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Sweet Saturday

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    Sweet Saturday

    Good morning everyone!!

    Sweet sweet Saturday! A day off for many and the last day of my week! Up early to do an inventory at my newly acquired step-store. I abhor inventory..necessary evil. Yesterday I left my iPad at no forum for me last night and using dh's iPad while he is sleeping this morning.

    I think the temp is suppose to drop here. But yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here. Dh bbq'd burgers for dd and I for dinner, dog played outside in the sunshine.

    Sounds like everyone has lots of projects on there plates and looking forward to seeing all the show and tells!

    Well off to work I go......everyone have a great day!!
    SW Missouri

    Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.

    Re: Sweet Saturday

    G'morning . .

    it's still dark30 - I'm thinking of going back to grab a few more zzzzzs -
    the dreams I've been having lately are really off the wall - yesterdays dream -- I was waiting for a waitress to give me my 97 cent change and was 2 1/2 late getting back to work - I wanted to go back to that dream to see if I got fired . . LOL*~ - never did finish that dream . . and I don't work for anyone but me

    then last night I was dreaming about sink holes . . . what the hey is up with that . .
    I've come to the conclusion that eating Tuna Fish salad is giving me these wierd dreams . . L*~
    though I love to dream -- I don't want those weird ones . . *good grief*~

    well the fur babies went back to bed - the hubby is off to work for a 1/2 day . . I just might grab a few more of those zzzzs

    everyone '''Make it''' a great day
    2015 is here
    Be Bold and Bravely put one foot in front of the other :)


      Re: Sweet Saturday

      Holy Hannah it's snowing hard here this morning. Hate hate snow.

      This is my last Saturday to work until I get called in again. This week has been a blast. Lots of quilting got done. We are supposed to meet friends for supper tonight. Hubby is sick this morning (swine flu), he will never learn. Oh well.

      Have a great day everyone.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Sweet Saturday

        Good morning everyone. Love Saturdays. My son and grandpup are here so I was out in the yard early this morning with my Booda. It was chilly but not icy cold. After we came in, I gave him his breakfast and made myself a cup of tea and now I am just relaxing and checking out what everyone has been up to before getting this day going.

        It is supposed to get around 60 today so I am hoping to open some windows and let fresh air in for a bit. I have one really messy spare bedroom needing my attention. But I would rather be in the other room sewing.

        Off to read a bit more. I'll be checking in later to see what fun everyone is up to.
        Ginny B


          Re: Sweet Saturday

          Gooooooood Mornin! My guys are all up and out of here, gone fishin'. After two nights of minimal sleep, I decided to come back to bed for a couple more hours. But, instead of sleeping, here I am.
          Have a beautiful day, wherever you are, and know that you are loved.
          sigpicMiss Sheri

          For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!


            Re: Sweet Saturday

            Good Morning,

            We are ready to head to Cuba to work. We have some tenant issues we need to resolve and I have an appointment to show a vacant unit. We want to try to keep our time there short because Jeff is worn out. He worked 17 hours at work yesterday and had a rough week every other day this week.

            I feel like I slept on a bed of rocks last night. Maybe a hot shower will help.

            Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday....Barb

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: Sweet Saturday

              Good morning....

              Been up for a while, trying to be quiet while everyone was still sleeping. Now that some of them are up I went upstairs and started re-quilting some stitching I had ripped out.

              It is supposed to be about 50 today so I might try to finish up the quilt on my frame, get the binding sewed on the front and then start cleaning my sewing room before starting any new projects.

              I am just going to be lazy most of the week-end. I want to take some flowers to the cemetery this week-end. I didn't get to put Christmas flowers on Mom & Dad's and Ron's graves because of the weather. I think I will put spring flowers on their graves and my sister's grave (will be the first time I've been there since she passed).

              Well off to find some breakfast and get back to the quilting. Have a wonderful day!
              Shirley aka buckeyequilter
              I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                Re: Sweet Saturday

                Wishing everyone who has to be out and about the bestest of times today. I'm laughing about Diane needing her .97 cents change from her waitress. Must be an indication that times are rough.

                Monique, you keep that cold air home, okay? Better yet, tell it to head MUCH further south than here. Yesterday was stellar but it is 27 out this morning, destined not to hit 40 and tomorrow they say will be colder and Monday even more so. I wish I had an outdoor thermostat. It seems the only place with Hot Air any more is Washington, D.C.

                Yesterday was strictly laundry and a surprise visit from my Little Sis. She was amazed at how Al was in there quilting when she walked in. He's become quite the man and I think I have him pretty much hooked. He did go in last night and take the machine off and raise the quilting frame about 6 inches and Oh, what a difference. In between laundry loads I did start making some Yo-Yos for a special project (and Miss Rita Anne is sure excited because this is something she can do . . . ). Also got one side of the binding stitched down on my Wild Animal Print quilt from a swap back in 2011. I am just folding and stitching down the backing so it is going pretty fast.

                Other plans for the day will include appliqueing COC circles onto base fabric. Gotta get some blocks to our Blondie friend - hopefully to keep her out of bars at night or something like that.

                Yo'all have a wonderful day and keep the home fires burning. Remember the longest word in the dictionary is SMILES. There is a MILE between the two S's.
                Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

                "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


                  Re: Sweet Saturday

                  Good Saturday morning everyone! I got a surprise afternoon off yesterday and spent most of it getting frustrated with the denim quilt I'm working on so I walked away and will give it another go today.

                  Last night I met up with some friends at the local watering hole for "Big Sodee Friday". That's what my BFF and I call it because we usually order big sodees. This is usually a fun time for everyone to unwind from the week, but last night I witnessed 3 61 year old women act like they were in high school and it wasn't pretty. These 3 women were texting each other about my BFF's mother who was sitting right next to me. BFF was sitting across the table from me and sitting beside her was her "second mom". Second mom was in on the texting and my BFF saw what was being texted. I was totally oblivious as I was talking to the person next to me. I had saw a "look" on my BFF's face. She got up and went to the ladies room and then my phone alerted me that I had a text. It was from BFF letting me know what was going on and how angry she was. Not only angry but so hurt that she read what her 2nd mom was texting. It floored me. I wanted to do something but didn't have a clue what to do. BFF's a big person...she calmed herself and came back to the table. To say the least it put a damper on what is usually a fun evening and we left a little earlier than we usually do and talked it all out. BFF knows I'm not a quick thinker and she laughed at me when I thought of what to do a half hour later after she texted me. I don't think I will be going to BFF's 2nd mom's house when I'm invited next time. There's an age spread between the 3 of us, BFF is almost 40, I'm 50 and "2nd mom is 61 but we have just the best time when we get together. I just can't believe this happened.

                  Sorry I had to vent today. I have a gift card for the movies and I may call BFF and see if she would like to go see a movie tonight.


                    Re: Sweet Saturday

                    Sharon I feel for you....maybe the next time the rule should be no phones for the hour or two you are together.....


                      Re: Sweet Saturday

                      Originally posted by kelliedi View Post
                      Sharon I feel for you....maybe the next time the rule should be no phones for the hour or two you are together.....
                      The whole thing was just so stupid and childish and was so hurtful for BFF!! And then I felt crappy because once I was made aware of what was going on I wanted to do something but didn't know what to do. UGH!

                      I called up BFF and we are going to the movies tonight!! Hope they are showing something fun!!


                        Re: Sweet Saturday

                        Saturday2.jpg Hope it is a good one for everyone. No more fooling around, sheet changing, laundry and vacuuming are on tap for this morning as this weekend we don't have any commitments, places to go or people to see so it's time to get the house in shape.

                        Below are photos of a simple baby quilt for my DIL's niece and her partner's little girl born in January. The little purple quilt will be raffled off during my guild's quilt show in May. I didn't make the beautiful center panel, it was something I received in a swap years ago. I just added the borders and think will just quilt around them and leave the center clear. If you click on the photo you will see the little flowers, pearls and other decorations on it.

                        DS#1 called yesterday to let us know he's off early this morning for Honduras for this year's Medical Mission. He is a pharmacist and has been going on the missions to Latin and South America for years.

                        Emma, Those women were awful, can't imagine how they could have the nerve to text each other about your BFF's mom when she was sitting right there with them? Sound like a bunch of nasty children. Plus what are they doing texting when they are in a group, bet they don't allow their grandkids to text while at the table for dinner. If they have issues with your BFF's mom what are they doing socializing with her? Some people are dummies no matter how old they are.
                        Rileys baby quilt.jpgSmall raffle quilt.jpg
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                          Re: Sweet Saturday

                          Emma, in a word people are jerks. Those women are simply mean spirited empty people. Personally I would not socialize with them, then they could spend their time talking about me/my group out in the open while I was out have good fun. Tell them to go suck a pickle LOL. My saturday.......clean, clean and more clean. I hope to spend tomorrow sewing. Today it is my knee giving me fits, but I am determined to get things done.
                          Keep the Faith