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    Happy Saturday Ladies
    I have to work today - today became a "marathon" day as of last evening, so I won't be back on today or evening either. Normally my Saturdays are shorter than Fridays and then I spend the rest of the day grocery shopping, etc. I took on a few extra folks -m keep those prayers coming this way!
    Sis and I are planning a slumber party at Mom's tonite. All three of us have been wanting to get together for an all nighter with cookies, popcorn, prayer time and I must watch the old BW movie Topper - even better, Topper Returns. Mom has both. I am not sure what Luscious Larry will do - he may stay at home but then again, he likes hearing the giggles of his girls.
    Also my middle son will be coming to town to for a short visit. He only lives a few towns away but it is the big city - his vehicle isn't all that road worthy - he is never at home when Mom has a dr appt, so my eyes are hungry for him. Unless he found another hairdresser, he is in desparate need of a good trimming!!
    Hoping the weather is everthing that is promised to us. I am looking forward to some pretty sun shine.
    Blessings to all!
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    Re: Saturday!

    Saturday Morning - not much different if you're retired (or so I used to think). But, I still plan my life around the weekends. Unfortunately (or not) yesterday was pretty much a wash. Al and I got up early to seek out an offering on Craig's for some old tools (that dear man of mine is seeking something special). Nothing there he was yearning for, but he did wind up taking me out to breakfast.

    I must suffer from drops in blood sugar after eating because by the time we got back home I was ready for a much needed nap. Up for lunch and then back to bed where I read all afternoon. Perhaps it isn't blood sugar . . . it was a very dark, gloomy, heavy with moisture day. You know, Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down . . .

    The only plans today are to take the girls to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Our Miss Emily sure plans some good ones for Nana and Papa. I love it when she comes right out and says "Are you going to pick me up before breakfast, because if you do we could go to IHOP." And I say, "Who said I was going to pick you up?"

    The garden still needs work and I haven't done any sewing for neigh on three weeks . . . MY BAD!
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      Re: Saturday!

      Good morning everyone! Blondie, your sleepover sounds delightful! Sandy, do you get regular bloodwork? If not, it might be time for a sugar check...? Your granddaughters sound like so much fun, and you sound like the perfect Grandma!

      Enjoying my cuppajoe with y'all before I tackle my housework. I'm itching to dive into my girl's QFK quilt, but am waiting on a last yard of fabric to arrive in the mail. I do need to firm up my plan for it, and I can probably get all the butterfly fabrics cut out today. Playing with fabric, yay! My new cutting table makes it a pleasure instead of a pain to cut fabric. I'm thinking of photographing the fabrics and then playing with arrangements on the computer, too.

      The sun is shining but everything is soaked outside, so yard work out of the question unless I can sneak in some pruning this afternoon. A beautiful morning here - hope everyone else is seeing some sunshine!
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        Re: Saturday!

        Our sun is gone! We have a nice drizzle that will be interspersed with rain showers for the rest of the weekend. I'm glad we at least HAD some sun. I know, there are folks who can't seem to get either rain or sun, so I'll just say it was nice while it lasted!
        Today is the last day of extra farm chores. One of the goats had a kid last night. He's cute! I forget how cute and sweet the babies are. I am cleaning & painting for my friend again today. The cleaning HAD to come before the painting. Not as bad as some of those "dirty house" shows, but yuckier than I'd want to live! I hope to knock it out today, so I can have one day at home with the family this weekend.
        Some where along the line I have picked up a snorkely nose. My snot locker is randomly full, so I'll have to find some sinus stuff to keep my nose from dripping into the paint!
        No sewing here for today either. I did stop by J's yesterday to pick up another 1/3 yd for the back of the small quilt top I just finished. I went to look at the batting. I picked up some of the fusible stuff by June Taylor. I thought I'd give it a shot, and it came with a free 4.5" square ruler. Have any of you played with the fusible stuff? The label made it sound like it might be a bit stiff until it is washed. I liked the idea that I didn't have to move all of the pins while I was trying to shove it through my machine. We'll see how it goes, but probably not until next week.
        You all have a great day!
        Hugs, Cathy
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        because those who mind don't matter,
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          Re: Saturday!

          Rainy, gloomy day here.......again! Hopefully will get some much needed cleaning, laundry, ironing, etc. done today. I will strive for the afternoon of sewing....tomorrow. With just about a week left of our school, I am planning summer calendars---great fun! Our middle child, Molly left yesterday for Europe, so I try not to worry about that. Hope to incorporate her travel plans into our family fun for the summer. Oldest son, Eric will be married in July, so that will be a special time to get ready for, too. Many blessings at this time. Enjoy the day, ladies.


            Re: Saturday!

            Gloomy here too, must be why I slept in. Actually was up early after a bad dream and thankfully I fell back to sleep. Just finishing my second cup of morning inspiration and have plans to clean (why is it never done??) and head to the little mexican market for some fruit and veggies, as they have them so much cheaper there. All that to happen after a walk on the treadmill to clear my head. Extended plans for the day are to spruce up my sewing area with a little clean up and maybe douse my head with a brighter color. Hopefully I can get the sashing cut for the B&W fan blocks, would love to get that top together at least.

            Yesterday we had a full day with little Frankie. I got him a little pool and filled in with water that warmed up perfectly before he got here. It sure was fun to watch him splash around and show off. It is wonderful how grandkids can fully entertain us!

            Monique - your pillow turned out beautiful, a pic never does do anything justice. Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans!
            Blondie - have fun with your pj party, sounds like fun!
            Sandy - have to laugh at what the kids come up with. They just know we are wrapped around their fingers!
            Deb - lucky girl with a new cutting table! Can't wait to see your new project.
            Cathy - a long time ago I used some fusible batting. I remember it being okay. Let us know what you think.
            SUzyQ - hope you get to that sewing tomorrow. Sounds like a busy summer for you.

   the the treadmill before I procrastinate myself right out of it!
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              Re: Saturday!

              Beautiful day here so far. I just got the apple core template from MSQC. I found some fabric at Joanns so I've been cutting out pieces for an apple core quilt. I used my 60% scratch off to get the rotating mat with 18mm cutter. Makes cutting those curves so much easier. I'm thinking of hand piecing these.
              I tried sewing with my left foot last week. Did OK but had cramps in my leg later from it. I thought about using the knee lever with the ULt but it's heavy to move around(I sew in the attic). Didn't want anyone to have to lug that sucker down two flights of stairs. DD set up my old machine for me-it's smaller and lighter than my ULT. It should keep me occupied for a while.
              I finished my baby afghan. I was going to give it to DD after the baby comes but I caved and gave it to her early. I used Sensations baby boucle. The varigated works up so pretty. So soft but don't make a mistake-it's a pain to tear out.
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                Re: Saturday!

                Just checking in and seeing how everyone's day is going... got my top done for my girl's QFK in 5 hours! I wasn't rushing, it just came together really quickly. I'm so happy with it, and looking forward to quilting it in loop-de-loops with hearts (maybe).
                There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                  Re: Saturday!

                  Had book club early afternoon, came home and went grocery shopping. After being gone for over a week, there was little in the refrigerator! After I write to my quilting buddies, I intend to sew, sew, sew! So many irons in the fire....I must finish something. Have a great weekend, all!


                    Re: Saturday!

                    I'm having trouble getting motivated today and for the last couple of days. Allergy season here in Central Alabama has hit hard! I've never had this much trouble; itchy, watery eyes that look like I've been on six day drinking binge along with coughing, sneezing, no energy and generally feeling lousy. DH needed to go the hardware store and I rode along because I wanted to Fred's to see if I could find a kids' tablet of paper that's like blank newsprint. I had heard it makes good paper for paper piecing. Well apparently no one is selling those tablets anymore! Have been to Walmart, Dollar General and Freds, don't know where else to look. Can find the ruled paper, for first and second graders. I wish I had never gone, I felt so bad when we got back, went straight to my recliner and turned PBS station to watch the sewing shows. That is all I wanted to do, hope this passes soon; its been like this for a week now and I don't like feeling this way. Chris



                      Re: Saturday!

                      Well it is 8 PM on the east coast, so guess the world did not end today. Went to Philadelphia today with some friends and the running joke was whether we should throw caution to the wind and eat french fries and brownies and drink wine since we would not have to regret it tomorrow. Decided to be good and here we still are. No sewing today but did a bit of crochet in the car. Beautiful day after a rainy week.


                        Re: Saturday!

                        Sunday afternoon here and its raining! Started with great big juicy drops and is now a lovely soft mountain drizzle. Might try a nanny nap and a good book next.

                        Mary B.