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One tired Night Owl

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    One tired Night Owl

    Spent all day Friday shopping in Lancaster PA area, meet with quilting friends for dinner and our annual Show and Tell and after wards we hung out at the motel catching up, etc. Drove home this morning and DS#3 and kids were here so I didn't get my usual little mid afternoon cat nap today.

    I didn't attend the show but those who did said is was just So So. I can say that the shops weren't packed as they usually would be during quilt week. A favorite fabric shop, Country Store closed last year but The Log Cabin down the road has expanded and was quite busy and, of course, my fave Zook's was just as busy as ever. I really don't need any fabric and really was interested in finding a focus fabric for a quilt but didn't see anything that caught my eye. Several non fabric shops were closed so the area isn't doing too well, hope quilt week gave it a good boost. Show keeps getting earlier in the year and the chance of freezing temps and/or snow is always a possibilities that some of the group suggested we meet in the summer at Hershey's show. Drawback is that there aren't the many fabric shops and other shops like antiques, outlets and places to eat in that area like there are in the Lancaster area. Bet we could find plenty of chocolate there.

    We drove up in DH's van which is very difficult for me to get into. It is so high off the ground that I need a little folding stool to get up high enough to get a foot into the van. There isn't a handle over the front door to hold onto and the door doesn't open very much but somehow I pushed myself up and into the van over and over again so we could get to the fabric shops. I think that was more tiring and certainly not as interesting as fabric shopping.

    Re: One tired Night Owl

    Wow May, your day does sound fun, but I can see how it would wear you out.
    I spent my day working in my yard, spreading manure, and cleaning out my garage. We have been blessed with mild weather this past couple of weeks. I even heard birds singing! I am wiped out this evening too, and will be lucky if I can move without pain in the morning. But seeing little green blades splitting through the soil will make me very happy. Have a good evening, Night Owls!
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      Re: One tired Night Owl

      I'm one tired night owl tonight, too, May. Last night was "my Monday" and only an hour and a half sleep before going to work - had been up since 3:30 am. Worked ten hours, drove home, got a sort of nap for about 2 hours before getting up to go to the new house to work. DS and DIL stopped by on their way back home from their house hunting trip and by the time I got to take my evening nap it was ten minutes to eight and I have to get up at 8:45 to make it to work on time. I just hope we don't get overtime in the morning. A short nap and then an afternoon appointment will keep me tired.....

      Glad you had a good time with your friends!
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        Re: One tired Night Owl

        It sounds like all of us had busy days so far!
        I did sleep in until 8:30 this morning though. Yesterday was a extra early one with poor night of sleep beforehand.

        I made three batches of banana bread two with blueberries and one with strawberries mixed in for fun. Last batch I needed the blues to make up for the shortage of about 1 banana. The bread & muffins were such a hit, I made them again and when I ran out of blues I tried the strawberries.
        I also mixed up a batch of peanut butter cookies. They are still in the fridge. I made the last batch with the all natural peanut butter from Costco, and they were pretty good. They were a little too sweet, so this round I added 1/4 tsp of salt to the mix to see if that balances out the sweet.
        After cleaning up the kitchen, Em & I headed outside. Eric had been out for about an hour before us. He added the 'T' board to our raspberry vine brace and put up the wires to keep the vines from laying on the ground once they are full of berries. He also pruned them back and weeded around their feet. I am not a huge fan of chemicals on the farm, but I really like the result of applying casaron along the edge of the berry patch to keep the grass from creeping into the soil. It keeps our weeding to a minimum there.
        Em headed out to the woods with the goats for some exercise. I started clearing out the comfrey patch of last year's dead stalks and the weeds that had snuck in. I also purged the garden space under the purple tulip magnolia tree. I don't mind the labrador violets and the wild mini-strawberries, but there was some sort of creeping vine thing that has been trying to choke out everything in it's path. I hope I got all of it, but we'll see. I moved the soaker hose around to do a better job of watering and spliced in a bit of regular hose to keep from wasting water over the area with nothing in it. I am contemplating shifting the comfrey down a bit and adding in another variety of berry. I really like the idea of having our yard produce as much food as possible. Some of these plants are as pretty as anything else, but with the added bonus of filing our freezer or jam jars!
        Once that space was cleared out, I went back to work on the areas under our fruit trees. I managed to get about half of the 35' x 5' strip done, by then it was getting on towards dark and the farm was needing it's dinner.
        Eric and I are playing with espaliering our trees to keep their branches from growing over the fence in to the upper pasture where they are very tempting to nibble on. He got the apple and the pear done today. The two other trees haven't thrown branches out that way yet. We'll have to put up more wires when we plant the sunflowers there again this summer as they too want to droop into visit the old ladies. Those two wait for the wind to blow them over the hot wire, and then they munch as many leaves as they can!
        I ran through the shower and put the kid in the tub to soak. Then I started the meat for tacos, and packaged up the rest for the freezer. By 8 dinner was done & cleaned up. I packaged the muffins & bread from this morning, and decided the cookies could wait until Sunday. I parked it on the couch and watched 2 episodes of Dr.Pol.
        The rain has returned and I think Sunday will be an inside day. I have some stuff I want to do in the sewing room, but may run into town if the sale is still on @ J's. I need some more WonderUnder for a project or two.
        I'm trying to get some of this stuff knocked out before the baby goats arrive in a week or so. That always is fun, but they throw the schedule off until we re-adjust.

        May, it sounds as if you had a good time even if the vendors and the show weren't up to their usual caliber. Time spent with friends is always a good thing.

        That should be enough of a ramble to put even the most long-suffering insomniac to sleep. I'm going to go poke around a bit and hit the hay myself.

        Hugs & sweet dreams! Cathy
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          Re: One tired Night Owl

          May sounds like a fun time, but I can tell you are exhausted. FYI Hershey Pa really does smell like chocolate

          Sherri spring has arrived this week in SC, but we will pay for it tomorrow..........cold and 90% chance of rain.

          Donna I feel for you. Sleep deprivation I don't mix. I hope no OT and you get your nap. I'm only up now because I had a horrible dream.....and I never dream.
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            Re: One tired Night Owl

            Wow you girls are all so busy. My eyes are tired. I tackled EVERY piece of paper that has collected over the years. Sat and sorted while watching TV. That probably wasn't to smart. lol I finished after close to three hours. Whew! Now I can sew in peace without it staring at me.

            I bought a measuring tape so I'm going to try out those cute snap bags with embroidery on them tomorrow.

            Sleep tight
            🌺 Lorie


              Re: One tired Night Owl

              Well now I'm really tired. I'm going to watch dd's dog for a couple of days and she just came at 3 : 45! The big goof came charging in and just took over. lol I guess I have nap in my future.
              🌺 Lorie


                Re: One tired Night Owl

                I couldn't find this thread early this morning. Sounds like everyone had a busy Saturday. The weather here was really nice and warm; we all attended my grandson's 1st birthday party in the afternoon/evening. He is such a little doll: always has a smiile on his face.
                Today is another story; I took the dog out earlier and we both about got blown away. It is cold, but so far, no snow or ice. What a difference a few hours makes around here. I am so ready for Spring, but I really don't like those "teaser" warm days and then another blast of frigid air.
                I guess I better go get the corned beef and other things in the crock pot. I plan to do some sewing/quilting today, since it looks like an indoor day. Now I need some more coffee.
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