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Wednesday Greetings

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    Wednesday Greetings

    Hello Folksies

    It's Wednesday and I am going to be really brief. I need to get my hiney in gear to go to The City today with The Moms.

    Yesterday was sort of a hurry up to get nothing done kind of day. Sigh. It happens now and then. Sometimes more Now than Then, if you catch my drift. I spent a chunk of time frogging blocks. Then I took them all back downstairs to my studio and had to repress them and start over again. Guess what? I did the same thing all over again. And you wonder how I got the name Blondie? Oy Vey! So, after this latest learning curve experience, I decided to sit and sort out all the blocks that would be ready to be sewn into rows (this is for my Smokey Mtn. Stars) and count up how many more I needed to sew to be ready for a marathon sewing session. I am on a mission to get this puppy done.

    The bright spot in my day was a friend came to visit and let me test drive her TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener. Me likey, me likey very much. I believe they are on sale, so, I may take a peek and check them out.

    Everyone on The Hill has decided we may need to ban and boycott Winter this next year. I have put my order in for a long Autumn, skip the Winter jazz and head right into Spring next year. Yessir, them's my orders, er - request. I most likely would not mind Winter as long as I wasn't stuck in the house with a Grumpus. I told him all of our future grandchildren were going to be taught to call him Grumpus, not Gramps or Pop. Just Grumpus. That did make him crack a wee smile.

    I am rambling, gotta dash. Have a spectacular day. We are inching closer and closer to that magical day when The Red Red Robin comes bob, bob, bobbing, along. And if it doesn't happen soon, I will be singing, May The Bird of Paradise fly up your nose!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Wednesday Greetings

    Hi Blondie! I see I'm the second one on today. How did that happen? Oh, I'm 8 hours ahead of you now. Wow. Today will be my first day venturing out of the house in Baarn. Last night it rained (I'm told there's a lot of that in Netherlands) but this morning the sun is shining. I think I was awake every two hours all night long but I forced myself to get up at 11 this morning. The coffee is tastin' mighty good this a.m. Have a wonderful day, lady!
    Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


      Re: Wednesday Greetings


      Dottie woke me up again this morning at 3:15. It's like she has an internal alarm clock. I let her holler for a bit but I can only take so much barking, whining and crying.

      My car is part of the big recall due to faulty ignition switches. I got a letter about it and the parts to fix the problem won't even be available until next month. That means a trip to Rolla and back. I've had this car for almost 7 years without a single issue. It's primarily my shopping and get-the-mail car with occasional trips to the groomer and to Cuba. It only has 30,000 miles on her.

      I trimmed the edges of the Double Slice quilt yesterday. Today I hope to get the binding sewn to the front so I can sit and get in some quality hand sewing. I love to hem bindings.

      Blondie, have a good day with Mom and keep smiling! Have a nice day everyone.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Wednesday Greetings

        Blondie I made a Smokey Mt. star quilt for my cousin Toni and it really came out very nice., It was pretty easy to make, used all my blue and brown scraps to make the stars.

        So dark out that I want to go back to bed but really need to get going as yesterday was a complete wash out. Did get kitchen and dining room floors cleaned in the morning and food shopping in early afternoon but that was it for the day. Went to rest and watch some TV around 4:30 and woke up at 6:30 to the smell of meat cooking. DH realized I wasn't going to make meatloaf as I planned so he made himself a hamburger and salad for dinner. I joined him but my dinner was a cup of tea and toast. Definitely feel a cold coming on. Maybe if the sun comes out I'll perk up a bit and feel better.
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          Re: Wednesday Greetings

          Good morning everyone. The wind is blowing so hard here my back porch swings are getting a real workout. I contemplated taking off work today as I have no kids to take care of. Yes that's right.No kids! I am down to just one now from 6-7-8 last year as of 2 weeks ago I have one left. He has a Dr. appointment today so here I am no Kiddos for me. I decided against taking off because it would take away 10 overtime hours if I do! So I will just go in and work on my CEU's. Gonna be a LONG>>>>>> day people!!!
          Everyone have a great day!
          Hugs from KY


            Re: Wednesday Greetings

            Good morning everyone. I am still working and still quilting. The quilting is coming along. My mailman has asked about making him a quilt and how much I would charge. So I said about $600 for him. He really likes the one I am working on (the square in a square). We will see.

            Other than that, we are expecting SNOW today. Yup! Winter will just not go away.

            Have a great day everyone.
            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


              Re: Wednesday Greetings

              Good morning....

              It's warmer here this morning, I think it's supposed to rain later today.

              Yesterday was a co-worker's last day, after 30 years. Her and I became good friends during our time working together. She told us that she expects a Christmas card from us this year, we are signing it now and will put it in the mail this week.

              I'm still working on the memory quilt...the swirls are coming along. I have one seam on the top that doesn't make me happy. I might rip out the quilting around that seam and try to make it look nicer.

              Well need to get busy...have a great day!!!!
              Shirley aka buckeyequilter
              I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                Re: Wednesday Greetings

                Good Morning! I'm up and working on my first cuppa. I got a little extra sleep this morning, but soon as DH leaves for work I'm up and thinking about all I want to do this morning.

                Blondie I can't WAIT to see your quilt finished! I really love what I've seen so far. Same goes for you Barb! You guys are so productive right now you put me to shame. I've literally got 4 tops sitting on my sewing table waiting for my love. I did get in there yesterday and work a little on a border for one, then ran out of time.

                The gift shop went wonderfully yesterday. Thank you, ladies, for all the kind words of encouragement! I will be on my own next time I go in! It really is easier than I first imagined. I was even able to recruit a customer to volunteer at the hospital! LOL! This is good for me, and it's amazing how it seems that the other ladies I've met doing the same thing.....are there for the same reasons.

                Yoga this morning so I've gotta get myself in gear and get some things done before I go, because if I come home to a tidy home I'll be able to sew with a clear conscience! Does that make sense to anyone else???

                Hugs/Prayers for YOU if you want/need. Reach out for em'! I always have an abundant supply! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


                Quilters make great comforters.

                Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                  Re: Wednesday Greetings

                  Good morning everyone! Was going to take the day off..but too much still to gonna go in and try to get out early. We will see. Yesterday was a drive with DH and our lab, jake up to marshfield to pick up dog food at orschelins. Then I worked on the squedge block. It was fun to put together but not so fun on the cutting. I really like the end results though.

                  Nit much else happening here!

                  Everyone have a great day!
                  SW Missouri

                  Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                    Re: Wednesday Greetings

                    Good morning everyone.. Well today is day one of the new routine. As some of you know, hubby is a policeman and works 5:15pm-12:45am. He took a new position and is going to be working days. We think the hours will be 7am-3pm. Soooo, big changes in this house. No more staying up til 4 am. We were in bed by 11:30, a little later than we wanted and up by 7:30. That will obviously get adjusted slowly before his first day shift on Sunday.
                    So here I sit, able to join in the morning thread.
                    Libby, I'm like you, if my house needs things done, I feel guilty sewing too. Sometimes I get it done first and sometimes I sew a little then clean a little. Depends what needs getting done.
                    Today I need to do my vacuuming and then I can get into the sewing room. I need to get the sweater blanket/quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt. Then I have to cut out all the sweatshirt fabric for another small quilt.
                    Well, off to read more and get on with my day.
                    Hope everyone has a great day. Prayers to everyone needing them.
                    A quilt is a blanket of love


                      Re: Wednesday Greetings

                      Good Morning! Dark and gloomy skies today - we did expect that nasty 4-letter word last night (the cold one) but today it does look like that 4-letter word starting with R may still be approaching. Guess we really need the moisture though. I was looking at the backyard yesterday and I truly imagined I could see some green showing through here and there . . . I do know that I have some hyacinths starting to peek out. My flower beds need so much attention!!

                      I've been trying to knock out a whole bunch of projects recently - but find myself stumbling around more than not as I don't have a good list of what needs to be done. So today is going to be a list making day. I'll probably forget half of what I should focus on.

                      Just had a reminder from DGD #2 that I had promised her a ride to the skating rink today so she can visit with another homeschooler - this does count as physical education, for those who question . . . so there goes my list-making. I should take my trusty notebook and sit in the parking lot and make lists while waiting for her . . .

                      And with that, I guess I'd best get some gathering up done before it is time to head out.
                      Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                      it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

                      "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


                        Re: Wednesday Greetings

                        Good Wednesday Everyone!

                        I was not one of the holders of one of the winning mega million lottery so I’m at work again today. It was a little after 6 when my rear was drug out of bed by the sound of my alarm. When I got home from work yesterday, I had to investigate a clunking sound my sewing machine was making when sewing denim so that took up a lot of my “good” sewing time. It doesn’t make the sound when sewing regular material and thread, but only when sewing the denim. Seams are good so I went ahead. By the time I got to piecing my circles, I sewed one to the wrong side. Time to walk away. Good sewing time was over. It got frogged re-pinned and the project is waiting on me.

                        I’m with you on the winter voting Blondie. Even though the sun was out yesterday, the wind still has that March chill to it. I’m ready for springtime. Enjoy the time with your mom today even if it’s at a yucky doctor appointment.

                        We are supposed to have a closing today, but I’m sitting here waiting on the seller to approve the settlement statement. I started my day thinking about this, hoping for a smooth closing but then I thought, meh, whatever. If it does, it does. After doing these for several years, I think I’m burned out.

                        Good thoughts going out to all!!!!


                          Re: Wednesday Greetings

                          Good Morning All,
                          The Sun is Shining here in Utah today. So far, it's only about 35 degrees (F) outside, but I see a pretty blue sky and I heard a Robyn singing. My Daffodils and Hyacinths are just about to pop open so I hope the snow is done for the season, but typically, we still get at least one more in April. I'll take any touch of Spring that I can find. Keep some Springtime in your Hearts and let the Sun reflect in your Smiles. Make it a beautiful Day. Off to work, Hugs! ~Sheri
                          sigpicMiss Sheri

                          For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!


                            Re: Wednesday Greetings

                            It is another day. Rough night, with very little sleep. The skin is very frail from the lupus and medications I take to control it. While trying to roll over, I pushed on my elbow and tore a huge piece of skin off. Talk about feels much like a bad burn. I must be more careful. Still working on my big stitch quilt. I made 2 quilts out of 1 charm pack and am waiting to post pics till I get the 2nd one done. I need a burst of energy though. I see a nap in my future today, after Bubby heads to school. DD went back to work today, so vaca is over. Just Bubby for part of the day, and the girls for a few hours after school. Off to do something. Hugs and blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.
                            Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                              Re: Wednesday Greetings

                              Good morning.... coffee isn't doing the cranking of the engine thing here today.... it looks wet out there, but not icy.... I had to work in Williamsburg yesterday and ended up taking the back roads because listening to the traffic as I was approaching 95 scared the crap out of me....I would have been sitting in that mess for HOURS.... no one took the back roads, don't know if they got stuck on the highway before discovering the error of their ways, but it did make for a better commute for me!!!

                              I went to help out in another store---always the best way to appreciate what you DO have! Because, yeah, what a mess.... and a clueless aspect that just made the mom in me come out, and I spent a good deal of the day ---not criticizing per se, but.... trying to instruct----Close today and then a meeting tomorrow....

                              I think THAT is going to become one HUGE b*tch session, because... well.... I LOVE my job, right??? Say it with me....
                              (darned husband came back from the store with the WRONG lotto ticket, AGAIN.)


                              (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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