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Guess What? It's SATURDAY

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    Guess What? It's SATURDAY

    Saw something special to wake us all up this morning - this should be Blondie's mantra:


    Just wanted to stop in to tell everyone good morning. Off for my second cup. Al is going to be gone all day so I bet everyone can tell where I'll be . . . AFTER I clean the kitchen. URGH! And I don't cook any more.
    Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
    it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

    "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."

    Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

    Good morning sandy! Was waiting for someone to start the thread!

    Yesterday I finally gave in and went to the dr....even though I knew what they would say....I just felt sooooo tired and DH said if I didn't go to the dr he would not take me to the emergency room if I got worse this weekend! Haha...'s a virus...7-10 days...blah blah blah. My blood pressure was high...which is very unusual...but they said that could be because I didn't feel well. She sent me away with a note to stay home and rest...haha...I went to work. I started feeling a bit better last night and this morning I feel better than yesterday. So maybe I am on the upside! I did hand sew 2 hexi flowers last night!

    I loved reading the article about knitting and how we feel! I would be a great test subject for that! Quilting makes me feel wonderful. It's such a happy space for me! Perhaps..why it's been a long quilting!

    Well, it's off to work for me...but I am gonna leave early today. Sandy enjoy your day! Everyone have a great day!!
    SW Missouri

    Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


      Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

      Good SATURDAY morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love Saturday mornings. All my early mornings caught up with me last night. Went to bed at 8:30 or so and didn't wake up til 7 this morning. I must have slept really rough because I have major bed-head goin on. I look like a cockatiel (sp?).

      Not much going on this weekend other than housework, BOOOO!, or sewing YAY! Heard from DD this morning and she said she was going to leave school at 1 today so she could get home and get ready for roller derby tonight. She is a non-skating official and helps with merchandise sales. She asked me the other night if I was going but I haven't decided yet. My niece skated for 4 years but after last year's season she retired. It was fun to watch.

      Have a fantabulous day everyone!!! Prayers to everyone in need.


        Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

        Good morning!
        Hubby and I slept in til 8:30 today. It is his last day off so tonight is 10 PM bedtime and up at 6am tomorrow. We are adjusting to our new schedule and feel better everyday.
        Yesterday I went to my daughters because Julia has been sick and my daughter hasn't really slept in three nights. Came home and did some hand sewing on a binding. I have this one to finish and then Julia's quilt to sew the binding.
        It's supposed to be close to 60 today! I am going to open the windows and air the place out and do some cleaning. I love cleaning when there is a nice breeze coming through the house....always makes everything so nice and fresh.
        Well, hoping everyone has a wonderful Saturday, filled with smiles and sunshine..
        A quilt is a blanket of love


          Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

          I'm with you Cil, temp is expected to be low 50's and my windows will be opened to let some fresh air in. It has been so cold for so long that I haven't opened the windows and the house feels stuffy. I sympathize with her about the change in her DH's work schedule, at one time my DH had a schedule like that and by the time we got used to one shift it was time to change to another one.

          Nothing big doing this weekend so I'm going work on my quilt show quilt. Kept doing other things saying I have plenty of time but now that I've pulled the muscle in my right arm I can't hold the cutter properly to cut pieces out. Hope the pieces I cut awhile ago are enough to sew the remaining blocks I need or I'm in trouble.Saturday3.jpg
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            Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

            Oh Mary there's nothing worse than going to work when you don't feel well. Hang in there!

            I'm off to get some fabric for Josephine's quilt block and I may even try the heart! BUT when I get home I have to dig out everything because I had put it all away. Going to set up now in our dining room since there is more space and we hardly use it. I have to bath and groom two of the dogs as well at some point and then of course laundry. It's rainy today and my arthritis is not great so hopefully all this will take my mind off of it. Oh! And DH is going to help me color my hair today! Lol! Now THAT will be fun!

            Have a FANTABULOUS day everyone! Xox


              Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

              Well I slept in this morning, didn't get up until 8:30. I don't have much planned today. I have a couple of tax returns to work on for clients. I am putting together the last row of the D4P I'm working on. So maybe I'll get that done and put the rows together.

              The weather is supposed to be warmer, but overcast. I went out last night and bought some more thread. I'm surprised at how much thread I'm using on this project. But I guess when you sew it together then rip it apart and sew it back together it takes more thread. LOL

              I hope every one has a safe and fun weekend.


                Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                Good morning all! I got up early after a somewhat short night between the sheets. My friend works at our theatre's box office and gets comp tickets to many shows. We saw a show called California Dreamin' featuring songs from the 60s and 70s with the California vibe! 7 amazing musicians entertained the crowd, lots of white heads in this group, but we were all groving on the music! It was a great show!

                Several of my long time friends were at the show, we are planning to get together tonight for dinner. I haven't seen these gals in a while, we are all widows, so we can share our dating escapades! That will be a short conversation! We can gab about others whose social lives are more interesting than ours!

                I got a bunch of pillowcases cut for Marilyn's PICU. Hope to get a few baby quilts made also before she delivers them in May!

                Hope you all have a great day!


                  Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                  My 6 year granddaughter and I fell asleep last night while watching quilting videos. Woke up she was laying across one leg and my dog the other. Picking up the house some before off to work. The kids mom picks them up tomorrow. I am off so planning on some quilting time. Just need to decide which one of the many on going things to pick up. Or just do the dreaded ironing of a back and get my full size periwinkle quilt on the frame.

                  Jane M (quiltnforfun)


                    Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                    Good morning all. I got up early but decided that if I got on the computer, I would get nothing done. Last night dh went to bed early because he had to be in work for a few hours starting at 40. I usually stay up late sewing, cutting, watching Murder She Wrote. But after he went to bed, I came down and watched Jenny's new tutuorial and did some cutting and I was suddenly very tired. So I was in bed by 11:15 and woke at 6:30. Headed into my sewing room with my cup of tea and did a bit of sewing. then I cleaned up my cutting table and lo and behold I found the scissors that I have been missing for a couple weeks!! Yay!

                    Rainy here today so no outside yardwork yet. We will make our shopping list, dh will head to the grocery store (he is back up after taking a few hours nap after he got home at 7) and I will do laundry, more sewing -- I've got a small wallhanging, a tablerunner and a doggie raincoat to work on today and today I will cook dinner. Unless I can talk dh into cooking tonight and I will make the Hawaiian meatballs tomorrow. ha ha. We will see.

                    Enjoy this day everyone.
                    Ginny B
                    Levittown, NY


                      Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                      Good morning.....

                      Here is our weather update:


                      Supposed to get snow later today and tonight.

                      I have 2 rows of quilting to put on a quilt and I'll be done with the quilting, so I think that's what I'll do in a few minutes. Then I'll get the binding ready. I have another quilt that needs the borders quilted so I hope to get to that later today. We'll see what I get done.

                      Have a great day! Prayers and hugs
                      Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                      I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                        Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                        We were busy this morning so no computer time for me. I've got some housework and a quilt block to work on sometime today. I'm thinking a nap might be in the future real soon as it was a late night last night.

                        Today the county had a household waste collection, I was so excited to get a couple of chemicals that were left behind from the previous owners. The bottles had been sitting here for 11 years because there was no place to get rid of them safely at and no trash companies were willing to take them because they didn't have a safe way to dispose of them. Now they have been safely taken care of.

                        We went to one of the antique places in town that was having a special this weekend. My oldest son found an old Hardy Boys book that we don't have so he got that. Then I got a really good deal on a large deep dish pie plate.

                        Have a great weekend everyone


                          Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                          Mary, I hope you listen to your body if you won't listen to your doctor! Take care of yourself.

                          Don and I got the 17' truck early this morning from Uhaul and one of his guys from work "Dan" is helping him. lol Don & Dan make up a great team, they loaded up the first run of furniture pretty quick and brought lunch back. Left at 2 with the second load.

                          I'm behind because yesterday I came down with a bad migraine that had me hugging the porcelain throne all afternoon. Now I'm backing up the kitchen but when they come back we're calling it a day. Don and I will load up our regular cars with the toiletries, bed linens, laptops, coffeemaker, kitchen stuff and head over to crash at the new place. Hit repeat tomorrow morning.

                          Huggers to all and a special hug and prayer for Cyndi, Jonas, Bethany, James, C and the boys. Much love, The Schmers & Stegers
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                            Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                            It is indeed Saturday. I looked around and realized it's been Saturday all day. LOL. I finished my nieces "Candy" quilt top and it turned out bigger than I thought and so I sent it off to the quilter yesterday. 3 of our grandsons are here, all playing and giddy over the Disney/Mickey gifts I brought home for them. Too cute.

                            Papa took them all for a hike in the woods earlier and they are having a late lunch of Pizza Hut Pizza. I love weekends like this! Happy Saturday to you!


                              Re: Guess What? It's SATURDAY

                              A great Saturday to enjoy. Hope everyone sneaks in a bit of sewing time besides the cleaning or chores. My husband took the 5th wheel and headed up north for a Chili cookoff, his new hobby which leaves me here to take care of the sick kitty. Enjoying the peace and quiet actually, and totally agree Sandy Yawns call for coffee better make myself a pot :-)

                              Oh Best News here I picked up my home Traction unit yesterday afternoon and crossing fingers in about a year to have this done with?!

                              Need to pet fabric and read about all the great projects in Show and Tell.

                              Catching up slowly

                              Debbie and the cats KayCee (16), Lucky Streak (11), and gods gift Sandia (8)

                              RIP Bonnie (18) December 2014 We had 10 loving years before you went to see your previous Meow-Mom - tell her I love you too!

                              Spread Sunshine with every thought, word and deed.