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For all you Pug Fans

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    For all you Pug Fans

    I've talked before about my sister, who I refer to as a pug hoarder. A couple years ago the number was 14, but it's now a few less. Two of her non-show quality pugs were sold and are living in Missouri. A lady she knew lost her old pug and wanted a couple more, so my sister parted with two. Hey, it's a start.

    Actually she breeds pugs as well as shows them, so that is one reason for the numbers that she has. They don't live in some yucky kennel but in her home with her and are all spoiled rotten. She has a German Pinscher that she shows as well. I bet that dog feels out numbered.

    Anyway, here's a face for all of you pug fans. This is Levi, her "star."


    The extent of Levi's modeling career.

    levi bio.jpg
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    Re: For all you Pug Fans

    How funny! At first I thought it was carpet cleaner to use for doggie stains!


      Re: For all you Pug Fans

      My son loves the breed and got a puppy about a year ago. The poor thing could never get his days and nights straight, so unfortunately after making a $2000 investment (dog, vet, fixed), my son had to find him a new home. The family just could not continue to start their days at 3am!!


        Re: For all you Pug Fans

        Lots of people have misconceptions about dog breeders. My sister raises, shows and judges Shetland Sheep dogs and they live like prince and princesses at her house.

        Also, she keeps telling me that the Humane Society of the US does not operate nor fund shelters, they are a lobbying group. If you want to help dogs and cats support your local shelters where the work is actually done.
        Sorry, off the soap box now.
        Claire from Pelham, Alabama


          Re: For all you Pug Fans

          That is so cute! A star is born. lol

          I'm not against breeders. My mom bought Yorkies and I got a Golden. I'm against people that don't spay and neuter and are not responsible.
          🌺 Lorie


            Re: For all you Pug Fans

            That is neat that he got to be on a shampoo.