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Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

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    Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

    Lifetime member who has packed the pounds back on. WW has to be a daily thing. Maybe this will spur me back in the right direction!
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      Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

      I thought it would be difficult to do this with my husband in the house eating sweets all the time, he's not a pound overweight, I hate him, but it hasn't been because I wanted it bad enough. He didn't marry a fat woman but he loves me no matter what, so I'm doing this for me. I have some health issues, other than being related to weight, and I just got tired of feeling and acting like an invalid.

      As for riding the bike, I was doing 6 miles a day until I started quilting in December, I stopped doing it because I was always in my craft room sewing, I have now started again at 3 miles a day, will work my way back up. I have a treadmill also that I've had for years but my health issues don't allow me to walk more than a few feet at a time, compressed disc in my back being one.
      Since you're always on my mind can you straighten out the mess up there?


        Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

        Ever since she moved back in with those fur balls, my nose runs and my eyes tear and itch. IBake, what actually does the word rent mean? Good advise Songbird.
        I have 2 other daughters that are human, they are happily married with children, yes, they are my grand children, ages 6 and 13, well 14 in June. They all have beautiful paying jobs. I gave them all the same attention but, with the middle daughter I did something wrong.
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          Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

          Lilly, I need to lose at least 45lbs and would prefer to lose 60. I've got a long way to go. I just don't want to still weigh 195 when I turn 50 in 5 weeks. I know I won't be at my goal weight, but at least I'll be on my way.

          Thanks to everyone for your responses. Sounds like all of us are at different stages of the same journey.

          About 10 years ago, I became a trained Nordic Walking instructor, and I KNOW it does wonderful things for me. But, I swear, every time I really get into it, something happens that sets me back. It's been nearly a year since I hurt my foot and it's only been recently that I felt like I could walk for any distance. My favorite year was about 7 back when I hyper-extended my knee and was grounded for 2 months. I was just getting back into it when I sprained the same knee, grounded for another 2 months. I was just getting back into again when I had pneumonia. That takes FOREVER to recover from. And about 2 months after that, I had a hysterectomy, which grounded me for 3+ months. It was insane. I'm really hoping I avoid being derailed this year.

          Originally posted by Lilly View Post
          I should be doing it - I'm signed up but I've been sick with some crazy virus for about a month. I'll get back on this week and then maybe, with you on too, it will work better. I've just got to get this weight off. I'm achy when I weigh too much and I snore and don't sleep well either; to say nothing about my fav clothes languishing in the closet. I have about 30 pounds to loose - give or take. How about you?
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            Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

            Congrats to all and your decision to have a healthier lifestyle. I'm not sure if ya'll know this, but I started a group; Life Plan Unlimited; to support folks trying to have more joy in their life and to be healthy Whether you are dealing with weight loss, medical issues, or simply want to be happier.....check us out. I have major health issues, and am trying to lose weight. Down 23 lbs. so far.

            Come on over, join us.

            Love always,
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              Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

              Originally posted by maxwellthecat View Post
              I don't need WW, my 33 year old daughter moved back home. She said for 2 months, well she moved in the middle of November and I don't know how much longer she is going to be here. My DH retired 3 years ago and it's been just him and I and my cat and 2 dogs. She moves in with her 2 furry fluffy cat's. With all the fur that is up my nose, I could make another cat. All the cats don't get along at all. I am so stressed out, the pounds are just sliding off. I have already lost 23 pounds. After I lose all my weight, I will rent her out to anybody that's having problems losing weight. It works
              Thanks for the offering to rent out your daughter...but I think I'll keep trying on my own...
              TODAY IS A GOOD DAY...TO HAVE A GOOD DAY...Genny


                Re: Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

                Just thought I would check out this thread......and......turns out I'm in good company! I am in my mid 70's, have spinal stenosis, can't really exercise, but need to lose at least 50 pounds. Is there a way to lose the weight without exercising? Would just eating the frozen meals with calories listed on them do it? I'm thinking of the Smart Ones, and Healthy Choice, etc. Any thoughts on this?