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I'm a late Night Owl

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    I'm a late Night Owl

    since it is 5:30 it's too late to be a night owl. Just woke up and really awake so I guess today will start early for me, just difficult to start when it is pitch black outside.

    What to do today? Got a baby quilt pinned yesterday so quilting it is #1. Planning another baby quilt using a charm pack but need to find yardage to match for border, back and binding. Hopefully there is still some in the quilt store here as I bought the charm pack awhile ago.

    Think I better check out my closet for an outfit for tomorrow's lunch with my Granny Cousins. Been wearing old stuff around the house so much this winter I've pushed all the presentable stuff way in the back of the closet. Cousin Ann is feeling pretty good so we're taking her out for lunch instead of having lunch in one of our homes. Our home lunches usually go on for hours but since we'll be eating out I think we'll keep this visit short and not tired Ann out.
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    Re: I'm a late Night Owl

    Good O'Dark Thirty May!

    I'm up feeding a baby goat.
    Her momma kidded about a week early and isn't doing well. Her sister didn't make it, and plugged up the works. It also looked like sis got most of the groceries. This little one is fighting survive, so I'll do what I can to help her. She's eating and working on standing up. It looks like all of the plumbing is working too. Now we wait to see. She's currently in the laundry room in a big muck tub, as it was going to be too cold for her outside tonight, and momma wasn't interested in caring for her.

    I'll be headed back to bed after the antacid kicks in. Apparently that super tasty supper at the Mexican restaurant has decided to hang around longer than is polite. Ugh. Not a pretty thought, but I might have to sleep the rest of the night sitting upright on the couch.

    I hope you have a fun visit with the cousins. I'll check in on the day thread later. Until then, have a good start or a nice finish to your day everyone!

    Hugs, Cathy
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    because those who mind don't matter,
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      Re: I'm a late Night Owl

      Yup, I'm awake too early also... Been having a bout with the crud. No name for this bug, but it snuck in and bit me.

      Aww poor little goat... I was raised on goat's milk and love those animals... pretty smart little critters. Hope yours survives to give you lots of laughs and head butts.

      No big plans for today..just take some meds and hope that does the trick to scare off this flu bug. And if I don't fall asleep I hope to get some work done in sewing room. Have 2 quilt tops I'm working on. One for donation and one for ME.. When I get tired of going in circles, then I work on making the strips.. Try to use up scraps only seems to make more scraps.

      The scrap basket is getting emptied one way or the other.. I just have to see if I can get this fabric under control. Doesn't seem possible, but just over 2 years ago I was trying to get a stash of it...... ewww. Getting what you wish for is a lot of work....

      Hugs to all and here's asmile for everyone.


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        Re: I'm a late Night Owl

        I don't know why, but for the last couple days, I have gotten up around 4:30 or 5 AM. What is going on with that?!?? Too late to be a night owl, too early to be sane. But always a good time to look around online for fabric.