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Thankful for this teenager

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    Thankful for this teenager

    My DH works with teens (and we have raised ten of them), so I am quite familiar with how self-centered they can be; Lord knows I was!! But I saw this and it made me both proud and grateful. Today I am sharing something my cousin's daughter posted this past New Year's Eve:

    "Standing in line trying to check out and I see all these magazines of celebrity drama and people wasting their time in other peoples lives and people around me complaining. I think to my self that who we are obviously not good enough for those around us, it's stupid to think 'I'm ugly' or 'I'm over weight' because If you look at how the "life" of celebrities are going, we look like the lucky ones. So the first thing I think of for a New Years resolution list is to be more thankful for who I am. Happy New Years everyone."

    I am thankful for my life in so many ways, and thankful for the boldness of this little 14-year-old who "gets it" already. And I think maybe some of these "have-it-all-but-miserable" types need our prayers as well. What's that line about popularity being deceptive and good looks useless?

    Blessings on you all,
    ~ Sally \0/

    Re: Thankful for this teenager

    Oh Sandy, you are so right! We could be accurately accused as a whole generation of being very Ungrateful. Not to say that every soul of this generation is ungrateful, but as a whole group, we have become so self centered, so used to instant gratification, what's in it for me, am I as good as everybody else. . . Sometimes I just want to yell, STOP IT! It's NOT all about ME! When we can turn our thoughts outward, to see others, see their pain and their needs, to see their success and not be envious, to see how greatly we have been blessed and how we can share our blessings with others, then,,,,then we can find TRUE Happiness. Your young cousin is so far ahead of most of the world these days, what a blessing. Perhaps, we are not so bad as the media portraits us, I guess I know many young people, my own kids included, but also, many neighbors and students at the high school, etc. who really seem to be 'getting it' too. Maybe the Media is a big part of the problem. I feel inspired and grateful every time I see someone who can rise above, and shine as a refreshing light of goodness.
    sigpicMiss Sheri

    For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!