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Here comes Friday

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    Here comes Friday

    Happy Friday Folksies!

    Work in a bit, tomorrow as well and then I shall be on my own again. Hmm, Ever wonder about being own your own? My time is never my own. Yours isn't either. Think of all the stuff you have to do that you would not really do if you were truly on your own. Now you know what I am going to say here. Things like cooking. I do not enjoy cooking. I do it because I am married. My children are grown, although Middle Son is over for dinner almost every night and again for a "big" breakfast on Sunday mornings. And I cook a lot for my Mom. My point being, if I were truly on my own, I would not cook so much. Okay, let's talk about what else. Oh yeah, when you cook, you must clean up afterwards. Since my kids are grown and left home, I don't have a dishwasher. While Luscious will do them, I really prefer the way I do them and sshhhh! don't tell him - they get cleaner!
    So after the next 2 days of work, I shall be on my own again for a bit. Wonder what I can get into? I already know if it warms up again, I will be outside enjoying it. If it is cold I have a pretty good idea I will be working on one of the quilts I have in the works. I am still practicing my FMQ to go with the COC's. The biggest problem I have with FMQ at this point is the throat of the machine. I am going to master this if it is the last thing I do! LOL. I am also going to go down to my Daddy's old shop (again if the weather is decent) and look for some wood for the top of the ironing board. But the main thing I will be doing while sitting down is frogging some binding that I have sewn down with the machine. I just do not like the look. I know that COC's get washed a lot. I just don't like how "my" binding looks sewn down. I have seen machine finished binding that looks terrific. I marvel at anyone who can sew a straight line.

    It is Friday. Hugs, prayers to those who need them. Okay, reckon that means a group hug! Here's what I plan to wear while I am ripping the hem out of the COC.

    SMILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You never know who needs it
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Here comes Friday

    TGIF !!! After a very emotional week for me I am so glad this week is almost over. Talk about cooking and cleaning... Last week my DH came in the LR and said "I gotta deal for you". "I will cook a big supper if you clean up the mess." This didn't set to well with me at all. I had just made the statement I was the only one doing any cooking cleaning laundry around here with no help what so ever from either one of them. How does this help me when I cook it I clean it yatta yatta yatta. Me cleaning up his mess is like a slap in the face to me. I politely said..." Just go lay down somewhere I don't want you to strain yourself." I cooked I cleaned and then I dissappeared into my sewing room for the rest of the night. THANK GOD I HAVE A PLACE TO GO AND BE HAPPY!!!
    Hugs people


      Re: Here comes Friday

      Aww Rhonda, I feel for you. I really shouldn't complain since my man will cook now and then. He WILL do dishes but like I said, kinda an eewww thought.
      Have a great weekend in the gal cave.
      Sewing mends the soul.

      Do the math; count your blessings
      Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
      ~ Madeleine L'Engle


        Re: Here comes Friday

        Aawwww Blondie, I bet you look cute in green!!. I've been know to wear that very same outfit more times than I'd like to admit!

        Still dark out but the weatherman says cold for the next few days. Thank goodness no snow but I don't like cold either since mother nature gave us a taste of a few warm sunny days.
        Well, I really have been cleaning g the sewing room this week instead of playing in everything up there that catches my attention. It's coming along nicely but I'm running out of room in my storage cabinets. Looks like I'm going to have to make better use of the closet space and enlist my husband's building skills for shelves in there.That's after I get everything my two children left in there out!Think I can get them to take that stuff to their homes.... I doubt it, it's been up there for years.
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          Re: Here comes Friday

          Well I'm lucky right now as no cooking or cleaning for me because in an hour or two we'll be taking off to the quilt show in Lancaster PA. Most of the gang are already there fabric shopping their little hearts out. I'll join them later today to find out where the best sales are and also where we're meeting for dinner. After dinner we have Show and Tell, not that I have much to show just a quckie baby quilt and some of the blocks for a Star of Bethlehem quilt pinned to a large piece of white fabric. Forgot to take photos before I packed everything up.

          When we return DS#3 and kids will be here for DH's 80's Bday celebration, nothing fancy just DS's and their families. I ordered sandwiches and a big cake, 2 granddaughters are bringing salads and we're all set.

          Next week is clear of commitments which is good because I really have to finish the Star of Bethlehem quilt and get it to a quilter as guild's quilt show is coming up real soon.
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            Re: Here comes Friday

            Good Morning, all. Yep, it's Friday. That means the weekend for most of you - the beginning of another work week for me.

            So, Blondie, have you been listening in on my complaints? I am always venting to my good friend and co-worker, about how my time is not my own. I just want to quilt. I want to scrapbook. I want to go in my room and close my door. Oh, but the room, still smells like smoke. DD gave it a coat of KILZ MAX and is going to put another coat of regular paint with vanilla added and then, I will raise the white flag. I am done. If it still smells like smoke, I can't do anymore. Scrubbing, scraping painting, cleaning repainting.....adnauseum, I AM DONE! (Sorry for the rant) Youngest DD is an excellent painter, I will tell you.She painted my entire room, no drop cloth, and did not get one little spot of paint on the floor. She
            bumped the ceiling with the roller about two feet from being finished and was so upset with herself - no problem, I still have KILZ white, I can touch it up. SHe still has half of my bedroom and some trim to finish and then the painting will be done. Finally. Of course, she won't be able to come back until Tuesday or Thursday next week. So here I sit, waiting.

            Also, I would ask you to remember my youngest DS in your prayers. He is such a sweet kid. He has been living with my XDH during school because he and his wife live in the district for the school Corey wanted to go to- he is a junior this year. Seems there is big trouble in paradise and Corey took the brunt of it from his stepmom. She is severely Bi-polar (and proud of it). Can be very nice one minute and well, a you know what the next. He's with me this week for Spring Break. Unfortunately, my new house is at least 50 miles from his school, so while commuting is not totally out of the question, I worry about him driving that distance every day and if the school finds out he doesn't live in the same county, they may not let him continue. I have "heard through the grapevine" that Dad is looking for another place for them to stay. This has Corey so upset, he keeps everything in, but I can always tell when he is suffering. Just giving him all the love and attention I can this week will be my main concern.

            Hope everyone has a Blessed day and weekend - stay warm!


              Re: Here comes Friday

              Good Morning! How did we get to Friday so quickly this week? It's still dark, it's raining, and it's a bit cold. But Spring is coming and I'm hangin' on to that!

              Today is Yoga, and I NEED it! Cleaned all day yesterday, pushed that vacuum around till it wore me out. Finished the laundry, yes FINISHED it! Folded and put away! Usually my whites sit in the basket for a day or two waiting to be folded. But nope. Towels and sheets all where they belong.

              Did everyone see the pic of Sandy's group she posted yesterday? Wow! What a beautiful family! What a treat to see! I love when you all post pics of family here. It's so good to put faces with names and all that. Brings it a lil' closer to home, know what I mean?

              I'm going to finish my coffee and get my shower before everyone here is up. Have a wonderful Friday all, and if I don't see you this weekend I hope it's wonderful too! Hugs/prayers all 'round!

              Quilters make great comforters.

              Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                Re: Here comes Friday

                Good morning! I agree with the machine binding issue. Can't seem to make it look GOOD.... I keep doing it, and not liking it, and not getting better at

                Friday! And Saturday...both work days and theoretically training days for full timers to learn my job so I have some relief. Yeah. Not going to go well, as they have all had since the beginning of the year to do it, and of the 10 check marks, I can mark off 1. That's right. 10% of the training has been completed. Tomorrow is the deadline. "I" can't make them do it....

                Looks like it may be sunny..... or maybe it's a trick!

                Have a great day!!! ((((hugs))))))

                (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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                  Re: Here comes Friday

                  Morning everyone! Yesterday was my day off so I went to work late and took off early. Wasn't kicking to high so I took a nap when I got home and you know how that goes...up late cause I took the nap. Today my lqs is having there annual sale...good time to stock up on things I know I will thread and such. Last night I organized my storage drawers in my sewing I would be sure to see everything I have and all the projects waiting so I won't be swayed by too good of a deal. Really gonna just pick up the on sale aurafill thread and some best press I think. Maybe some embroidery thread. Wish me luck! I feel your pain on the housework....but I know for me...acceptance is the key to my survival...and not dwelling on it helps me. Although I did say the other day....I am the ONLY one who does

                  As I have said all week is a bear! The increase at my store is about 33%..and I didn't put on 33% more staff...eyeyeyeyeyye! 3 more days and it will settle down some. All the other locations are hopping too. The owner...on vacation in Colorado surely will be happy.

                  That sandy sure is a rich lady! What a beautiful group of ladies! Everyone have a great day!!
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                    Re: Here comes Friday

                    Good morning. Just a quick pop in. Maizyn is having breakfast. We had a wonderful day yesterday. We took her to the Museum of Nature. She wasn't too fond of the dinosaurs but we managed to get through it all right.

                    Today is her last day here. As much as I have enjoyed her, I will not be sad to be taking her home. We have had a great E & Poppa week with her.

                    I was on the phone with a friend of mine last night. She is the one who's husband I have sat with before. Well we have another date Ted and I coming up. AND she offered to help me sandwich my quilt today so I can take it with me next week. I work all next week. What a job, huh! Work and quilt and get paid for it.

                    Well that is about all here this morning.

                    Have a wonderful day and a great weekend and I envy you all who are going to Lancaster for the quilt show. Have lots of fun.
                    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                      Re: Here comes Friday

                      Good morning....

                      I'm home from work...can't move my car so I'm taking another vacation day. Going out to my sewing room in a few minutes.

                      I'm in the UFO group and my project for this month is Christmas far I've made a JRR top, a Christmas tree skirt top and some hot pad tops. I have Christmas on my list again so I can do the finishing then. I also have ornaments that I've started and need to finish.

                      I want to try some applique, I've done very little of that. DH wants me to make some seasonal wall hangings and we discussed panels. I've had no luck finding anything for spring.....I can find all the summer, fall and winter I can possibly use....but not spring (unless it's Easter). So I might try to applique something.

                      Well off to turn the heat up in my sewing room and get my day started.

                      Have a great day!!
                      Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                      I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                        Re: Here comes Friday

                        Friday? Is that something special? Tomorrow is National Quilting Day, so I am hoping everyone takes advantage and does nothing but quilt, quilt, quilt. I had discussed going to Lincoln, NB with Al to attend the National Quilting Association festivities - that would mean we'd have to leave tonight, but I think he's forgotten so I'm not going to remind him. After all, I do have him hooked on doing FMQ on the long-arm now - and he's getting good.

                        Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments about our growing family. Even with the frustrations, and believe me there are plenty, it is still a real joy to share in their development. The different personalities and traits are always amazing to me, having only raised one child (and I often feel she was switched at birth, but that's a different story).

                        Gotta make a run to the PO this morning, otherwise I guess I'm going to have another unplanned, unfocused day. Don't really like those but I'm one of those strange people who can't get into something if I have a break away from routine and a trip to the PO does that for me.

                        Hope everyone has a fantabuloso weekend filled with thread and joy! Oh, and I'm smiling . . .
                        Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                        it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

                        "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


                          Re: Here comes Friday

                          Oh Blondie, that rooster looking at me was kinda freaky! Chickens, roosters, ducks.....they all creep me out a little. I think its because their eyes are on the sides of their head. Big thumbs up for the puppy in the frog outfit.

                          Is time ever really your own? Even though DD is not at home during the week, I still find that time is not my own. I do have more time to do as I please so that's a plus. I cherish it too because on the weekend, DD is like tornado blowing through. I used to be a fan of cooking and cleaning but now, not so much. Just something else you have to do......but do you really? I'm really getting bad about letting things go. I figure I have 20-30 good years left do I really want to spend my time making my house spotless? I think not.

                          Woke up doing the happy Friday dance. Walked to work in some sunshine and decent temps so all is good.

                          Happy Day to everyone!!!


                            Re: Here comes Friday

                            Good morning friends! Hope you have a great day. My grandkids are off of school today. Mom is off work, but is meeting some friends for a sushi lunch, so the kids and I are dining together at noon.

                            I have quite a collection of musical instruments in my home. Yesterday, my grandson who will be 10 next week, discovered a junior guitar I had bought for him several years ago. His cousin, who is 11 months older than he, got a guitar about the same time. I made them a promise that if they learned how to play on the junior guitars, I would buy them an electric guitar as their next step up. Neither one took that challenge to heart, and the guitars have been in the closet for years. Yesterday, my almost 10 year old found the guitar in the closet, marched out with it and said, " Grandma, remember what you said when I was 5?" Sure, I can't remember what I said 5 minutes ago and you want me to remember 5 years ago. Well, he reminded me about the promise, which I still will uphold. I got out a beginning guitar technique book ( I used to teach guitar lessons) gave it to him with the warning that he needed to put the guitar into a safe place so the dogs wouldn't destroy it. We'll see how he does with this. They are learning how to read notes in music class, now he just has to transfer his knowledge to the guitar. Maybe he will be motivated to see this through. His sister wants to learn piano or violin. We have a promise of experience with my violin today after lunch.

                            Hope you all are experiencing spring in some form! Have a great day!


                              Re: Here comes Friday

                              Good Morning!!! It is a nice sunny shiny day. I got called into work today. I will work from 10:30 to 1:45 in the lunchroom at the elementary school. It's fun but can get loud at times. My sweet husband said that he would work on the household chore list while I'm gone. A good man - for sure a keeper. I'm wanting to get the housework done then do nothing but quilt for the next two days, I have cheddar cheese soup in the crockpot so meals are taken care of for the next two days. I might fix a dump cake tonight which is easy and won't take anytime to make.

                              Have an amazing Friday everyone