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A Day of Prayer and Fasting

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    A Day of Prayer and Fasting

    My church recommends a day of prayer and fasting each month. I do not always follow this advice, but I like to believe I do more often than not. Last night, after discussing it with my husband, we decided we would both dedicate our Fast Sunday to his mother, who is very ill.

    This morning, I woke filled with peace. That peace stayed with me throughout the morning as I got ready for church, helped my husband get ready. It increased when we arrived at church. And during the passing of the bread and water for the sacrament, I prayed, and dedicated my fast to my mother in law, and also to my husband, who has chronic back pain. As I began to pray, I felt the full force of the Holy Spirit wash over me, wave upon wave, bearing witness of Heavenly Father's love for me and my family, reminding me of the tender mercies wrought by the Atonement. This feeling was so strong, so overwhelming, that I felt compelled to stand and bear witness to my fellow congregants.

    While not quite as intense, the feeling stays with me. I do know know what the future holds for my family. But I have no doubt Heavenly Father heard my prayers this morning. I am grateful for His love and guidance in my life.

    My prayer now is that each of you will have a day filled with peace, comfort, and joy, and that you feel of G-d's love for you.

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    Re: A Day of Prayer and Fasting

    Thanks Meli. I can use prayers like that anytime. It sounds like you had a powerful moment. God is so good to give us signs of his life in us. I'm sure you will look back at this time when later you are confused or unsure and remember his awesome power at today's Church service. He is so good to give us times like this to hold on to!


      Re: A Day of Prayer and Fasting

      Thank you Meli, may your family continue to be blessed with all you stand in need of, including peace.
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        Re: A Day of Prayer and Fasting


        Thank you for this post, just reading it, I can feel Gods love. Thank you for the inspiration and clarity that even in our darkest times he walks with us, that all we have to ask for is his love and guidance. Blessings!
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