soon..

      Sandy from Cincinnati

      AKA Kermit


        Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

        Daisy, so sorry to hear about all you and Mr. D have been having to deal with. My dh is on coumadin and I know it can be rough to get it just right. We have been in a good place for a while now but when it gets out of whack, it's hard to get it back into whack. Let's hope it gets stabilized soon so he can get the surgery he needs.

        Sorry about Boris That is so hard. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

        Sorry you were in the hospital too. Glad you are out and hope you are feeling much better and that things will stop raining down on your head. Take care of yourselves.
        Ginny B


          Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

          So sorry to hear about Boris as well as your other troubles.



            Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

            Thank you, Ms. Daisy, for the update. Please don't overdo, as we don't want you to develop a "poorly heart"!

            Reading about Mr. D not wanting to do things reminded me of a book my niece sent me when I was on chemo several years ago: it was titled "I'd Rather Have Chemo than Clean Out the Garage" and was a very humorous look at life with cancer treatments. When I had finished reading it, I brought it to the cancer center where I was being treated so other patients could get a chuckle, too.

            Keeping you in prayer!


              Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

              Think of you and Mr D often, Allison. Prayers being sent to you both now, too.


                Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

                Originally posted by Divine Daisy View Post
                What a time we have had in Daisy world! Mr Daisy is on warpheren..? spelling! His heart was damaged by his Chemo and radiation treatment and he now has to have an operation. Meantime he is going around claiming he can't do......this...or that.....because he has a 'poorly heart'! Rolls eyes, the man is a nut. Anyway he is now on a humongous amount of this drug and his blood hasn't thinned at all! He can't have the op until it has thinned.

                Meantime, I have been in hospital. Has been rough but I am out now and feeling a bit better.

                Then............ yesterday I had to take my old boy Boris to be put to sleep. He was the biggest, sweetest and most gentle Maine Coon and we will miss him loads, but he is out of pain now and that is what is important.

                So now it is mid April, the sun is out and the daffodils are everywhere. England is pretty again and the wind hasn't blown the blossom off my damson tree for the first time in about 5 years. I have some lovely new fabric, good friends, a great....if slightly crazy husband and I still have two lovely cats. Life is back on track again.

                So long Boris old friend. I am sure you will make sure that St Peter feeds you at EXACTLY 5 o'clock!

                You and your dh have been thru so much and I hope and pray that you'll both be feeling better real soon. Hugs...Genny
                TODAY IS A GOOD DAY...TO HAVE A GOOD DAY...Genny


                  Re: A few rough weeks but bouncing back now!

                  I'm so sorry you're having to deal with both illness(es) and losing a beloved pet! I do love your attitude though, so so much. <3
                  ~ Anna ~

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