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Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

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    Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

    Happy Thursday Folksies!

    Yesterday was a good day. Mom's appt with the retina specialist went smoothly enough. That little old gal may be small but she is sure knows how to rebound and get her way. Here she was, all dilated and owlish looking, leaning on her cane and as we got into the vehicle she says, "May we swing by the Salvation Army that we like so much?" Oh, she knows the way to my heart. So, off we head to that little nugget of a store that always has the best stuff. They were having a 75% off the lowest price sale. Lucky me, I found a pair of brand new rebocks with the final price 1.00 They still had the tissure paper in the toe. I also found some shirting to go into my Smokey Mtn. Stars, a few stuffed toys for Gracie the piranha, and a coffee carafe. I spent just under $8.00 for that sweet haul. After that, we stopped at another Thrift and while they had a clean, neat store found nothing tempting enough for us.

    Work today - today is going to be busier than tomorrow for some reason. My hopes for some serious sewing today may be dashed, but, I did de bone my stash of shirts last evening. Then I cut the remainder of the blocks I needed and maybe, if I am lucky, I might be able to sew a few together.

    I dream crazy stuff sometimes, like every one else.They are generally a jumble of people, places and impossible scenarios which I always tell myself that I will remember when I wake up. Most of the time I don't. Last night was no exception, although it has left me with a lingering feeling of wanting to go back to sleep and see if I can get the dream to come back to me. I just remember it was something fun. Hey, that's better than a bad dream I recently had wherein my daughter was a small tot again and she got lost from me. That dream haunted me so much that I woke up in tears and called my girl just to be sure she was okay. Let's say she wasn't really thrilled to have me wake her up at dark thirty, while her husband thought it was a sweet gesture, as he laughed his socks off at her being awake at 4:15 a.m. Shucks, she had to be at work at 7a.m., I merely helped her spend some quality time with him before he left for work. Like Luscious, he leaves before the crack as he has a long commute.

    To everyone reading this, hope your day is unique and special for you. For those in the throes of moving, getting moved in, renovating, enjoy the process. If you are like me and just staying put, enjoy that too. In fact, let's all just enjoy the heckfire shoot out this day. After all, it IS the first official day of Spring !!!

    Now go forth and SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
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    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

    Good morning Blondie. I too sometimes try and get back to sleep to finish a dream but it never happens.

    Spring? We just got a dumping of about 5-6 inches of snow last night. UGH!! So sick of this weather.

    At work today, quilting, watching movies, my kind of work.

    I just finished watching Downton Abbey Season 4. I am hooked on this show and can not wait for Season 5. I even had tears in my eyes.

    Well, have a wonderful day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

      Hi Blondie! So glad your mom's doctor appointment went well! I got all my dr. Appts done for the year. Seems like I was going every other day for a couple of weeks to get eyes, mammo, skin all checked out! After all the doctoring my late DH had to go through, I can't say I enjoy going myself.

      The sewing room hasn't been too active lately, yesterday I threw together 3 pillowcases to match a demo quilt I built, I hope to quilt it and will snap a few pictures when it is finished. Also got my hair clipped and dipped, met with a handy man about a repair, and denied my grandbabies breakfast! That was it for yesterday. Before you call DFS. on me for child abuse, the grands came to my house before school so I could take them to school. They never said a word about not having breakfast until ONE MINUTE before we had to leave for school! I thought they had eaten at home! Poor babies, no breakfast for them! I threw a few snacks at them that they ate in the car. Hope they weren't too hungry!

      Dreams? I've dreamt of snakes the past few nights. Also woke up gasping the other night after dreaming of being in a dark spooky haunted house and getting freaked out trying to get out! Wonder what that means my psyche is trying to tell me?

      Have a great day! First day of SPRING! Goodbye winter, we're glad to see you go!
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        Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

        I LOVE the first day of Spring. Always a day full of promise for the great weather to come! But for us, it's an especially wonderful day because we are closing on our dream beach house today - yay!! Like everyone, our lives are full of the usual jumble of trials and tribulations, joys and accomplishments, but today is just for happiness as we move forward into a new state, a new home and a new way of life at the beach.

        Happy Spring everyone!
        Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway. ~John Wayne

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          Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

          It's the first day of Spring....and we could get more snow this weekend! Lordy, will winter ever let go?? The Goodwills I have available are OK, but I don't seem to be able to find a lot there and I never seem to hit their sales. I find some good bargains on My most recent find was a Fiskars 24" ruler/rotary cutter combo. I got it yesterday and it looks and works great for less than 1/3 the cost of a new one.

          Well, I'm now certified to buy restricted bug and weed killers. I think DH wanted me to get certified so I can be the "card- carrying gofer" for him. LOL!
          *~* Myrna *~*
          *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


            Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

            Good morning....

            It is still winter in my neck of the woods.....but before I leave work today, it will be spring!!!! I looked at a weather calendar for the rest of this month and next month...I think this might be about the last cold week-end we have this season (at least I can hope).

            Not much happening around here. Working my way through quilting a quilt. I think when I get that one done and since I don't have anything pressing to do....I will clean and organize my sewing room. Some people think my room is a place to stash all their stuff that they don't know what to do with. Well....they are going to have to find a place for it or I will and they might not like it.

            Well need to get busy...have a great day and Happy Spring Y'all!!
            Shirley aka buckeyequilter
            I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


              Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

              Good morning all. Its above freezing here 35, suppose to get to 50's hope so. Its dark and rainy. Blondie so happy momma's appt went well!. I really want to see some flowers popping up. Working on a rock candy topper and a batik runner. will post pictures when done. Sent a box of quilts to Marilyn for PICU yesterday. Work today , not much else going on. Have good day all. Hugs to all that need and want them. And have a ..
              happy spring.jpg
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                Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                Morning dear Blondie and everyone!
                So happy to hear that Mom is doing well. I love a good thrift store. Unfortunately, I don't go often enough to find any treasures.
                It's going to be a beautiful day today. 70 degrees and sunny, no wind, what more can a person ask for.
                Happy spring everyone, have a wonderful day!!
                Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


                  Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                  Glad your mom's appointments went well yesterday. I just love her spunk! I went thrifting yesterday as well. At Goodwill I picked up a black dust ruffle for my bed and a Pyrex dish for $1.76 each! I sure am glad I didn't order the $40.00 bedskirt I had planned on. When I left there I went to the "overpriced" resale shop just to nose around. They had a similar Pyrex casserole dish for $20! I left there empty handed

                  I've been sewing up a storm for our new grandson. The shower is two weeks away so I've been scurrying. I've been working on some spring cleaning and yesterday was a day for my sewing room. I need to wash the windows and it will be done. I posted pictures in the group if you want to check it out.

                  I'm the substitute secretary for our church grade school and I get to work today. I wouldn't want to do it every day but it's fun every once in a while.

                  Enjoy the first day of Spring!!!!
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                    Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day


                    Good Morning! I can't believe it's the first day of Spring! We made it! Time to crawl out of the cave, give a big ol' stretch, look around and get outside!! If you've still got snow, or getting more snow....use your imagination. But take heart, It really is getting better! I promise!

                    Not much on the agenda today. I've got some housework to do and then I am getting into my sewing room no matter what! I'm sure a trip to the store will be in order as soon as DH emails me a list.

                    Weird dreams....I am only now beginning to remember an occasional dream. With the insomnia I never really got deep enough to dream. Feels good now when I wake up from a dream - good, bad or otherwise, cuz it means I've been SLEEPING!! I love sleep! You just don't appreciate it when it comes easily. It has a whole new value to me now.

                    I better get moving! I need to get a few things done before people here start getting up. Have a wonderful day everyone! Happy Spring!! Hugs/Prayers for you if you want/need!

                    Quilters make great comforters.

                    Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                      Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                      Happy Spring too! Not sure how warm it is but the sun is shining and there's no frost on the grass so to me It's Spring!

                      Going straight to my sewing room after I finish my coffee, if I don't something that really needs doing will distract me and I'll never get there. Today finishing a baby quilt is Top To Do.


                        Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                        Hi Blondie! Glad everything went well with mom yesterday. It's nice that you were able to get a little fun shopping in too.
                        I made your recipe for chicken riggies last was scrumptious! It turns out that it I make it all the time! My hubby fell in love with Parma Rosa sauce. I would get it in a package and all you have to do is add milk/cream. I would always add onions, peppers and mushrooms. When I made your sauce last night, I realized it was the same thing! I'm so excited because we really like your version even better and it's cheaper than buying the package mix to make the sauce, since I always had to buy multiple pkgs to have enough.
                        I was thinking, I really love your star quilt. I have to make a quilt for a friend of mine with scraps of her dad's shirts leftover from when I made pillows. I think I'm going to use that pattern. It will be a mixture of cotton and flannel shirts, so I think it will look great.
                        Today, I need to finish the sweater quilt/blanket I've been working on. Hoping to be able to post pics by the end of the day.
                        Well, I hope everyone has a great first day of spring! Later!
                        A quilt is a blanket of love


                          Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                          Whew!!! What a ride, but we made it. Hoorah, SPRING!! Did our Googlers check out the balloons this morning and catch their doodle? Cute.

                          I've been making it to the sewing room almost daily. Love my time there when I'm doing something for me and not being asked to make burp cloths and wipes for baby dolls . . . it's almost too constant, so don't get me wrong. They need nothing save to be around Nana. I get weird looks when I tell them to go ask Momma.

                          I'm not getting political here, but let's face it. Ellen's guest today should be busy in Washington instead of showing off with a TV talk host. Just saying!

                          So it is chilly here - less than 30 degrees, with promises of a heat wave passing through and high 60's by the mid-afternoon. YEAH!

                          Gotta go practice my smile.

                          Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                          it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                            Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                            Happy Spring We are celebrating by going to homeschool group park day this morning in the beautiful sunshine. We plan on enjoying today as the weather forecast for the next week looks nasty cold and wet.

                            I'm planning on hanging out laundry and maybe opening windows - suppose to get in the 60s. I finished binding two quilts and have pictures taken of one and of the skirts that I have made so far - hoping to get those pictures resized so I can get them posted. I am hoping to finish binding the five and dime today. I will probably cut the binding while we watch a movie about the Galapagos Islands. We watched the first half yesterday and will finish it today. What I didn't realize was it is more a high school level film than for younger children but my children have enjoyed learning about the animals although some of the discussion goes over their heads. I know we have had some good discussion from watching the movie.

                            Blondie, glad that your mother is doing better. Myrna, congratulations on being coming certified.

                            As far as dreams go, I've had several crazy ones lately. I happen to dream in color and realness so it can make for some interesting dreams. I made the mistake of watching a Murdoch Mystery before going to bed the other night. Not a good plan. I do enjoy them as they do try to keep to the time period with both characters and detective work. Sometimes a person forgets that some of the forensic items we take for granted were not around or just being invented at the turn of the century.

                            Have a great day everyone


                              Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                              Hello Everybody!

                              I was up with May at about 2:30 this morning. We have a new baby goat that made her arrival early. Momma isn't doing well, and her sister didn't make it. So we are feeding this little one. It was too cold out side in the barn without a heat lamp, so we brought her into the laundry room in a muck tub. It certainly made the early AM feeding easier on me! So far she's doing well. She's feisty, so that weighs in her favor.

                              I got my hair cut yesterday and don't like it. Grrrrr. I thought I explained myself, but I guess not. If I could reach the back of my own head, I'd do it myself!

                              Em is off school Friday & Monday for in-service & a snow day. They built them in to the schedule, but we didn't have to use them this year, so the kids get a 4 day weekend. She'll be spending part of the weekend @ Nana's. She can hardly wait. I think the new Muppet movie is on the schedule and she's been itching to play with the new caboose on the wooden train set. I'm glad they have fun together.

                              I've got a baby to feed and things to check on around the farm, so I'll see you all later!
                              Hugs, Cathy
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                              because those who mind don't matter,
                              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss